Italian Metal Tip Party Shoes

Italian Metal Tip Party Shoes – Due to the COVID-19 business restriction inspection and the high order volume of MTO gloves in our factory, the delivery time is now 14-16 weeks.

Complete the look of your wardrobe with our curated selection of handmade shoes. Made exclusively for you to your specifications.

Italian Metal Tip Party Shoes

Italian Metal Tip Party Shoes

The basic aspect of shoe manufacturing is the latter – the “heart and soul”, which carries both the aesthetics and fit properties of a well-constructed shoe. We offer you a diverse collection of lasts to help you create beautiful, shaped shoes that guarantee the best possible fit, not just custom made.

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We source the finest aniline, semi-aniline, crust and other leathers from renowned tanneries such as Tannerie d’ Annonay from France, Ilcea Conceria from Italy, C.F. Instead, from Great Britain and Horween Leather Co. From the USA for use in our handmade shoes.

The end-to-end manufacturing process requires more than 100 operations, from leather selection and snaps, top fasteners, hand stitching to join upper, rim and insole, beveled waist to final finishing. Many steps are done by hand to better control the finer features, with the exception of some machining operations such as outsole stitching*, reducing unnecessary costs while still maintaining the high quality standards we demand from our handmade shoes.

All of our custom handmade shoes are made to order using a hand-welded construction to ensure maximum durability of the key joints of the shoe’s joints. Special attention is also paid to the selection of auxiliary materials such as inner lining, toe pads and heel reinforcements to ensure a high quality product that will last for decades with proper care.

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