Redragon K552 How To Change Color

Redragon K552 How To Change Color – RGB keyboards are all the rage these days, especially for gamers looking to improve the overall look of their gaming setup.

Although not everyone likes the colorful light emitted by their keyboards, it is undeniable that the RGB keyboard can easily create a good ambiance, especially in a dark room.

Redragon K552 How To Change Color

Redragon K552 How To Change Color

Since the color change method is different on different keyboards, it can be a little difficult to know that you can change the color to your liking if you have just selected the keyboard.

How To Change Color On Red Dragon Keyboard

Since we have seen many questions about changing the color of Redragon keyboards, like K552 and K530, today’s topic will be.

The easiest way to change the color of the Redragon keyboard is to press the FN key and the arrow key (->) at the same time.

Each click of this combination will change the color to the next color in the list, allowing you to cycle through the colors until you find the one you like best.

Besides changing the color of the entire keyboard, you can change the color of individual keys if you want, which is particularly cool.

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Since you can do all the keyboard and personal key color changes with or without software, we will cover all four ways to change the color of the Redragon keyboard in the next section.

By pressing the FN key and the right arrow (->), you can go through all the colors provided by the keyboard and stop at the color you want to pick.

Although the amount of colors you can enter in this way is easy, it is limited because it will not be easy to walk through thousands of colors to choose one by one.

Redragon K552 How To Change Color

If you want to release the full power of the RGB lights on your Redragon keyboard, we recommend using color changing software, which we will talk about next.

K552 Redragon Keyboard

Although downloading and installing the software requires a little more effort than pressing two keys on your keyboard, it’s totally worth it to be able to do all possible RGB together.

If you want, you can save the colors that you have set in the profile, because this allows you to easily change between different colors without having to remember all the colors.

Redragon keyboards also allow you to change the color of individual keys without installing software, which is very easy to use.

While the ability to adjust colors without software is a nice touch, software makes the process easier and gives you access to a variety of colors.

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Since Redragon keyboard software is very easy to use, assigning the color of individual keys with it is very easy.

Besides the option to change the color of the keys, Redragon keyboard software has some presets that bring lighting to your keyboard.

While there are many cool effects to choose from, one of the downsides to most of these types is that they don’t allow for a lot of customization, including changing colors, at least for now.

Redragon K552 How To Change Color

Since you will see the effects of the selected options in real time, feel free to go into them quickly to see what you like the most.

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If you feel like you need a break from the flashing light on your Redragon keyboard, you can quickly turn off the light with a simple combination.

To turn off the Redragon keyboard, press the FN key and the down arrow at the same time.

While this combination reduces the brightness, pressing it enough times will turn the light off completely.

Whether you plan to change the color of a key or the color of the entire keyboard, Redragon has many ways to do both very easily, with or without software.

Redragon K552 Kumara 87keys Led Backlit Single Color Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboards For Gamer English Layout

While the advantage of using software to set the colors is inevitable because of the large selection of colors that it allows you to choose from, it is still new that Redragon does not force us to install software adjust the color.

On that note, we would like to say that the Redragon keyboard software is one of the best lighting programs we have used so far, especially when compared to most of the most popular keyboard manufacturers. company software that is very intense.

We hope this guide will help you unlock the full potential of your Redragon RGB Keyboard! While the Redragon Horus K618 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard is large, its keyboard and keyboard are also thin due to its thin body. All three sides of the chassis are made of black aluminum. There is a plastic bag back, left and right. There is an on/off switch for wireless use on the left, and a USB-C port for connectivity. There are two small pads near the front under the handle that can be adjusted. A 2.4GHz USB-A dongle can be inserted into the slot. Place the dongle in a convenient and safe place. The difference between a mechanical keyboard compared to a regular keyboard is the lighting.

Redragon K552 How To Change Color

Redragon’s Horus K617 wireless mechanical carpal tunnel gaming keyboard is the thinnest version of Redragon Horus K618. Although it is a full-sized keyboard, the physical keys and keys are slim. At the top, the top and bottom bezel of the chassis is black aluminum. The left, right and back of the chassis are plastic.

Redragon K552 Review

It has a USB-C port and an on/off switch on the left for both wired and wireless use. There are two small handles near the front of the bottom, where the feet can be adjusted. In addition, a 2.4GHz USB-A dongle can be placed in the storage box. When inserted, the dongle snaps firmly into place. Although it has different features, one of the things most users are concerned about is the lighting of the Redragon keyboard.

Redragon K618 features 16.8 million backlight colors and can be customized with different key colors. Up to 20 presets are available, and there are seven different backlight modes on the Redragon K617. Streaming speed and brightness can also be adjusted. You can choose the mode you like. Wondering why the Redragon keyboard set is not working? Check out these FQAs.

There is a possibility that the lighting has been turned off or disabled. An outdated or illegal driver will cause the keyboard backlight control to stop working. This problem can be solved by updating the driver. If the drivers are already updated, you can try using the default settings.

Start the flash recovery by pressing FN + [~] twice. Standard flashing with four indicators [Num / Cap / Scroll / Win Lock]. [~] Shows the color of the backlight. The color of the backlight can be selected by repeatedly pressing the FN key and the arrow keys.

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When you choose the desired color, press the appropriate button. Press FN + [~] for the last time to save your settings. Redragon k552 lighting is used for the best RGB split gaming keyboards.

When the keys are pressed, the Redragon keyboard lights up. However, you can turn off the Redragon keyboard setup. You can open it by pressing the Menu key, then pressing the Power button. You can get help by pressing F1.

Redragon K552 How To Change Color

Another reason why the Redragon keyboard will not turn on is that it will be turned off. You may not find that you need a keyboard light when the morning comes and the natural light shines on the keyboard. Press the same corresponding keys that allow you to turn the backlight on the laptop keyboard to turn it off. F5, F9, or F11 can be used alone or as part of a double-click on the Fn + F5, F9, or F11 keys.

Redragon Kumara K552 Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Custom Blue

Some models require you to press the FN + down arrow key to lower the brightness or even turn it off completely. On some models, the backlight can be turned on or off, or the brightness can be adjusted.

Depending on your computer model, you can use the F9 or F11 button to control the keyboard backlit. You can turn on the backlit keyboard by simultaneously pressing Fn + F11 on the keyboard.

On the K55, you can turn off and on the side light by pressing FN + PAUSE. Use the combo key (along with the F12 key) to control RGB backlit keyboards if you don’t have a combo key. Press F1, F3, and F5 for a few seconds to turn on the rainbow backlit keyboard and press the ESC key.

You can use software designed for this purpose to adjust the RGB backlight settings for each key individually. Go to “Coastal” mode to have a color for each key after you install it.

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By pressing FN + [~] twice, you can start the flash directly from the keyboard. Meanwhile, four indicators [Number / Capital / Scroll / Win Lock] are flashing together. In addition, the backlight of [~] shows a color

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