Jugaste Y Sufrí How To Say

Jugaste Y Sufrí How To Say – Jugaste y Sufri In English (Translation) – Eslabon Armado ft. DannyLux – Ya no me enojo contigo Solo Observo y pienso “Me decepcionó” Y me ale

Jugaste y Sufri is a great song played nicely by Eslabon Armado with DannyLux. This song was composed by DannyLuxand and composed by Edgar Rodréguez.

Jugaste Y Sufrí How To Say

Jugaste Y Sufrí How To Say

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Jugaste Y Sufri

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Eslabon Armado was founded in 2017 by three friends who were then teenagers. lead vocalist and former guitarist Pedro Tovar; Gabriel Hidalgo, guitar player and vocalist; Bryan Tovar plays acoustic bass, basso loche, and sings harmony. The music of my parents’ generation has been an important source of motivation for all three members.

They started learning and playing rap and norteo music as a child, and they did it professionally before creating their own original material. When they were still teenagers, they turned to composing after listening to Sierra performing with one of the most influential celebrities, Los Plebes del Rancho. After his death in 2015, there was a hole in the category.

When the fathers of amateur composers Pedro and Bryan decided to name them Eslabon Armado, he did so somewhat by accident. They wanted to create an alternative piece that incorporated a variety of instruments while remaining faithful to the guitar Sierra style aesthetic. The group shared live footage on several social media sites, including YouTube. Del Records owner and promoter Ngel del Villar unwittingly listened to and watched their music video. He went to great lengths to track them down and secure their signatures before other brands.

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