How To Transfer Money From Vinted To Paypal

How To Transfer Money From Vinted To Paypal – Out with the old, in new me clothes 😊 Over the past two months, I’ve started using Vinted to buy and sell clothes. I am a skeptic and when I searched for information about Vinted I found many official articles. But I’d rather read blogs from people who aren’t paid to write positive stories about this platform. In this blog, I will tell you about the pros and cons that I have experienced so far. I am not paid to write this blog, although I will share an affiliate link. If you find this blog valuable and want to start using Vinted, if you decide to sign up, follow this affiliate link for a small fee.

I have been buying and selling second-hand items on the Dutch platform Marktplaats for several years. But in the last few years it’s harder to sell things, it’s harder to bargain and get a decent price because people fail. Bidding but not following up, asking too many questions but not making an offer will cause too much distraction in the process. Also, delivery is limited to the Dutch postal service, which is very expensive. There has to be a better way, right?

How To Transfer Money From Vinted To Paypal

How To Transfer Money From Vinted To Paypal

I’m tired of putting so much effort into drawing and writing descriptions for so little benefit. Joining local thrift stores has helped me replace some of my clothes, but there are always items that I feel are too expensive or have too much sentimental value to exchange or give away. The suit I wore to a job interview changed my life. A cocktail dress worn at the master’s graduation ceremony. Belly dance costumes with many happy memories of haffles and performances. And that’s when I noticed someone mentioned Vinted in a seller group on Facebook.

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A jacket that I kept because it was beautiful, I couldn’t give it away or exchange it because of its sentimental value

Until now, I’ve ignored Vinted’s many ads on TV and social media. So many hot women have told me it’s so easy and fun. I just didn’t buy it. But some of my friends on social media were very positive, so I gave it a try. I’ve posted four or five items on the Dutch site that I’ve been wanting to sell for a few months now.

My first experience with listing items is that it is very convenient and simple. You need to fill five categories that are very useful for customers. Brand, size, color, category and condition of the item. The clever thing is that Vinted automatically translates the sizes to universal sizes. I live in the Netherlands and our size system is different from France, Italy, UK and USA. By entering a Dutch size, the app automatically translates the sizes, so users in other countries can see if it fits. The app has a built-in language translator feature that makes it easy to find ads in other countries and ask and answer questions in other languages.

My first sale was a turkish belly dance costume to a dancer I contacted via Facebook within 24 hours of signing up for Vinted. Knowing me through Facebook helped me secure my first sale because I didn’t have any reviews on Vinted yet. I was shocked. Now I had to figure out how to continue selling. What about shipping and payment?

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As it turns out, Vinted also handles shipping and payment, and I see that as a huge plus for the app. There is nothing complicated with international bank transfers or PayPal. The buyer pays Vinted, Vinted holds the money while the item ships, and the seller receives the money in the Vinted wallet when the item arrives and everything is in order. If you want to transfer money to your bank account, you can click a button on the app and it’s done.

But what about delivery? As I said, sending packages with the Dutch postal agency is very expensive. In the Netherlands it is 8 euros, and in other EU countries it is between 20-30 euros. No wonder the buyer didn’t choose the Dutch postal system 😉 That’s how I found out about several other independent shipping options like Mondial Relay, DPD and Homerr. They offer much cheaper options for shipping goods internationally. Parcel shipping costs between €3-12.

Wait, how can they offer such low prices for their services? A fancy word is “eco-shipping” which is another way of saying they have fewer points to collect, using trucks that are already shipping to pick up packages and often delivering them to a collection point instead of the doorstep. delivery. Make sure you select the shipping options in your profile that you want to travel with. Cities probably have a collection point nearby, but in my city some of the collection points are too far for me to do so.

How To Transfer Money From Vinted To Paypal

My experience is that although it is relatively cheap, most packages reach their destination within a few days. I have only bought one item now and it has expired. I try to ship things as quickly as possible, so I often travel to various exotic pickup locations, such as gas stations and Middle Eastern food markets. Everything is within ten to fifteen minutes by bike, so it’s also good for my health.

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The customer chooses which company to use, and the Vinted app generates shipping labels and shipping instructions. It’s also an easy way to track your packages. Sometimes you need to print a label, and I recommend getting a printer at home to speed up this process. Other times, the app will give you a cr code to scan at the entrance. Anyway, it takes some getting used to, but it’s very easy to use and easy to find in your inbox in the app.

The customer collects the item and indicates in the application that the item has been received and matches the description. They can leave their feedback and in return you can give them feedback. And just like that, my first transaction went through and I was hooked. It was a very convenient way to sell things and I was able to reach a much larger audience through the app. But there are disadvantages, which I will tell you about later.

Selling items on Vinted is free, but as we all know, they have to make money somehow. The cool thing is that customers pay a small fee when they buy something from you. You won’t notice it because the payment goes directly to Vinted, but between one or two euros per product sold. Prices are usually much lower on Vinted. Because sellers have to add shipping and the Vinted fee, sometimes they charge 15 euros for the product and you only get the fixed price of 10 euros. As a result, the prices at Vinted are lower to keep the clothes affordable. There is an opportunity to trade or offer lower and as a result I sold the items for a few euros. Communication around the bargain was excellent as it was set up. I haven’t received any nasty comments or strange price requests.

Another catch is the Vintage Wallet. As the money accumulates in your wallet, you can use it to send money to your account or to buy other things on Vinted. It’s very, very clever and I totally fell for it. The low price makes it very attractive to buy clothes with the money in your wallet. I’ve had great deals and customer experience so far 😃 The more items I put up for sale, the more time I spend browsing the app to find new items I can buy and pay Vinted for my purchases. . That’s how Vinted makes money. But I can say that for now I’m very happy with Vinted because the customer protection, payment and shipping system is great.

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Cute blouse, I bought it from Vinted because it caught my eye and it was so affordable

When I searched for reviews, I found many scam stories on Vinted. There is no doubt that there are scammers out there who try to get a good deal on Vinted and then complain when the item arrives. This often happens with designer items (the buyer claims a fake brand) or high-end items (the buyer claims it was damaged). So far I have not experienced any scams, but I do not sell designer items. Expensive

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