Magnum Popper Firework How To Use

Magnum Popper Firework How To Use - Party poppers are basically small sticks of dynamite inside a plastic seal. Of course, the resulting explosion is not as dangerous as any regular explosive, but the explosion can still come as a surprise to some people.

Inside the popper is a type of confetti, except for a small stick with gunpowder and two discs made of plastic or cardboard. A stick consists of paper or plastic wrapped around a small amount of gunpowder, usually less than 1 mg (US federal law allows up to 50 mg in cartridges). The wire goes a few inches into the handle of the popper and comes out the other side for someone to pull out.

Magnum Popper Firework How To Use

Magnum Popper Firework How To Use

As the wire is stretched, it creates a ripple in the wood as it frays on the sides. This creates heat and ignites the gunpowder, creating a small explosion and the poppers signature party bang. The blast travels outwards into the confined space and propels the first disc into dozens of colorful confetti flakes. This progressive motion continues in the second disc that surrounds the popper, allowing the confetti sheets to rise and fall into the air.

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