Scowl How Flowers Grow Vinyl

Scowl How Flowers Grow Vinyl – “Infused with Moss’ ferocious growl, the LP is an aggressive, street-punk-influenced grit that hints at the band’s willingness to draw on influences ranging from Sonic Youth to the Stooges.”

“How Flowers Grow” is a dizzying, breath-taking screamer of a debut and is poised to make a big splash on the Scowl Cutter stage — and beyond.

Scowl How Flowers Grow Vinyl

Scowl How Flowers Grow Vinyl

“Effortless, venomous (and sometimes soft) Kate Moss fronts saxophone-like chops. If you don’t love them now, you will. And more.”

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“Scole’s raw, searing hardcore punk songs are a huge force, and when the band leaves, the gritty songs, like the sweet, sax-driven “Seeds To Sow,” more than make up for it.

Santa Cruz, CA-based hardcore punk band Scowl has had an exciting past few months and is ready to make 2022 their biggest year yet. The band will be touring with Limp Bizkit, ‎$not and Wargasm UK from April 28th to May 15th, including a stop at New York’s Madison Square Garden on May 13th. From there they will perform a full US run supporting the Destroy Boys before heading to the UK and Europe for festival dates. All this on the heels of their acclaimed debut album,

The album’s ten songs are a masterclass in how to record soulful punk and grit without losing the youthful exuberance and fun that fueled the genre. The lyrics are delivered with a sense of anger and self-reflection about everything from personal betrayal to socio-economic strife. With an undeniable authenticity and intensity found in both their recordings and live shows, School certainly planted a seed for their ownership of Tough and Beyond. Santa Cruz hardcore band Scowl have been making a lot of noise on the hc scene lately and now they’ve announced their debut album How Flowers Grow out November 19th via Flatspot Records. First single “Blood Hound”, a 94-second rapper, is hard-hitting yet lyrical, and comes with an anti-judgement and anti-bullying music video that sees the band performing in a library. More hardcore bands should play shows in libraries. Scowl says:

In our opinion, this song was the best introduction to the record. I like to think that the vocals cut well because the drums really drive the song and set the tone. I’m writing about people who don’t mind their own business, this is a really angry song! We wanted to show people why they judge us and that they don’t mind our business. In the video, you will see people being judged, threatened, or abused in some shape or form. And eventually we beat them and they watch us do what we want to be.

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Skoul has No Pressure West Coast shows coming up and is kicking off the Comeback Kids Europe tour with Be Well and Devil in Me. All dates are listed below.

Update (9/24): Pre-orders are now open and you can pick up the album on limited edition orange vinyl in our store. Hardcover band Scowlhas burst onto the scene as a very authentic young sound from Santa Cruz, California. Genre influences range from 80s hardcore, punk and psychedelic to modern alternative pop. The band became as famous for their dark songs as they were for their moodiness. A new addition to the Flatspot Records family, the label will release How Flowers Grow later this fall. Formed in 2019 and consisting of vocalist Keith, guitarist Malachi, bassist Bailey and drummer Cole, Scovel released their self-titled demo. After EP Reality proved them to be one of the fiercest rising star bands to watch, anthemic tracks like ‘Retail Hell’ quickly became a staple of their caustic live sets. The band has featured Terror, Mindforce, Gulch, Zulu and D.A.R.E. sharing the stage with singers such as , and looking to finish 2021 – planning several tours and releasing their first full-length film. In preparation. Tracklist:

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Scowl How Flowers Grow Vinyl

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Ohio is the debut and new album by post-hardcore band Citizen, produced by Will Yip and released in 2013 on Run For Cover. Many of the group’s favorite songs (“Summer”, “Sleep”, “Walking around the room”, “The night I drove”, “What a feeling”, etc.) became featured songs here. .was the emo revival of the early 2010s. Our exclusive variant comes in white with yellow splash vinyl and is limited to just 350 copies – order at Citizen HERE.

Santa Cruz Hardcore Band Scowl Announce Debut Lp ‘how Flowers Grow,’ Share “bloodhound”

(Flatspot Records), on copper bending vinyl, limited to only 300 copies. Here’s what we said in our list of the 50 best punk albums of 2021:

Santa Cruz’s Scowl delivers one of 2021’s most impressive and memorable hardcore debut LPs. Kate Moss has one of the most distinctive voices I’ve heard from a new hardcore band in a while, and she unleashes all the rage. From taking revenge on an abuser to childhood trauma, confronting mass injustice in America to overcome personal and political challenges. Beneath his screams, the rest of the band throw out power chords that owe more to classic punk than modern hardcore, and Scovel deviates from his usual formula on the mellow ballad “Sowing the Seeds,” which proves Scholes to be very capable. Deny their style. It makes you wonder what other moves Scovel might have in LP2.

Iron Chic & Ways Away (Samiam, Stick To Your Guns) For Team Split 7″ (Exclusive Coke Bottle Clear Pre-Order) Californian hardcore punk band SCOWL share “Fuck Around,” the second track from their upcoming album How Flowers Grow single. . November 19th on Flatspot Records. Their latest single is a solid combination of punk sensibility and hard-hitting attitude. Clocking in at just under 60 seconds, the song moves along with a friendly two-step riff and makes good use of a devilish guest vocal from Drain’s Sammy Ceramitro. You can find the song on YouTube, Bandcamp and other streaming services.

Scowl How Flowers Grow Vinyl

How Flowers Grow’s ten songs could be a masterclass in how to write authentic, heartfelt punk and grit without losing the youthful exuberance and sense of fun that fueled the genre’s inception. The album was announced in September with the lead single “Blood Hound”, vinyl pre-orders of which sold out immediately.

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Singer Kate said of her new single: “This song is so catchy, I almost forgot what I was trying to say. But I’m grateful that the lyrics are so simple and literal. Sammy Jumping just adds the perfect kick. I wanna jump. I’m ‘life I’m talking about people who think outside the box of “how it should be” and simply demand that people do it. Calling them to question what they’re really doing + asking why that might be is what they’re being told.

Tour Dates: 10/20/2021 – Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Lounge w/ Gagging Order, Tell Lies, The Kinky Bastards 10/22/2021 + 10/23/2021 – Tulsa, OK @ Promcore w/ Zulu, Kharma , Purgatory & More 11/6/2021 – San Francisco, CA @ The Parkside w/ Powerhouse, Sunami 12/11/2021 + 12/12/2021 – For Kids 2021 – The Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA w/ Kim Back Kid , No Warning, Down Presser, Zibalba, Section H8, Zulu + more. EU/UK w/ Come Back Kid, Be Well, Devil In Me 01/19/2022 – Belen, DE @ Hole44 01/20/2022 – Hannover,

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