Tipos De Cerraduras Para Puertas Metalicas

Tipos De Cerraduras Para Puertas Metalicas – Security in terms of locks is something that keeps thousands of families awake at night. Nobody feels comfortable coming home to find their house upside down or to be surprised at night because they entered the house to steal, so today we bring you 6 types of security locks for your home.

We must never forget that security is very important which is why we provide you with a list of the most common and safest security locks available today.

Tipos De Cerraduras Para Puertas Metalicas

Tipos De Cerraduras Para Puertas Metalicas

There are many types of locks on the market that you can choose from. The vast majority of people are unfamiliar with the different types of locks, which means that when replacing an old lock with a new one, they are not sure which one to buy. To help you make your decision, in this post we will show you what the main security blocks are.

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A cylindrical lock is very common in house doors, it is also known as a European lock. It is called a cylinder lock because the central part of the mechanism is a cylinder with a cylinder in which the key is inserted to open or close. This cylinder has tabs that correspond to the teeth of the key. This type of security lock is more secure than other more conventional types.

Thanks to the new advancements, these security locks can now be obtained with anti-bumping technology, to prevent thieves from breaking them, so this lock has long been much more secure.

(The blow consists of inserting a manipulated key into the cylinder and tapping it to make the cylinder pistons “wobble”. This causes the cylinder pistons to pop at the same time the key is pressed, allowing the key to turn and then open the cylinder. door security.)

Better known as a mortise lock, it is one of the most common security locks on the entrance doors of most homes. It is the main lock and other complementary locking methods, such as pins, can be added to achieve greater security.

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They are integrated into the door and only the hole through which the key is inserted is visible.

The door is opened or locked with the lock. For this you just have to insert the key and turn it. It is important to always purchase an anti-kick model and it would not hurt to also purchase a lock with an anti-lock system, so if they try to force it out, the lock will be blocked and the thief will not be able to carry out his task.

The folding lock is a special mechanism that is always visible on one side of the door, usually the one that remains inside the house. These types of security locks are usually installed on the exterior doors of houses. Its safety level depends on the material it is made of.

Tipos De Cerraduras Para Puertas Metalicas

It is easy to force it in case someone tries to pull it out, so it is important to take safety precautions to prevent it from opening when forced. For this reason, many users usually combine this type of lock with other complementary locks such as pins or screws to achieve the highest possible level of security.

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A multiple block is quite safe. It consists of several anchors in different parts of the lock, depending on the selected model, the number of anchors will be greater or less. It is common for them to have three to five security points that block the entrance to the house with a turn of the key.

Thanks to their installation fixed to the frame, they interfere with the levers when trying to force it, so it is almost impossible to open the door with this method of theft. Some of these locks automatically lock when the door is forced open with various tools.

A multiple lock is often installed mainly on armored, blind or armored doors, although it can be installed on any type of door.

A digital or electronic lock is more common in hotels or garages. They attract attention because they are usually opened with a card that has a code, although some already work with a fingerprint, others even allow you to enforce time limits.

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The locking of this type of lock is mechanical, although some work with an electromagnet system. It is also possible to create a different security code for both entry and exit, thus doubling the security provided by this type of lock.

This type of security locks has a locking system that makes them even more secure.

For internal use only, it has an internal emergency release system. The bad thing is that this device can only be activated if we are at home. If an intruder is able to forcibly remove the cylinder of your master lock, as he cannot manipulate the invisible lock with the burglary technique, due to the lack of an external cylinder, this will prevent them from entering your home to some extent. (e.g. as long as they don’t use force to do it). , of course, something like leverage).

Tipos De Cerraduras Para Puertas Metalicas

Here we leave you 5 types of locks that can be installed on the front door according to the needs of each user. We hope you can find the best lock for you, remember that inside each type of lock there are more or less reinforced models, so do not hesitate to consult an expert to choose the one that suits you best.

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To choose the right lock, you need to consult a specialist. Among the various types of locks, the locksmiths will recommend the one that best suits your needs and that forms an inviolable barrier with your door.

In general, eight types of locks are known, which differ from each other in the closing mechanism, the surface of the door on which they are installed, their visibility and the type of key used. Among the most common are button locks, which are placed across the door transversely in the central part of one of the sides. They are unlocked with a simple key and activated by turning a knob to hide the lock.

Security doors are usually used at the main entrance to the residence. There are several options for them in the types of locks. Among these stand out:

Tipos De Cerraduras Para Puertas Metalicas

The locks to be applied are also generally very strong and resistant and are widely used on doors less than four centimeters thick. They are installed on the outside of the door and are common on metal doors, because locksmiths weld them to the structure. They usually have two or three needles and are practically eternal.

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Additional locks are metal pins that can be installed at the top and bottom of the door. They are manually operated and provide a little more invulnerability to the door. Mortise locks are also very popular and are those that fit into the edge of the door, operated by a key that fits into the cylinder placed in the cross section of the door.

If you are looking for safety and style, our locksmith in Culiacan has different types of locks, visit our website to find out more about our work, if you need information call us! Locks are mechanisms developed by man with the intention of protecting his and his things

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