How To Wash A Faja

How To Wash A Faja – • Clean your clothes properly, change them daily and use them after cleaning.

• Be careful not to wear waist trainers without washing them twice a day. It is recommended to wash the waist trainer daily.

How To Wash A Faja

How To Wash A Faja

• Wash gently to avoid latex damage to clothing. Always wash in a bucket with warm water and shampoo. Rinse well and dry. After drying, store in a dark place.

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• Non-latex clothing can be machine washed in cold water. It is important to ensure that the product is made of latex. If it is latex free, it can be easily washed in cold water and in the washing machine. Use warm water, as very hot water or shaking can damage the ingredients. Store your waist trainer in a neat and clean bag to protect it from dust and other objects.

• It is also important to use the right detergent for washing. Detergents including air conditioners, dyes, alcohol, bleach and fabric softeners can damage the trainer. Use a specially formulated detergent to wash these waist trainers and jewelry. You can also use baby shampoo or a mild shampoo for any clothing that contains latex.

Taking good care of its appearance will increase its performance and comfort and make it last longer. You should also check the manufacturer’s instructions before use. Contact us for more information on how to care for your waist trainer and shapewear.ATLANTA | Austin | Baltimore | Chicago | Dallas | Houston | Las Vegas | Miami | New York | Salt Lake City | Tampa Bay

Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore | Chicago | Dallas | Houston | Las Vegas | Miami | New York | Salt Lake City | Tampa Bay

Fajas Colombianas Full Colombian Tummy Control Fajas (post Op)

If you’re planning a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or liposuction, you’ve probably heard the term “paja” during your plastic surgery research. A faja is a garment worn after surgery for BBL and liposuction recovery patients to reduce swelling and ensure proper skin tightening.

During your recovery period, pajamas (steps 1 and 2) become your best friend and are an important part of getting the right treatment and enjoying the long-awaited results. Below you’ll find answers to all your fashion questions: sizing, when to wear, and when to wash.

Fajas, lipofoam and abdominal pads help the body heal after surgery and tighten the skin to create the final result of the procedure. To prevent infection and achieve ideal results, it is important to wear them as directed and keep them clean. Step 1 A paja is a soft, low-compression garment to be worn during the day with lipofoam and a ventral plate. The abdominal cavity can be removed at night. Stage 2 is a tight, high-compression garment that must be worn alone. Wear the bra as directed and you’ll have the body of your dreams after surgery! Moderate contractions are stage 2. After the first week after surgery, this garment is designed to provide moderate compression in the following situations: The incision is not healthy, so there is no damage to the skin and the result. (These masks are latex and latex free)

How To Wash A Faja

Hypercompression refers to stage 2 (at least 4 weeks postoperatively) and the incision is completely closed. These traps contain bars and increase the compression ratio.

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When you are in stage 3 of ultra high compression (2 to 3 months after surgery), these pajamas are made with a waist trainer and have rods and latex to increase the level of compression, so your skin should fully heal. high

Remember that if your waist is small compared to your hips and thighs, there are natural folds/grooves, especially when you bend forward or sit.

The main difference is the comfort of the BBL buttons and the effect of lifting the button. However, both buttons are the same width and length. If your heart is big and you feel you need more fabric, you can always mark where you want a larger size.

R/ Pajamas have holes in the crotch so you don’t have to remove them every time you go to the bathroom. Just to urinate, if there is anything else, it should be removed.

Braless Fajas Colombianas With Arm Shaper

3. Schedule your pickup date, confirm receipt of the return label, and print the appropriate documents that should be emailed to you.

4. Wait for the package with the printed documents to be picked up or dropped off. (Send clean clothes, especially in the pit area).

2. Pull the fabric to the edge of the waist to stretch it as much as possible (ask for help if necessary) 3. Measure from the beginning to the end of the skin. Measure around the front, not under the waist.

How To Wash A Faja

4. Provide a photo or short video showing how you did it. To make sure you get it right.

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Hooks are an important part of shapewear, and they are strong, but must be handled with care. Follow the tips in the video when using dressier clothing.

The faja will not compare to yours due to the flexibility of the material, which stretches to about 10 inches. If tragedy were the same measure, it would not serve the purpose of compression. Designed with customer specifications and material flexibility in mind.

A little compression on the knuckles and knuckles is fine, and add abdominal compressions if necessary.

Why do regular pajamas put more pressure on my hips and thighs than plus-size pajamas?

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If you are used to plus size clothing, this silhouette may not fit your body. So it’s a standard measure, so it’s always weak. Opt for clothes tailored to your measurements. The chest may feel tighter, but that’s because it hides your true silhouette. But don’t worry. Our bras offer ZERO compression to your hips and thighs. The fabric you use for your chest is always stretchy. The pressure isn’t felt, but it supports and shapes your body.

Why might my fajam go to the hook on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th row?

Depending on the shipping company, we may not know the exact date of the product, but it can be estimated as 12 business days in Colombia.

How To Wash A Faja

Sometimes USPS tracking information can be inaccurate and a package will appear to be shipped before it actually arrives. (Sorry) Most of your packages will be shipped within a few days. However, we recommend that you contact your neighborhood and/or post office. More information in between! You can also visit this link at any time to check the current shipment status. If you haven’t received your order after a few days, please send us your order number and tracking information to @support within 14 days of the last tracking update for further assistance.

What To Do When You Get Your Faja

Prices vary by country, just enter your address and you’ll see the prices. All international orders are subject to customs duties and taxes determined by the importing country. Charges and charges are not included in the total amount of your Tributo order and/or shipping. Tributo is not responsible for any fees associated with the return. All fees are to be paid by the package buyer. Tributo is not responsible for shipping that may be affected by customs, natural disasters, USPS to local carriers in your country, or air and ground transportation strikes or delays.

At TRIBUTO, we love what we do, we are with our clients during the surgical procedure, we listen to them and try to solve their concerns. Please kindly contact our staff first. Remember, we are here to help you. You will need to send us a photo of you wearing the belt so we can see what the problem is, and send us a video of how to measure it to ensure accuracy. Email support@ with your order number.

We do all page changes in Colombia. Check out this link for instructions.

Thank you for your interest in introducing our brand. It is very important that you have previous experience with the project. So you can talk about your experiences.

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Second, the community you belong to is important.

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