Ibastek Speaker How To Connect To Bluetooth

Ibastek Speaker How To Connect To Bluetooth - A programming language is an organized system for expressing instructions to a computer, that is, it is a set of semantic rules used to describe computer programs. The language allows the programmer to describe exactly what the computer will do with the data, how the data will be stored or transferred, and what actions should be taken in various situations.

You might have heard something like computer is dumb out there, its not a lie, computers can understand Yes and No (1 and 0 to be precise) and make a series of sequences from the hardware to sum it up, all instructions given to the computer are a series of numbers consisting of 0s and 1s (Output: 01101100). Have you ever thought about how much work it takes to write an entire program using instructions consisting of 0s and 1s? This is what a programming language is for, to facilitate communication between the programmer and the hardware, the programmer writes instructions in a language close to what humans use to communicate, then a second program interprets what the programmer wrote in order of composition from 0 to 1 ( Compiler) or interpret the instructions written by the programmer and execute them (Interpreter).

Ibastek Speaker How To Connect To Bluetooth

Ibastek Speaker How To Connect To Bluetooth

They are languages ​​that go through the process of translation (compilation), changing into secondary code (machine code) understandable by the compiler, the program responsible for this translation is the compiler.

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These are languages ​​where another computer program called an interpreter is executed by the operating system or processor. Even if code in a language goes through the compilation process, the language can be considered translated if it is not directly generated by the operating system or developer.

They are languages ​​with a very high level of abstraction, far from machine code and close to human language. Therefore, advanced languages ​​are not directly related to computer design. A high-level language programmer does not need to know structural features such as instructions and registers. These features are written in a high-level language.

These are programming languages ​​that understand the characteristics of the computer industry. Therefore, only configuration instructions are used, for this it is important to know the machine records. In this sense, low-level languages ​​are closely related to computer programming. An example is an assembler that works directly on a recordset, manipulating data.

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