Tongue Tip Lateralization And Elevation Tools

Tongue Tip Lateralization And Elevation Tools - I-Shape trainer that fits in the posterior alveolar position of the tongue for alternating side-to-side training

T-Shape trainer that adapts to the front tooth position of the tongue alternately up and down or left and right.

Tongue Tip Lateralization And Elevation Tools

Tongue Tip Lateralization And Elevation Tools

How to use: Open your mouth and put the tip of the tongue trainer in the corresponding position in your mouth, bite it lightly, then push the ball with your tongue to the other side for recovery. The tip of your tongue should be in contact with the small ball holder throughout the process. Repeat this procedure 10-50 times

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This product is intended for consumption. If any damage occurs, stop using it and replace it in time. After use, use it with an orthodontic cleaning tablet to clean

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