How To Use Glass Filter Tips

How To Use Glass Filter Tips – Today, the art of rolling a good stump or joint is at an all-time high due to increasing popularity and affordability. Almost every casual smoker knows how to roll or can get the right rolling tools, but even so, there is a science behind the best smoking experience when you smoke a joint. The solution is simple, three words and something every casual smoker should have in their kit, the glass filter tip.

Now, before you go out and buy a random pack, it’s important to get the right one and the best quality, because like any bong, device or pipe, the experience is only as good as the smoke.

How To Use Glass Filter Tips

How To Use Glass Filter Tips

For something seemingly simple to use, why are there so many brands and what’s the difference? There are many brands in this competitive e-commerce and smoking industry where sellers seem to only care about copying trendy products that guarantee profits.

Raw + Roor Slim Glass Joint X Tip Filter With Flat Tip

At Purr, we stand out because in addition to original designers and real smokers, our glass panels are handcrafted in our own glass blowing studio. We are part of the entire process to ensure the best and highest quality of all our products.

Our glass joint tips are inspired by vintage cigarette holders, with all the luxury and comfort of a product perfected years ago with today’s craftsmanship. Each glass top is made in America using a combination of thick, high-quality borosilicate glass, premium German Schott glass, or intoxicating, small-batch colors. So you’ll have the advantage of feeling and looking good while enhancing your smoking experience.

Just watching your hits filter through the clear glass can enhance your joint smoking experience, but there are many more benefits. We’ve made sure our knuckle and stump designs cool and condense your vapor for the smoothest, easy-to-inhale shots. The filter tip also retains heat, so you get a slower, quality burn and enjoy smoking the stump to the end without burnt fingers, lips, waste or smelly hands. We can’t decide if the best part of using a glass joint tip is avoiding wet paper filters and limiting blowouts or preventing hot ash and resin from entering your mouth?

Using our glass top is a simple process. You can use it on pre-wrapped cones, stumps, joints and unfiltered cigarettes.

Og Original Glass Tips Glass Rolling Filter Tip

For use with pre-rolls or a regular hand roll, simply insert the joint into the glass tip Unlike other small disposable tips or paper filters, no special handling or rolling skills are required with our innovative design. It’s important to make sure your joint fits well to prevent any smoke leakage so you get a full hit with every puff you take.

If you want to smoke a larger roll, you can alternatively wrap your glass tip in paper or choose from our various larger filter sizes. It is particularly easy to use with larger blunts as a glass blunt tip or also in creative rolling applications.

Cleaning the glass top of the filter can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have sticky hands. But in fact, cleaning a glass tip filter is easier and faster than cleaning other types of glass tubes and accessories.

How To Use Glass Filter Tips

To properly clean a glass tip, all you need is isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs or pipe cleaners, and a container for soaking glass tips.

Glass Filter Tips

The first step is to place the tip in a container and fill it with alcohol until the tip is submerged. Then let it stand for about 5 minutes. Or for faster cleaning, simply cover one end of the glass tip with your finger, fill the tip with a little rubbing alcohol, and cover the other end with your finger to shake it. And if your glass top has a lot of resin or deposits, you can drink for a longer time until it is cleaned. After cleaning with rubbing alcohol or your favorite glass cleaner, run a cotton swab or a bristled pipe cleaner through the tip to remove excess resin. You can also use a cotton swab to easily treat certain dirty areas.

After cleaning, simply rinse the tip with warm water and dry before use. If you need more help with cleaning instructions, you can watch our video tutorial. And since each glass filter tip is handcrafted with that American quality, regular maintenance is all you need to enjoy peak performance and keep your tips for life.

Now that you know all about the difference between spinning, enhance your pre-roll, joint or stomp smoking experience with our widest selection of high quality glass filters.

PRO TIP: Love our glass filters but want a custom color, size or detail? Learn how to request a custom quote. Glass filters offer a smoother and tastier smoke. They keep the ends of your rollerblades fresh and dry, and can be used endlessly.

Raw Glass Filter Roach Tips Single

Plus, you no longer have to worry about burning your lips and fingers when you reach the end of the joint. Best of all, no more going through a wet joint (we’ve all been there).

Best of all, it’s easier to roll with a glass top than a regular paper filter. Glass top rolling is easy when you know how to do it. Keeping it clean is also relatively easy – more on that later. First, let’s wrap up.

2. Take the tip of the glass filter and place it on both sides of the paper (one side that suits you best). You want the filter to stick out about half an inch on the outer edge. Make sure the glue line of the paper is facing you.

How To Use Glass Filter Tips

3. For the next steps, hold the filter side of the joint with one hand while the other hand does the rest.

Jt 24 2

4. Start filling the paper with your plant. Just spray it lightly to start. Place enough to match the thickness of the glass top. You may want to add a bit more to the end opposite the filter so that it takes the shape of a baseball bat.

5. Make sure the area immediately next to the filter is properly filled. If it’s too gappy, your shots will be airy and the wrist may be weak.

6. With the plant in the paper, start compressing it with your index finger. You should have about an inch of space between the top edge of the paper and the plant on both sides of the paper.

7. Holding the filter in your hand, squeeze the two sides of the paper with your thumb and forefinger. Then do the same with the other hand about halfway along the wrist.

Diamond Glass Tips Glass Joint Tip/filter Spliff Glass Uk

8. At this point you can pull the sides together over the entire joint to further compact the plant, but this should not be necessary if you compacted it sufficiently in step 5.

9. Holding the filter in your hand, use your thumb to shape the top edge of the paper around the filter. With your thumb, continue to press the paper against your index finger.

10. Slowly roll your index finger over where your thumb is. The goal is to drop pieces of paper by holding your thumb against the filter with your index finger.

How To Use Glass Filter Tips

11. Maintain this finger with the hand holding the filter. With your other hand, starting from the end of the filter, use your thumb to pull the unglued side of the paper into the roll, and use your index finger to roll up the glued side. Try to keep it in the same drive as the filter – it will make it much easier. (TIP: By running a feed and roll on the end of the filter, you can achieve a nice cone shape.)

How To Use A Glass Filter Tip For A Glass Tip Blunt

13. Run the tape from end to end. Do not add walnuts – if too wet, the paper will rub.

14. Tap the end of the filter with the paper, then pull the rest of the joint up. Make sure it is sealed all the way.

15. Almost done. If you like, tap the bottom of the filter a few times on the tray/table/floor. This helps the plant to spread out nicely and evenly.

16. Grab something pointy (like a pencil) and stick the plant into the open end of the joint to make it more compact to ensure an even burn.

Jt 26 2

If you have a CLIIXX, you can wrap the wrist with the filter and then just lightly press the joint into the crown, as shown in the image below.

The glass filter tips are very easy to clean. For the most part, you can get away with rinsing them with water every now and then. For a more thorough cleaning, you’ll want to stock up on strong alcohol, dishes, and toothpaste or pipe cleaners. Pour alcohol into a

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