How To Use Astrology Dice

How To Use Astrology Dice – When rolling the dice, focus on the subject of interest and roll the dice as your intuition tells you. When reading, it is helpful to read the planets as the situation you are in, the signs as how you feel about your situation or emotions, and the house as what part of your life is affected. However, this won’t always be the best way to read a spread, so let yourself play with the concepts until it makes sense to you. Remember that divination is all about your intuition.

Understanding the symbols on dice can take a while to figure out here is a basic breakdown.

How To Use Astrology Dice

How To Use Astrology Dice

1: This house represents your personal life, appearance and new beginnings. It also tells you to watch out for accidents.

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2: If this house is seen on the dice, it tells you to look at your finances. Items may be lost or stolen. Your finances will change, but this can be good or bad. Poverty or wealth, business dealings and new material desires.

3: This house represents relatives or people connected to you by blood and location. It also represents short journeys, short vacations and journeys. School, especially preschool education for children. You can expect emails, letters or advice, but watch out for gossip and rumours.

4: The fourth house represents parents or people who act as parental figures. Home affairs is at the heart of your question. There may be new land, real estate or inheritances on the horizon. This house also represents the end of every situation.

5: The fifth house is about fertility, women, children, pregnancy and pleasure. It represents creativity, water, rain, leather, gambling, hobbies and romance.

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7: This house is more concerned with close personal partnerships, such as in relationships and business. This house can mean divorce, lawsuits, new contracts, rivalries, thieves, astrologers or an unknown person who can become a new partnership.

8: This house represents death and, as a result, transformations. It can mean literal death, or even birth. It also represents the occult, taxes, debts, mortgages and loans, legacies, legacies, investigations, suffering, risks and business money.

9: The ninth house deals with travel and long distance travel. It also represents religion, philosophy, education, lawyers, dreams, divination, wisdom, the arts, media and publishing.

How To Use Astrology Dice

10: This house looks after your kingdom: your career, your success, your fortune. It is also about the environment and the weather, as well as fame and glory. 6pcs/set Astrological Dice 12 Sided Polyhedral Dice Astrology Tarot Card Constellation Divination Zodiac Dice Set

11: Luck comes with this house. It signifies friends, those who can help you, protection, wealth, gifts, joy, renewed hope, praise and group activities.

12: This house faces imprisonment. It is followed by loss, sorrow, enemies and loneliness. It represents death, fear, secrets, suffering, hidden things, our deepest thoughts, suicide, murder and addictions.

The Moon’s North Node: Lessons to be learned, fear of the unknown, fate and the way forward.

The Moon’s South Node: The past, karmic baggage, and the path you’ve taken so far.

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What a great resource! It sums up something that was obviously very difficult. He made it very easy for me. The astrological dice is a little known divination tool. Similar to other dice methods, but with a twist 🌪!

It consists of a set of 3 dice with 12 sides. Each die is based on one of the three principles of astrology. Each of these matrices includes different symbols and meanings that must be interpreted once they are put together:

However, sometimes you need to associate an action with another role. So be playful when considering dice meanings.

How To Use Astrology Dice

Astrology Dice is an intuitive tool. So listen to your inner guide and trust it to tell you what you need to know.

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It is important to note that the interviewee should ask open-ended questions, similar to how we consult the Tarot.

Yes/No questions are not ideal for this divination method because the message is meant to be read like a story. If you want to ask yes/no questions, we recommend the Ouija Coin, which you can find here at Apollo Tarot.

If you are already very experienced in reading the birth chart, this will be quite easy for you. Otherwise, Astrology Dice can help novice astrologers practice interpretation placements.

After you roll the Astrodice, you see Jupiter (Blue Die) in the 10th house (Purple Die) in Scorpio (Green Die).

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Since Jupiter symbolizes optimism, abundance, luck, spiritual growth and sympathy, the first act seems like a great start to a difficult situation.

You can interpret the three dice as an optimistic prediction of a possible future. It could mean that the troubled spouse is happy to mend their relationship.

Let’s say you’re asking questions about people, such as a description of your future spouse. In this case, you should interpret the result as if it were a birth chart placement. Here is an example:

How To Use Astrology Dice

5th House (5), Leo, Neptune: The future spouse is popular or possibly famous. There is a possibility that they are known for their artistic pursuits or their idealistic and dreamy personality. They may be natural with children, but perhaps a little childish themselves. Possible negative traits they have would be immaturity or selfishness.

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You can also interpret the dice one by one if that’s easier for you. Here is another example:

To make life easier, we have prepared a comprehensive list of keywords for each astrological sign. This way you can easily create a message from your lecture!

Each sign corresponds to different traits, talents and personalities. These characteristics will determine how you read the various signs.

As you can see, the dice spread can be interpreted in many ways by readers and professionals. However, it is important to find a spiritual path when using the dice. By practicing on yourself and your friends, you will become more confident in using astrological dice and performing useful readings!

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How To Use Astrology Dice

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How To Use Astrology Dice

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