How To Upload Heads On Graal

How To Upload Heads On Graal – So I wanted to upload my chapter and try a few variations of it to prove it. He gets turned down every time because they say they can’t allow full face masks.

Do not accept that chapter? Hmm, I just thought of an example of another option for you, maybe something like this would work? Let me know if it fits your fancy:

How To Upload Heads On Graal

How To Upload Heads On Graal

As far as I know, the reason is that “accessories” were recently added to the game. Shipping rules have changed for accessories (although very little has been added so far), including goggles, face masks, backpacks, swords, and more. The submission guidelines (and autoresponder system) have never (to my knowledge) been updated and really should be. The message you’re getting is from a system not working as intended on the player’s end because no action was taken to make it more “admin friendly” in the first place. Ideally, we should be able to work with admins who know the system to approve our content… but instead, we’re just blank cryptic “server” messages with little information about what actually needs to be fixed.

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For more help getting your content into the game, PM Jarace. He is an admin who has repeatedly said he wants to work to help players get their uploads in an acceptable state.

I see a lot of other players with face masks so the fact that yours got rejected is a bit strange, I guess it depends on who is uploading it honestly some staff care and some don’t.

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