How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee

How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee - If youve driven a late model vehicle in your life, youve probably noticed the eco button. Todays cars have a lot of settings and buttons, so knowing what they do can help you get the best possible driving performance. If youve ever wondered what the eco button is for, weve done some research to answer your question.

Eco is short for economical mode of operation. When engaged, this mode allows you to get the best fuel economy out of your car. It manages your engine efficiently to get the most out of your cars gas. Its a great way to save money in the long run.

How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee

How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee

To learn more about eco mode, including when you should use it, whether its bad for the engine, and whether you can drive in eco mode all the time, keep reading!

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Economy mode on your vehicle is essentially a way to reduce the load on your engine. When engaged, Eco Mode regulates the way your transmission works, slowing acceleration and enforcing other system restrictions to ensure your car gets the absolute best out of the fuel in the tank.

When you accelerate under natural conditions, the gas pedal responds to the amount of pressure you put on it and signals the engine that its time to work harder and get things going. This sudden acceleration requires more fuel and reduces the distance you can travel with the amount of gas in your tank. Similarly, when in normal mode, your transmission is going forward through all the gears when changing gears, it is not trying to work as efficiently as possible.

When youre in fuelless mode, your car is being told to run more efficiently and more deliberately instead of as fast as possible. For example, in economy mode, your vehicle will seem to take longer to respond when you press the gas pedal to accelerate. This is because the car is running at maximum fuel efficiency. It can do this by gradually increasing the speed, instead of all at once.

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You may also notice that the car drives differently when in economy mode. Its natural. When in economy mode, the transmission can completely skip first gear and shift more efficiently. This variable scheme does not make the engine work as hard as when it is not in economy mode.

Finally, when in economy mode, be aware that your air conditioner and other systems may not work well or turn off at certain times. This is normal. Your air conditioner makes the engine work harder and, as a result, it will be limited when the economy mode is engaged.

It is important to know when to use the eco button. While saving money on gas is attractive to everyone, proper use of economy mode is the best way to take advantage of it. Otherwise, you just press a button.

How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you tend to drive aggressively - quick acceleration, hard braking - the eco button may not be for you. If you drive like this regularly, you may feel that your car does not respond or perform well when the economy mode is engaged. You could be frustrated or angry with your car, which is never a good thing.

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However, if you dont spend a lot of time driving on the highway, if its not a particularly hot day, and if youre not an aggressive driver, the eco button may be just what you need to get the best gas mileage your vehicle has to offer.

When used correctly, the answer is definitely yes. By allowing your car to reduce power directed at certain systems and functions, you allow your car to go further with gas in the tank. The easiest way to make a correlation is to consider how your body reacts to exercise. When you run, you stress your body, heart and lungs. At some point, no matter how good you are, you will run out of energy. But if you reduce your running to running or walking, you can travel longer than if you were running all the time. Your car is the same way. By reducing the effort required by the engine, your car can travel further.

You may be wondering if you can damage your engine by using economy mode, especially if you spend a lot of time on the highway or tend to drive fast. The good news is that driving in economy mode does not harm your engine. However, it is again important to reiterate that if you are driving fast or braking aggressively, using economy mode will not be beneficial. Taking advantage of the system is the most important role you have to play. Pushing the button but not changing your behavior will have no long-term effect on fuel economy.

Driving in economy mode isnt always bad. As we mentioned, the feature is designed to benefit you while driving. When conditions permit, driving in economy mode is a good idea. However, highway driving and hot days are two conditions where running in economy mode will not benefit you.

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When you understand the benefits of economy mode, how it works and when to use it, you can get the most out of your cars gas. If you realize that your commute route, the way you drive, or the climate you live in are not conducive to using economy mode, then there is no point in pressing the eco button. Instead, maybe focus on driving slower, dont press the gas pedal so hard, and find ways to reduce the time you spend in traffic. These steps can be an effective way to increase fuel economy and fuel efficiency when economy mode is not an option for you.

For more information on features in your car, check out some of our other blogs here at: Driving today is not only a safe endeavor, but also friendly to our environment. From the time of day we choose our gas to the speed we drive our cars, many things play a role in preserving our Earth. Many modern cars have Eco Mode. Do you have Eco Mode? Want to learn more about this valuable feature? We invite you to continue reading!

Eco Mode is a term that indicates the economic mode of the vehicle. Once the driver presses the Eco Mode button, the function will change the specific characteristics of the car, while the driver moves the vehicle. Generally, Eco Mode is while driving, ensuring that most miles can be covered with just a gallon of fuel or just a liter of fuel. On the technical side, Eco Mode suppresses engine and transmission performance, reducing throttle response in an effort to increase fuel economy. As a result, the acceleration of the vehicle is less responsive - resulting in lower fuel consumption.

How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee

Eco mode should be designated for cars moving at lower speeds. For example, a trip to the grocery store, a trip around town to run a few errands, or a night out are great trips to use Eco Mode. Because acceleration is limited, Eco Mode is not a good idea for highway driving or long drives. In other words, if you live in Detroit, Michigan and have family in Chicago, Illinois, then Eco Mode is not a good idea.

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If you are a sane and sensible driver, you dont have to worry about Eco Mode damaging your engine. But if youre in eco mode and decide to get into drag racing, then you risk damaging your engine. It will overcompensate for minimal acceleration - ie press the gas pedal and pull into the wind - defeating the entire purpose of eco mode. Small, nice driving trips are ideal for Eco Mode. Save it and dont use it if youre participating in the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600

Completely! Why? Once your car is in Eco mode, your acceleration is slightly reduced and you save electricity and fuel! Not only is pressing the gas pedal quickly and deeply bad for your car during eco mode, but pressing the brakes hard is not good for your car either. Think of Eco Mode as the state your car should be in for a car trip not far from home. Put your car in Eco Mode and save money on gas and electricity. Switch it out of Eco mode for cross-country travel or fast driving.

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