How To Use Airdrop On Android

How To Use Airdrop On Android - AirDrop is an Apple feature that has long been the envy of Android users. This feature provides seamless, wireless file transfer from one Apple product to another.

Android users could only dream of this feature - until now. This is good news for Android users as the Android version of AirDrop is finally hitting the market. And heres how you can use this new feature.

How To Use Airdrop On Android

How To Use Airdrop On Android

For years, Apple had the edge over Android when it came to sharing photos, videos, documents, and more with other Apple devices while maintaining the quality of shared files.

Airdrop For Android Send And R Apk For Android Download

At the end of June last year, it became known that Google was working on its own version of AirDrop. And whats interesting about it, regardless of its platform - mobile or desktop - the feature works seamlessly.

Nearby Share is Googles answer to Apples AirDrop feature, which many Android users have been waiting for; allowing seamless sharing of photos, videos, documents, links and more.

All Android phones running at least Android 6.0 will have this new feature. Google is initially adding this feature to its Pixel and Samsung phones, and plans to make it available later for other Android devices.

This rollout of a new feature is typical of Google, with wider availability on other Android devices over time. What does that mean? This means you may have this feature now, but your friends may not yet. Or you may have to wait a bit longer for it to appear on your device.

How To Access Airdrop In The Ios Control Center

To find out if this feature is available on your device, heres how you can check:

Google plans to expand near-by sharing between Android devices and Chrome desktops/laptops in the near future. But for now, it is only available between Android phones and tablets.

If the feature is available on your device, it will simply appear. You wont have to do anything or update anything. But you will need to enable it:

How To Use Airdrop On Android

. When you first open Nearby Share, youll be prompted to turn it on and choose your privacy options.

What Is Android’s Nearby Share And How Does It Work?

All Contacts: When Nearby Sharing is turned on and on, all of your contacts will be able to see your phone as an accessible device.

Selected contacts: Only the contacts you select will be able to see your device as an available Nearby Sharing device.

Hidden: Your phone wont show up as a device for everyone to see until you turn on Nearby Sharing. Also, if your phone detects an available device using nearby sharing near you, you will be notified when you want to open the feature and make your device visible.

Whether youre sending or receiving a file, youll need to enable Nearby Sharing and leave your screen on. Here are the steps to send files using Nearby Sharing:

Airdrop Not Working? Here’s The Fix!

If youre having trouble transferring files, Google suggests turning Bluetooth on/off, moving your devices within 3 feet of each other, or turning Airplane mode on/off.

Overall, the feature works like magic. Finally, sending and receiving files between Android devices has become seamless and hassle-free. For several years, iOS users have had the advantage of quickly sharing photos, videos, files, and other content between Apple devices. With AirDrop, its easier than ever to send group photos with friends and family, and share important links and files with co-workers. No need to bombard your group messages and degrade the quality of your photos. Another advantage of the AirDrop feature is that you can share files in real time. With the convenience it brings, you might be wondering if there is AirDrop for Android.

There are several alternatives to AirDrop for Android, but they require an app to be installed. Now, thanks in large part to Googles ecosystem, Android smartphones are finally getting their own version of AirDrop, including Nearby Sharing. It works similar to Apples AirDrop; However, you will need to do a few things before you can start using it.

How To Use Airdrop On Android

In this article, we list everything you need to know to get the most out of AirDrop for your Android smartphone.

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The Android equivalent of AirDrop is Nearby Share. Before Nearby Sharing, there are many apps to share files on Android. However, the downside is that both users must have the same application for successful file sharing. Thanks to Android Near Share, file sharing has become more convenient and accessible than ever.

Nearby Sharing is a relatively new feature for Android devices which allows Android users to send links, files, photos, videos and other essentials to nearby Android devices. It is basically similar to Apples AirDrop, but only compatible with Android devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

With AirDrop for Android, its more convenient if youre going to send large files or attachments to someone nearby without using a computer to email or using a cloud storage service.

Instead of opening individual apps like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, WhatsApp, or Viber, you can select the photos, videos, or links you want to send and simply attach them, as Nearby Sharing lets you send files in seconds. clicks.

How To Turn On Airdrop On Iphone

To use Nearby Share, select the files you want to send, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and tap the Nearby Share icon. From there, you can send files to anyone who has an Android device and is near your current location. Thanks to this Android equivalent of AirDrop, you can even send and receive images, videos, and other files anonymously, and make yourself invisible to other users if you dont want to receive them.

Nearby Sharing also allows you to share files using the appropriate method, whichever works the fastest between two mobile devices, namely P2P Wi-Fi, WebRTC, Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth.

Nearby Share or AirDrop for Android is compatible with all Android devices running Marshmallow/Android 6 or above. The first version of AirDrop for Android was released in 2015. So if you bought an Android smartphone after 2015, your phone is already integrated with AirDrop for Android.

How To Use Airdrop On Android

Nearby Sharing is built into Android smartphones through Google Play Services, a background service for Android devices that communicates with the Google Play Store. However, you need to make sure Google Play Services is updated to the latest version.

It Sure Sounds Like Android Is Getting Its Own Version Of Airdrop

Nearby Share is also compatible with Chromebooks, making it similar to AirDrop compatibility between iPads/iPhones and MacBooks.

With AirDrop for Android, you can share almost anything, including links, videos, photos, documents, and more. However, whenever you want to send something to a nearby family, friend, or colleague, whether its a link to a document, PDF, or Google Maps location, just tap the Share button . In the Sharing menu, find and tap to enable Nearby Sharing. Your Android device will start searching for nearby devices.

The person you are sharing files with must be relatively close and must click on the context menu that prompts them to become available for sharing. You and the person youre sharing documents with will be prompted to turn on Location Services and Bluetooth if available.

When they become available, click on their device name. Recipients must also accept the file sharing request. When done, youre ready! The file sharing process will begin, which will only take a few seconds, depending on the file size of your attachments.

Airdrop For Android

First, you need to check if your Android smartphone has the built-in Nearby Sharing feature. No need to install it on your smartphone. It will be displayed as soon as it is available on your device. If you want to check if you have Nearby Sharing, you can follow these steps:

If you have the Nearby Share feature on your device, you can easily proceed to the next steps. And of course, you can now send photos, videos and other files over the network. If this is your first time using this feature, you must first set up your device with AirDrop for Android. To do so, follow these steps:

Anyone in your contact list with nearby sharing enabled can see your Android device as visible when its unlocked or the home screen is on.

How To Use Airdrop On Android

Only selected contacts can see your Android device as visible when its unlocked or the home screen is on.

Google’s Airdrop Rival ‘nearby Share’ Finally Starts Rolling Out To Android Users

Your Android device will not appear as a publicly visible device unless Nearby Sharing is enabled. Suppose your Android device can detect someone nearby and Nearby Sharing is enabled. In this case, you will receive a notification asking you to launch Nearby Sharing to make your smartphone or tablet visible again.

When both users have enabled and configured Nearby Sharing, you can easily receive and send files, links, videos, and photos to people nearby. So, both of you should have Nearby Share feature on your Android devices. Otherwise, you will not get a successful file exchange.

If you are going to share files with someone, ask them to unlock theirs

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