How To Use Sockit Gel

How To Use Sockit Gel – A hydrogel dressing treats internal wounds and ulcers. Provides fast, continuous pain relief without numbing. Protects against chemical and microbial damage and promotes optimal healing.

It has no drugs, no drugs or contraindications. It is safe to breathe. Each 10g spray is ideal for office and home use. FDA approved.

How To Use Sockit Gel

How To Use Sockit Gel

Note: SOCKIT! Gel has changed his name. This product has changed to OraSoothe “SOCKIT” Gel, and sometime in 2022 it will change to OraSoothe Gel. The product is the same – only the name has changed. Please note that packaging may change over the coming months.

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Absorbable collagen wound dressings for dental surgery. The HeliPlug is a soft, white, flexible, non-sticky sponge to apply to wet or bleeding clean mouth sores created during oral…

How To Use Sockit Gel

SafeGauze HemoStyp is a sterile cloth prepared by chemical treatment of modified cellulose and is easy to use. There are examples

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Absorbable collagen wound dressings for dental surgery. The HeliPlug is a soft, white, flexible, non-sticky sponge to apply to wet or bleeding clean mouth sores created during oral…

Denti-Care Denti-Rinse 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate mouth rinse gives an extra boost in reducing tissue inflammation, bleeding and plaque build-up. A light, sweet mint flavor…

No Mixture, Fragrance Free, No Bad Taste, Easy to Apply Hydrophilic Casual Wear. Reso-Pac® does not need to be removed because it is compatible and dissolves in the mouth.

A bioactive dentin substitute replaces natural dentin with similar behavior and mechanical properties. A calcium-hydroxide release agent is indicated for direct and indirect pulp capping…

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Designed with smooth edges for maximum patient comfort. The surgical aspirator is designed at a 30 degree angle and fits 11mm handles. This item is also autoclavable up to 135°C or can be disposed of…

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How To Use Sockit Gel

DEFEND has improved the performance of its cotton-filled gauze sponges by adding 20% ​​more cotton. Now more absorbent than ever, these white, 8-ply sponges are tear-resistant and made from 100%…

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0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate mouth rinse. Provides an extra boost in reducing tissue inflammation, blood and plaque build-up. Mild, pleasant mint flavor. Aspartame free. Their culture…

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