Movies Like How It Ends

Movies Like How It Ends – Many disaster movies stick to the Rubicon’s unique position of astronauts during the apocalypse in space.

It features a unique adventure that takes place entirely in space, with a group of astronauts debating whether or not they should help potential survivors on a planet covered in a deadly blight. A crisis on Earth makes people feel like they are the last people alive, and the film explores how they deal with and interact with each other. the other.

Movies Like How It Ends

Movies Like How It Ends

While no other movie has this exact plot or story, there are some that have similar plot elements or characters. These are good choices for viewers who enjoy entertaining and thought-provoking content

Apocalyptic Movies Show What We Worry About Most

It describes the dangerous side effects of greenhouse gas emissions. It follows the story of paleoclimatologist Jack Hall, who sets out to save his son, who is stranded somewhere in the frozen landscape.

It happens suddenly and with little warning. Known only to the wise, they are equal and important

In the not too distant future, world leaders have worked together to fund and build a global network of satellites to monitor the planet’s weather in Geostorm. However, something in the system has gone terribly wrong, and the technology designed to keep people safe is ruining the world at an alarming rate.

, astronaut Jake Lawson teams up with a team in space to save as many people on Earth as possible.

Movies Like Gone Girl That Thriller Fans Need To Watch

Certainly more interesting than an elemental philosophy, it is satisfactory for those looking for a practical example.

The drama follows Will Younger after a tragic accident destroys his pregnant wife’s apartment. . Together with her father-in-law, they embark on a rescue mission that takes them through dangerous roads full of survivors.

The focus is on the relationship between the hero and his wife and his angry father. Both films show how people react to the disasters of the world to test their humanity and determination.

Movies Like How It Ends

When astronomy professor Dr. Randall Mindy and PhD candidate, Kate Dibiaski, a shocking discovery about a meteor that is not looking directly at the planet, they try to warn people all with only six months until it arrives. Both Randall and Kate are upset. the reaction of government officials and the public to their news, though.

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With an apocalyptic comedy originally designed to mock the world’s lack of response to climate change, it’s easy to imagine that the world’s scientific community

OnDr. On Ryan Stone and astronaut Matt Kowalsky’s first mission in Gravity, a tragic accident leaves him alone and fighting for his life in space. With no way to communicate with the world and a rapidly dwindling oxygen supply, he must act quickly and overcome his growing anxiety in order to survive.

It conveys both a sense of isolation and melancholy in space. It’s a terrifying space of darkness and there’s nothing like the safety and security of the family the heroes long to return to.

An unforgettable film about an Earth-bound comet, Deep Impact focuses on the cosmic disaster and humanity’s efforts to prepare for the disaster. A reporter struggles with the responsibility of breaking a shocking story while dealing with personal problems, while a group of astronauts take on the big task of intercepting comets.

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The heroes, sent to drop nuclear bombs on comets, face a challenge not unlike a puzzle.

There are heroes. They ask themselves some difficult questions about what they must sacrifice in order to continue living on earth.

A horror movie, Armageddon revolves around an earth-destroying asteroid and Harry Stamper’s team dedicated to stopping it. Their mission is to plant a nuclear bomb in the center of an asteroid and destroy it before it reaches Earth, but things don’t go as predicted.

Movies Like How It Ends

Very different, but both emphasize how people react to these strange situations. Both films explore powerful themes such as sacrifice and love in the face of apocalyptic disasters.

Thriller Movies Like Brazen You Must See (2022)

. He is suddenly abandoned by his crew on the red planet, where he must use his ingenuity to survive and inform the world that he is alive.

Which explains the complexity and importance of plants. In the 2022 film, algae is used to show plant life, while the 2015 film uses potatoes to show the complexities of keeping crops in space.

Often cited as one of the best films of the 2010s, Melancholia shows the relationship between two sisters, Justine and Claire, which is made more difficult by a planet that is in the process of the fear and the Earth. The film explores the differences in ways of dealing with natural disasters.

When employees and partners abandon them, the two main characters are forced to meet and support each other in times of difficulty. Their abandonment is similar to the separation of the crew

Movies Like Squid Game For More Deadly Survival Games

Set in 2057, The Sun is a science fiction gem that chronicles the last-ditch efforts of a group of astronauts on their way to a dangerous mission to bring the dead sun back to life. If they fail, the winter of the sun covering the earth will completely destroy the hope for saving the human race.

The movie holds up well and is still worth watching today. Its hard times, ranging from disagreements among the crew, are similar to fights among the pilots.

. The main characters of both films have to make impossible decisions for the survival of humanity, and they don’t always make the right decisions.

Movies Like How It Ends

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Sad, Romantic Movies That Make You Cry Every Time

Everything about this action-packed movie will have you feeling right in the summer—from the costumes and the soundtrack to everyone’s camp. Actors Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz are a crime-fighting team, along with Bill Murray, Matt LeBlanc, LL Cool J and Luke Wilson.

Summer is the perfect time to get in the car (preferably not stolen) with your best friends, roll down the windows, and hit the open road. Although we do not recommend the latter

The latter stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, Thelma and Louise supported girls’ trips. The adventure will inspire you to “drink margaritas by the beach” on your next vacation.

Where a boy takes on the main task of the summer of returning an alien visitor to his planet. Even if you only watched reruns as a kid, you’ll definitely be nostalgic for long-gone summers.

Movies Like After That Every Romance Fan Should See

The only thing better than one great love story is three great love stories. Let the Greek landscapes come to mind with Meryl Streep, well, whatever makes you feel good. Besides, is there anything cooler than ABBA? While you’re at it, check out this super cute series featuring Lily James. We mentioned that Sher makes a contribution…

This 70s thriller tells the story of a young man named Drew Tate who spends his summer on Martha’s Vineyard, where he finds the Inkwell, a group of rich and lively people who love to party. Tate becomes an obstacle in a love triangle between two women, one of whom is played by a young Jada Pinkett Smith.

Summer lovers, you’ll love the return of this musical favorite, based on the 1971 Broadway show of the same name. Set in a fictional high school in the summer of 1958, Grease follows an ensemble of teenagers led by good girl Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and “greaser” Danny Zuko (John Travolta), who are more than complex after their unexpected warm weather. will finish at the same school.

Movies Like How It Ends

Just getting better and better with age, like Alicia Silverstone

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