Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress – Most companies and startups don’t know how great WordPress is, or why they should use WordPress for their business, so in this article I’ll tell you why you should use WordPress for your business or startup website.

Apart from the fact that WordPress is free, WordPress is great. It is very easy to use, powerful and you can do anything with it.

Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

Not only that, but there is a huge community of WordPress developers, and countless tutorials, guides, videos, e-books, and even entire companies dedicated to helping you grow and maintain your WordPress site. If that wasn’t enough, according to w3techs.com:

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“WordPress uses 60.3% of all websites for which we know their CMS. That’s 30.2% of all websites.”

If having 30% of all websites on the web powered by WordPress isn’t enough confirmation and you’re still asking yourself why you should use WordPress, let me tell you that it supports the websites of some of the biggest brands. also does The world, including TechCrunch, MTV and Sweden.se, Microsoft, Facebook News and Vogue.

If that’s still not enough, check out this list of successful startups using WordPress to support their business:

For those not familiar with WordPress, WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System. A CMS allows you to modify and change the appearance of your website without using code.

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Think of something like Microsoft Word for websites, with lots of extra features and the ability to drag and drop functional blocks onto your website, and you might be on the right track.

A content management system or CMS is software that facilitates the creation, editing, organization and publishing of content. WordPress is a content management system that allows you to create and publish your own content on the web. Although it is mostly used for web publishing, it can also be used to manage content on an intranet or on a computer.”

So start with the endless list of great reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website, and try not to get too excited.

Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

WordPress is a free-to-use platform that can be installed on any website. WPBeginner sums it up pretty well:

Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

“WordPress is open source software. It means freedom and not free beer. You may ask what is the difference between the two? Open source software comes with the freedom to use, modify, build .and redistribute the software however you want.” It contains themes and page builders

Well, there are many technical definitions of what a WordPress theme is. I found this gem from WordPress.org as an example:

“A WordPress theme is a set of files that work together to produce a basic, unified design graphic interface for a weblog. These files are called template files. A theme changes the way a site is displayed, without changing the underlying software.”

“A WordPress theme is a collection of codes, functions, and styles that you can install on your website in the form of a theme. Installing this theme on your WordPress site allows you to use the WordPress CMS interface. Access and use theme functions and styles. Page Builder, and any plugins your theme provides, without touching any code.”

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No matter how you look at it, WordPress is the foundation on which your website is built. The WordPress theme or framework you choose is the set of tools you decide to use to build your website.

If you’re interested in taking a look at what these toolkits can do, check out Divi below, which is one of many.

WordPress templates and page builders are the best thing that ever happened to small businesses when it comes to web development.

Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

The best on the market save you tens of thousands of pounds of development work between $50 and $250.

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The value placed on these topics is immeasurable. Market leaders like Divi Page Builder have thousands of hours of work from expert designers and developers.

It comes with built-in page builders that are easy to use, fully responsive, bundled with awesome plugins, endless design and customization options, and tons of easy to install demos.

2. Element – Another great option for creating a WordPress site. Elementor comes with many advanced options for creating dynamic websites as well as an easy page builder that can be used to create all parts of your website.

3. Total Theme – Total is another great all-purpose WordPress theme that uses the popular WPBakery page builder. Aggregate comes with a lot of customization options, which limits your reliance on custom CSS or finding programs to do things that aren’t included in the theme.

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If you decide to build your own WordPress website, choose a theme that suits your technical skills as well as your website’s goals.

WordPress is awesome and easy to use. It might seem a little scary at first, because it doesn’t look as pretty as Shopify, and it doesn’t spend millions of dollars on marketing and pretty pictures for business owners who work 4 hours a week on the beach while While they are. Transferred from Dog T-Shirt Shop. You make them millions, but once you get past the minimally designed interface at first, you’ll realize that WordPress is very easy to use.

You can access basically everything you need from a WordPress CMS, and if you find something that you can’t install, there’s usually a plugin you can install that your will help.

Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

This plugin removes the need for a “code solution” and you can just enter your Google Analytics ID to connect your Google Analytics account and your WordPress business website.

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Unlike closed CMSs like Shopify or Wix, where you are limited in what you can edit and access, WordPress is an open CMS where you can edit and access anything!

WordPress is designed so that you don’t have to touch any image, if you don’t want to. WordPress themes are designed to work with the WordPress CMS interface, as plugins and their functionality is built into your theme through the WordPress backend and page builder.

You can buy all kinds of external themes from marketplaces like Themeforest, which have specific themes for specific industries, as well as many popular all-purpose themes that come with built-in page builders and can be easily created.

Once you have purchased the theme, all you have to do is download and install the zip WordPress theme file on your website. This will enable you to activate and use the built-in modules and page builders for your theme so you can start building your website without any code.

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WordPress is scalable. You don’t have to pay an extra $100 a month when you reach a certain level of traffic, or if you want to add or unlock new functionality like buying video games.

WordPress is usually installed directly on your domain and all you need to pay for is the domain and hosting. You can get cheap WordPress hosting packages starting at a few dollars a month, and with development you can get high-quality professional hosting plans for not much more.

For WordPress hosting, I recommend SiteGround, which offers technically superior hosting and support packages and is a great place to start.

Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

Let’s say you want to create an online store. Let’s compare scaling an online store on WordPress and open CMS with scaling an online store on a closed platform like Shopify for example.

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They even offer a free, beautiful, and functional eCommerce theme that you can plug right into your WordPress site and start selling online right away.

The standard Shopify monthly plan costs you $79 per month, with taxes possibly $95 per month. This is already on the Shopify platform. So the annual cost of Shopify is around $1140.

If you want to use the dedicated advanced plan, in Shopify’s own words, to scale your business, the cost will be $300 per month, so $360 per month with taxes, and $4,320 per year .

I hope you expand your business, because it is a serious obstacle for starting a small business, only having access to some functionality that is available for free on platforms like Woocommerce.

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That’s without including the cost of the apps you need to run a successful Shopify store. WordPress plugins are generally a free and open source way to add functionality to your store. In Shopify, you have to pay for many things. Below, I’ve outlined typical monthly app costs for a successful Shopify store.

$20 Crush Images (compress images to speed up your website and ensure high quality images are not displayed)

Another $150 per month for the basics, most of which come with Woocommerce for free. None of these screams are exactly scalable to a growing small business!

Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress

With WordPress, the only things we need to pay for are the domain, hosting, and theme. Your domain and hosting have fixed annual costs, and your theme is one file

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