Lamina Tipo Teja 6 Metros Precio

Lamina Tipo Teja 6 Metros Precio – Colonial LTA floor interior is terracotta color and its surface is completely smooth. PVC is considered a hygienic material and is often used in drinking water pipes because it does not allow water to be absorbed, so it offers tiles excellent hygienic properties for installations that require a high level of hygiene. Because it is non-porous, PVC prevents the growth of molds and fungi even in very humid environments. On the other hand, the outer color layer does not stain and is resistant to chemical agents such as acids, salts and alkalis. Therefore, tiles perform very well in environments with high salt concentrations, coastal areas and acidic environments where traditional roofing cannot be installed.

Transparent Tiles (Skylight): Transparent or opal colored polycarbonate tile profiles are exactly the same as colonial tiles. This element allows light to pass through to illuminate the spaces under the roof, providing an area of ​​natural lighting within the building. Limahoya: It is located at the intersection of two roofs that slope inward, becoming a rainwater channel. Valley sheds add aesthetic and structural value and allow for complex roofs with varying pitches. Hip: Installed at the intersection of the projecting side tiles. It allows crossings to be hidden from view and protects against penetration. Hip finish: Installs at the hip end to form a tight seal, preventing access to insects and other nasty elements that might try to get into the roof. Main Trestle: It is set at the intersection of two colonial gable roof tiles. It fits the profile well and adds beauty to the shed. Trestle Terminal: Located at the end of the trestle, it is completely airtight and prevents entry of rainwater or unwanted elements. Hermetic self-drilling screws: Self-drilling screws allow you to attach colonial tiles to the roof and have the same color cover, so that the roof surface has a uniform appearance.

Lamina Tipo Teja 6 Metros Precio

Lamina Tipo Teja 6 Metros Precio

LTA Colonial Tile is a terracotta color that is very similar to the traditional Colonial color, but with a slightly pronounced orange hue that will give your shed a modern touch. In addition, a wide selection of PVC colonial accessories gives the customer the opportunity to create many houses with different architectural compositions. for example:

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Unlike clay colonial tiles, LTA PVC colonial tiles accept significant thermal variations without deformation and do not need to create a double structure. A double structure significantly increases the cost of installing a roof. Colonial LTA roofing allows installation on steeply pitched roofs that are not possible with Colonial clay tiles. LTA Colonial Tiles are neither heavy nor bulky and thus allow you to carry a lot in one trip. Its unique design makes it highly impact resistant. Because of their rigidity, the roofs are easily transported and installed and, unlike colonial clay tiles, break with minimal impact. The simplicity and speed of installing PVC colonial tiles allows to reduce the installation time by 65%, which provides significant savings, which can reach 70% of the cost of installing a traditional clay roof.

Colonial LTA tiles have excellent acoustic properties. Since they are made of PVC, they create 30% sound insulation and prevent the spread of external noise in your residence, thereby increasing the quality of life of the occupants. They are even recommended for residential areas close to noise sources such as traffic areas and factories.

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Colony LTA PVC roofing fulfills the need of decorating roofs without the problems of the past. Colonial LTA tiles offer distinct advantages over clay tiles and metal tiles, both of which require ongoing maintenance and periodic replacement of parts. In fact, weather conditions affect traditional materials such as clay, wood and metal, causing corrosion, fungi, discoloration and physical breaks. In contrast, colonial PVC tiles are very durable and maintenance-free. In addition, they provide excellent sound and heat insulation and are suitable for residential projects, terraces, farms, cottages, hotels, cottages, schools, etc. Makes it perfect for LTA colonial roofs are made of best quality PVC combination with UV protection resin. This resin protects the covers from premature aging under the influence of sunlight, preserving the original color and high aesthetic value of the installations for at least 25 years.

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Warranty is implemented by observing 6 basic rules of installation. For more information, ask our technicians for personalized advice on your project.

The video below clearly shows the rules for installing colonial PVC tiles. It shows the parameters corresponding to the structure of the roof and shows the physical and thermo-acoustic properties of the sheets. In addition, it teaches the correct way to install and install PVC tiles. The video concludes by demonstrating how to enhance the finish of your deck using various LTA Colonial accessories.

The protective resin covering the outer surface of the tile reflects sunlight, thereby reducing heat transfer to the interior of the facility, providing a cool and comfortable environment for occupants. A dark middle layer blocks sunlight and reduces heat penetration, helping to reduce electricity consumption due to the use of fans and air conditioners. In the face of global warming, it is important to use thermoacoustic materials that do not transmit heat and contribute to the protection of the natural environment. Refine Individual Beer Mugs Cyclone Mesh Roll Green Artificial Walls Staples Coaxial Cable Acrylic Sheets Canvas Print Plain T-shirts Outdoor Flooring Galvanized Corrugated Sheets Diagnostic Box Welch Allyn Pocket Plates LED Hose 10 Meters Bright 3D Marking Channel Galvanized Sheet

Lamina Tipo Teja 6 Metros Precio

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Lamina Tipo Teja 6 Metros Precio

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