Richie Barathy How Did He Die

Richie Barathy How Did He Die – Good things come in threes: THE LAMB, THE DOCTOR’S COFFIN, and THE HOUSE OF BLOOD Now available on Blu-ray!

Scream Factory has had a great year so far, and their latest slate of Blu-ray titles continues that great streak! CAGED FURY is a women in prison movie with hero Eric Estrada (who also co-produced the film), DOCTOR BLOOD COFFIN is a mystery about a mad scientist trying to bring the dead back to life, and HOUSE OF BLOOD is a classic Amicus horror anthology! Now all three will be in stunning high definition!

Richie Barathy How Did He Die

Richie Barathy How Did He Die

Summary: Beg that you don’t get locked up in Honeywell State Jail! Katie (Roxanne Michaels) is innocent when she’s arrested … but that doesn’t last long. Women in chains, a wayward warden, and murderous guards…no wonder the police say Honeywell State Prison exists. His hopes for freedom are Harley-ridden hero Victor (Eric Estrada) and martial arts karate champion Dirk (Richie Barati), who will take on the entire prison mano if they must. In this film Women in Prison Paul L. Smith (MIDNIGHT EXPRESS), Jack Carter (ALLIGATOR), Michael Parks (DUSK TILL DAWN) and adult movie stars Janine Lindemulder and Kascha star.

Thursday 21st September 2019 By River Media Newspapers

CAGED FURY is now available on Blu-ray and costs around $20 – $24! Get your copy now from AMAZON, BULLMOOSE, DIABOLIK DVD or direct from SHOUT! FACTORY.

Synopsis: After being kicked out of medical school for his botched experiments, Dr. Peter Blood returns home to join his father’s practice. He still believes he can create a perfect human, so he continues his experiments in an abandoned mine where he tries to revive a rotting corpse.

But Dr. Blood needs a living “donor” to make his “perfect human” and soon people start disappearing from a nearby village. This shocker stars Kieron Moore (THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS) and Hazel Court (CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE MASK OF THE RED DEATH) and is directed by Sidney J. Fourie (THE ENTITY, THE IPRESS FILE).

DOCTOR BLOED’S COFFIN will be released on Tuesday, May 15th and will be in the $18 – $23 range. This can easily be done through AMAZON, BULLMOOSE or directly from SHOUT! FACTORY.

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Synopsis: A Scotland Yard inspector’s search for a missing movie star leads him to a haunted house. The house forms the basis of four separate tales of terror written by psycho-author Robert Bloch and starring horror icons Peter Cushing (PAPANA, CRAP TALES, AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS), Christopher Lee (ME, THE MONSTER, SCREAMING) and SCREAMING AGAIN. ) and Ingrid Pitt (THE VAMPIRES, GAPHINIA DRACULA)!

All four stories revolve around the mysterious fate of the tenants who have been renting the house for years.

Scream Factory’s HOUSE OF BLOOD Blu-ray is currently available wherever discs are sold and should be priced between $20 – $24! Order your copy of this often overlooked anthology now from AMAZON, BULLMOOSE, DIABOLIK DVD or direct from SHOUT! FACTORY.

Richie Barathy How Did He Die

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My name is Grandmaster Matt Willing. When I started martial arts when I was young, I found it interesting. After watching TV shows like Kung Fu, I saw that a gentleman can stand up for himself and his positions while still being a kind, polite person. Then I would switch to the next channel and watch John Wayne and get a completely different impression of what a man is like and how he should act and defend himself. This is a very confusing situation for a young man. What’s this? A tough macho guy who is a real man? An insensitive person? Or is it a kind gentleman with a special talent. Society makes it hard to tell the difference. It becomes a personal choice of your environment and personality. In any case, young men need to develop self-confidence and it is important how much you support the individual and try to boost his self-esteem. Without teaching them the same compassion, you can develop self-esteem without compassion, which can lead to other problems. In any case, the only way to build a young man’s confidence is to find it.

For me, army was my choice. My grandfather served with the Roughriders under Colonel Roosevelt and later under General Blackjack Pershing. My father was decorated in World War II and Korea with the Bronze Star and many other valedictorian medals. He had reached the rank of colonel when he retired. I myself joined the Army during the Vietnam War, went through basic training and private training to become a combat engineer serving in Charlie Company, 15th Engineer Battalion. At that time, I was called 12 Bravo 30, demolition specialist. Things have changed a lot since then. During the Vietnam era, soldiers were not treated well. Fortunately, times have moved on and changed. In 1973, due to the persecution of civilians, we could not wear our uniforms at the airport. Only in 2003, someone surprised me and thanked me for my service. Today, soldiers are given due respect. Whatever your views, the men who have given their lives to protect our way of life certainly deserve our respect. In ministry, I have learned that I can push myself beyond what I thought were my limits. As a result, I gained self-confidence, self-respect, self-esteem, and compassion.

Before going into the military, I began my martial arts training by taking lessons from a working black belt in Florida. I continued to study at various martial arts clubs while in the military, as well as off-post. Near the end of my service, I was assigned as a prison guard at Fort Dix, New Jersey, when President Ford started the amnesty program, and I worked 24 hours on, 48 hours off. Whenever I had 48 hours off, I would go back to Long Island to take lessons from my first full-time instructor, Kasim Dubar. In 1975, after receiving the Honorable Mention, I stayed with him. I felt that if I learned from him to become a middleweight world champion as a kickboxer, I could be the best martial artist I could be because he was the best at what he did. So when I moved Queens Boxing Gym on Queens Blvd (which existed until the late 70’s) with 7 hour classes 3 days a week, I dedicated my training. Over the weekend we ran 5 miles and hit a heavy bag or 15.3 minute laps. I learned kickboxing there.

One of my trainers was a man named Ray Scarica, who also trained the middleweight champion of the world, Vito Antuofermo. I received my 1st black belt in 1975 from Kasym. I trained with the boxers to use my arms as an American boxer wearing boxing gloves, and later in the session with my legs as a karateka, I trained my legs, elbows and knees as a Thai kickboxer. We appeared together in several magazines, including the cover of the 1976 Karate Illustrated yearbook. Before Kasym’s death, I opened the first karate school as a kickboxer. That’s when I started jumping the hardest bars Long Island had to offer. I began to understand the shortcomings of kickboxing there.

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It was then that I came across a martial artist from American Combat Karate named Richie Barati. He saw me fight and after a few days of training together, he invited me to American Martial Karate as a full 1st black belt. American Martial Karate had some of the best fighters I have ever seen. They all came from different systems and wanted more than what was offered from the traditional systems of the time. There was something to learn from everyone. When I was practicing kickboxing, Kasym was the only one who could beat me in the ring. Now there was a group of black belts, and I had to work hard to get there. We had a black belt class once a week. Richie Barati was teaching all the other classes when I was introduced to the head instructor of a system called American Martial Karate and Tai Zen Jiu-Jitsu. We’re all black, just like American martial arts karate made me feel

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