How To Warm Flesh Light

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You’ve upgraded from traditional handwork, why not take it to the next level with a Fleshlight® sleeve warmer?

How To Warm Flesh Light

How To Warm Flesh Light

Compatible with full-size Fleshlight and Flight models (with or without a case), this accessory warms your Real Feel SuperSkin® sleeves to realistic body temperature and feels more like the real thing than ever. The device heats up to 40° Celsius (105° Fahrenheit) in just 5 minutes, helping you quickly recreate a realistic sex experience!

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The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer maintains the perfect temperature after reaching body temperature, so it automatically shuts off when you’re ready to prevent accidental overheating. Quick and easy to set up, the unit features a sturdy, heavy base and non-slip pads for added stability. It is waterproof against minor moisture and splashes and has a built-in USB power cable for your convenience, perfect for getting ready for the next time!

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Stop Wondering How To Warm Up Fleshlight Sleeves!

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How To Warm Flesh Light

If your toy is still unusable after checking all of the above, we’d be happy to replace it. Underwear and footwear have a 60-day warranty from the date of purchase. If you would like to initiate a return, please contact us with your purchase details. Knowing how to heat your Fleshlight sleeves is important if you want to take soloing to the next level. Of course, just masturbating with your hands will do the trick, but if you’ve used Fleshlight before, we’re sure you’ll agree that the experience is better. However, Fleshlights have one drawback compared to your trusty right or left hand: they have no heat!

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While not the worst thing in the world, the internal temperature of the Fleshlight enclosure will match the ambient temperature of the room you are in. The first penetration will feel a little cold and completely impossible to feel with real vaginas, which can take away the fantasy of spending time with Asa Akira, Eva Lovia, Alexis Texas or other favorite Fleshlight female stars. A warm, tight hug surrounding your cock? No – more like the smooth, cold tunnel you’re cultivating. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for a less-than-satisfying Fleshlight session: here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to warm up your Fleshlight sleeves!

The exact temperature varies, but the average vaginal temperature is about 98.6°F (37°C), the average human body temperature. Using water at this exact temperature will eventually bring your Fleshlight to the temperature you want, but it will take a while to get there. Fortunately, you don’t have to be so precise: you can use warm water!

This method is often called the “bathtub method,” but you don’t actually need to use a bathtub. Any container that can hold hot water, such as a bucket, will do. You want the water to be warm (or hot), but not boiling, as boiling water is too hot and could damage your Fleshlight! Once you’ve found the perfect container and filled it with warm water, just place the Fleshlight in the water and wait.

After ten to fifteen minutes, the Fleshlight should be heated to the correct temperature. All that’s left to do is take it out, oil it, and enjoy warming up!

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If you ask the folks at Fleshlight how to heat the Fleshlight sleeves, chances are they will take you to their website and tell you to check out their sleeve warmers! The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer™ is a $30 warmer that looks a bit like a thin dildo with legs. Powered by an included USB cable and USB outlet, the Sleeve Warmer claims to help you simulate “the feeling of an authentic experience.”

The device can reach a maximum temperature of 105°F (40°C) in about five minutes, is compatible with all your favorite Fleshlight toys, is quite affordable, and even has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent it from running by you ‘have used it’ Already used it. Do you really want a sleeve warmer but don’t have the money? With Klarna (four paid service) you can finance this accessory for less than $4 per week!

We’ve given you two ways to warm up your Fleshlight sleeves, but what about the Fleshlight lube itself? Unfortunately, even though your sleeves are warm, the lube is still at room temperature and can cause the “cold” feeling we’re trying to avoid! Fortunately, you can also heat the lube to give you the most realistic experience when using the Fleshlight (you can also heat the lube yourself without heating the sleeve).

How To Warm Flesh Light

Similar to the “bathtub method” you will need warm or hot water (but not boiling) and a container to hold the lube bottle. Since the bottle is much smaller than a regular Fleshlight, you can use a thermos to store hot water (instead of something big like a bucket). Lubricant does not heat up as quickly as SuperSkin, so plan to leave it in the water for at least 20 minutes before removing.

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There is also a special type of warm lube called Fleshlube Fire that gives a warm sensation. Instead of physically heating the lube, consider using it with a preheated sleeve! However, this type of lubricant is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

If you don’t want to spend $30 on a Sleeve Warmer but already have an electric blanket, you can simply use it to heat your Fleshlight! This method of heating a Fleshlight sleeve is pretty easy and won’t make a mess, although it may take longer than other methods. The time it takes will ultimately depend on the temperature you set your electric blanket to, but we recommend using ‘low’ or ‘medium’ to reduce the risk of damaging the Fleshlight.

To get started, simply grab your Fleshlight of choice, wrap it in a heating blanket, turn on the heating blanket and wait. The process can take 20 to 30 minutes, but the wait is worth it!

In addition to the four methods listed above, there are some creative ways people are trying to figure out how to heat a Fleshlight sleeve. Unfortunately, not all methods are equally effective and some can even damage your Fleshlight! Are you considering using a microwave oven? Think again: this method will permanently damage and destroy your Fleshlight!

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It is still possible to damage your flesh light. Also, you’ll have trouble spreading the heat evenly across your Fleshlight sleeves, so we don’t recommend the hair dryer method.

We hope we’ve answered all your questions about how to heat your fleshlight sleeves! While there are undoubtedly other methods you can use to heat up your Fleshlight, the ones we’ve listed are tried and true (which is why we recommend them!). Of course, you don’t actually need to heat up the Fleshlight case before using it, but if you want a more authentic experience (or just a more enjoyable experience overall), it sure helps. Whichever method you decide to use, we’re sure your Fleshlight will appreciate it even more once it’s warmed up. Gentlemen, have fun! Martha Pinkerton Martha Pinkerton Research Writer Martha is a talented copywriter who has her own blog where she shares her thoughts and personal experiences about sex. For our website, she also conducts product tests when necessary and shares her results without secrecy.

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How To Warm Flesh Light

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