How To Use Aeropress

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Add some coffee, pour water and its like magic - a sweet, bright and delicious cup of coffee.

How To Use Aeropress

How To Use Aeropress

In this article, I will not only show you how to use the AeroPress, but also teach you how to understand the AeroPress so you can make your own recipes.

Best Aeropress In Singapore For Coffee Lovers [2022 ]

To begin with, we will need a few pieces of equipment. The AeroPress, the filters, and the AeroPress vane come bundled, right there in that AeroPress hexagon box.

Some equipment from this list is not necessary. Scales you can do without if youre making coffee on the go and need to pack easily.

The same applies to the mill. You will always get the best flavor from freshly ground coffee, but you can also use pre-ground coffee if needed. If you do go this route, try to make sure your coffee has been pre-ground, preferably within the last few days.

Before you begin, the AeroPress coffee maker consists of 3 main parts. AeroPress brewing chamber, plunger and filter cover. The filter is inserted into the lower part and screwed to the cooking chamber.

How To Use An Aeropress

When the coffee is ready, we will use the immersion piece to push the coffee through the filter and into the cup. Super straight forward.

There are several common ways to use the AeroPress. You can use either method to make a delicious full cup of coffee.

The first is known as the standard or vertical method. When you look at the AeroPress, the default approach is the obvious way to use the AeroPress. With a flat base and a filter on the bottom that sits on top of your cup, ready to make a cup of coffee.

How To Use Aeropress

Well go into more detail on how to use the AeroPress in a standard configuration shortly, but the bottom line is this: take the AeroPress filter and place it in the cap. Screw the lid onto the AeroPress brewing chamber.

Aeropress In Depth Review

Now place the AeroPress on the cup. Add coffee and water. Stir and let the coffee brew for the selected time. Insert the AeroPress clip and press it down.

Every AeroPress World Champion (yes, thats a thing!) in the past 3 years has used their AeroPress in this format while competing.

It goes something like this: first put the filter on the bottom, rinse it and set it aside. Push the piston a few centimeters into the AeroPress. Then place the AeroPress on a bench or weights. At this point, the AeroPress will look a bit like a rocket ship ready for its big mission to Mars! Then add some coffee, then water. Mix with a spatula, twist the filter and wait.

When you are satisfied with the cooking time, place the cup on top and in one smooth motion turn the AeroPress and the cup upwards. Now dive in.

How To Make The Best, Smooth Cup Of Aeropress Coffee • The Healthy Toast

Everyone has their favorite way to use the AeroPress for one reason or another. I like to use the AeroPress in a standard configuration.

Because its a lot easier and Im less likely to make a big mess doing somersaults.

This is one of my favorite AeroPress recipes of all time. It uses medium-fine ground coffee, slightly coarser than espresso, and brews quite quickly. When I first learned to use the AeroPress, I experimented with hundreds of different times and particle sizes.

How To Use Aeropress

I have found that if the coffee particles are small, I can cook for less time and stir the coffee less. Likewise, if the grounds are larger, they can brew longer and can also stir the coffee more. Any format will allow you to get a great cup. You just need to find the right balance between time and grind size.

Getting Started With The Aeropress Coffee Maker

For the best cup of coffee, I recommend using a light to medium roast. The AeroPress really brings out all the sweetness of a medium roast and the brilliance of a light roast.

For this recipe, we will use a coffee grinder to grind the coffee and a set of scales to maintain accuracy. For those who play at home and dont have either, dont worry. You can use the AeroPress on its own and still make a killer cup of coffee.

First, measure out 18 grams of coffee beans. If you are not using a scale, use 3 tablespoons or 1¼ scoops of AeroPress.

Grind the coffee beans to a medium fineness, about the size of beach sand or table salt. If we make the coffee grounds too coarse, like in a French press, we wont get enough coffee.

How To Use An Aeropress

The resulting drink will be weak and without sweetness. If our substrate is too thin, we can block the filter.

Add a paper filter to the cap and screw it into place on the brew chamber. Place the brewing chamber over the mug and pour some hot water into it.

This will both preheat the AeroPress and clean the filter of any paper flavor. Discard the rinse water.

How To Use Aeropress

Place the AeroPress back on the cup and add the ground coffee. Align the coffee scoop by rocking the AeroPress slightly from side to side. Transfer the AeroPress and cup to your scale and container. Prepare the timer for work.

Master The Art Of Aeropress Coffee While Camping

Now we are ready to add water. We want to use water around 97°C. To do this, heat the water until it boils, then let it cool for about a minute if you dont have a thermometer.

Press Start on the timer and quickly fill the coffee with 250 g of water. If you are not using a scale, pour water up to the top of the number 4 on the cooking chamber, which will be about 250 grams.

Take the AeroPress paddle and stir the puree (I know it sounds gross, but puree is what we call when coffee and water go perfectly together).

Over-stirring will make the coffee more bitter and dry than we want. Dip the paddle into the AeroPress all the way to the bottom. Pull it toward you, then push it away, then pull it toward you again. Then take out. 3 shuffles is all we need now.

Surely It Cant Take 10 Seconds To Brew A Cup Of Coffee Like The Instructions Suggest.

At an angle, insert the plunger into the AeroPress, then gently pull it back. By pulling the immersion piece, you will create a seal, preventing premature coffee leakage. Let the coffee brew until the timer reaches 1 minute 30 seconds… Yes, wait and do nothing!

As soon as the timer reaches 1 minute 30 seconds, remove the plunger and stir the porridge 3 more times. Still. Then place the plunger in the brewing chamber and press down gently.

Keep pressing until the end. You will hear a hissing sound and you can continue pressing until all the coffee is gone or stop at the hissing; its more a matter of preference. You must fully complete the dive in 2 minutes.

How To Use Aeropress

If the immersion is too strong and takes much longer, you may have ground your coffee beans too close to espresso level. You have to be a little more rude.

Aeropress Brewing Guide

The AeroPress coffee maker is incredibly easy to clean. Simply unscrew the cap and push the plunger further to eject the coffee grounds.

Rinse the AeroPress with hot water to remove coffee grounds and oils. It all takes less than 30 seconds!

The best way to grind coffee for the AeroPress is on the medium fine setting. Select the texture of the table salt. Not as good as an espresso, but better than what you would do for a V60.

These numbers on the side correspond to the original AeroPress recipes included with the AeroPress. The idea is to add one scoop of AeroPress grounds and then fill the AeroPress brew chamber with water. Use two scoops and fill number two.

How To Make Aeropress Coffee

These recipes are designed to make strong, espresso-like AeroPress coffee. These numbers are a decent guide for people who dont know how to use the AeroPress without weights.

You can absolutely use pre-ground coffee in the AeroPress. While freshly ground roasts are always best, you cant beat the convenience of pre-ground beans when it comes to travel and when youre short on time.

If you use ground coffee, try to check if the roast date is newer. Pre-ground coffee that is more than a week old can taste stale.

How To Use Aeropress

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How To Use An Aeropress: Recipes, Tips & Tricks

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