How To Transfer Candy Crush To New Phone

How To Transfer Candy Crush To New Phone – If you click on the link and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission. Check out our editorial policy. has an amazing growth story on Facebook, releasing its first Facebook game in April 2011. According to AppData, now has 49 million MAUs (average monthly users), making it the second largest social gaming company on Facebook after Zynga (302 million MAUs). Electronic Arts came in third with 37 million followed by Wooga with 36.8 million. Zynga has 48 million DAU (Daily Active User) users, followed by with 11.7 million.

How To Transfer Candy Crush To New Phone

How To Transfer Candy Crush To New Phone

The company is now looking to replicate Facebook’s success on mobile platforms, announcing last week that its latest mobile game, Candy Crush Saga, will be released for iOS.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Talks to CEO and co-founder Ricardo Zacconi in San Francisco as celebrates the game’s launch. We spoke with him about’s strategy for success on social media and mobile, and why some other companies struggle., founded in 2003, is the go-to place for casual games on the web. The company has spent years building a line of casual games that appeal to a loyal audience. released its first game for Facebook in April 2011 when the company came under interrogation. “We were told, ‘Look, the social game is no more. There is a winner and that’s it. Why did you start in April 2011? Too late”. We said we don’t think it’s too late,” Zach said. Koni said. “Now it turns out that we were right, because there are a huge number of users who like to play simple and easy games.”

Zacconi believes that he has a huge portfolio of games: has 150 different games, and he gradually brings the most successful games to Facebook and then to mobile platforms. “We launched Bubble Witch Saga, and now that we’ve introduced this style of play, 80 million people are suddenly playing other shooters,” Zacconi said. “We are introducing different categories; there will be more soon.”

Zynga’s problems are well known, and EA has just acknowledged that their social game audience has drastically declined over the past year. However, Zacconi does not see the decline of social gaming. He proves his point by looking at the demographics of his audience. “The gaming market is divided into different demographic groups,” Zacconi explained. “There is a core group, mostly women between the ages of 25 and 45, who play casual games. If you define casual games in the broadest sense, then resource management games are a category of casual games. There are many categories of casual games;

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Zacconi continued, “There are also sub-genres, there are other demographics that play other games that are not mainstream. They are more niche, but with high monetization. For example, hardcore games are dominated by male demographics. Play. This is demographics. So what happened? On the one hand, genres are more diverse on Facebook, because now there are hardcore games with Kixeye and Kabam. Kixeye is one of the best monetizers, and in fact, there are only about 1 million DAUs, because, for example. in terms of influence, but in terms of monetization, yes.

Zacconi then targeted the largest segment of the market. “And then there’s the mainstream, the players who play the Ville games, the resource management games. That’s where you see the big numbers. There are some changes there. Why? Because games are the world of entertainment. the place you need A world that offers new excitement, new variety. What happens if you watch the same movie every time? It’s getting boring, isn’t it? After you show the sixth edition of the resource management game, there will be various changes, boring.”

Zacconi’s strategy was to get players to get tired of the game and move on to another game. “We are very concerned about the condition of our population,” Zacconi said. “We’re not focused on developing hardcore games,” says Zacconi, the key to success is the nature of the gaming business. “Games are a business based on hits. If someone tells you something else, it is a lie. How can you prove that the business is on the hits? not as interesting as those that come out today. The only other way to create hits or prove your worth is to release tons of games. Some games work, others don’t. This is what we do. We launched a lot of We launch these games online and that’s where we define core gameplay, best gameplay, hits, and then we spend more time and resources to bring those games to Facebook and mobile.”

How To Transfer Candy Crush To New Phone

Zacconi believes that the website is critical to the success of’s Facebook and mobile games. “We have 11 million unique players online,” Zacconi said. “If you look at our demographics as a pyramid, at the top of the pyramid are avid casual gamers. They play on because the games are so intense, so competitive; players play for hours. really important – if these heavy gamers who really understand the world of casual games, because they play everywhere, on all sites – if these ladies like these games, then these games will attract the opportunity for these games. A large audience of players who are not heavyweights very much, very high.”

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“Monetization on the iPad is actually twice as fast as on the iPhone” Riccardo Zacconi

Zacconi also found significant differences in how people play games on smartphones and tablets. “What we’ve seen, the data I’m talking about now, the statistics show that players who play games on the iPad play more games than players who play games on the iPhone for longer. The reason is that when you use an iPhone, you are probably somewhere on the road, and this is a limited space in time. When you have an iPad, you are probably at home, you are more relaxed, you have more time.”

More important than the difference in play time is the difference in monetization between platforms. “Facebook monetization is good, iPhone monetization is very good, so we are very pleased with the results,” Zacconi said. “Monetization on the iPad is actually twice as high as on the iPhone. I think the reason is that they play longer.”

Zacconi believes that the nature of the Facebook platform has changed over the past year. “If you think Facebook is the place to find your favorite games, the product is much better now than it was a year or two ago,” Zacconi said. “The quality of production has improved, the level of graphics, the depth of the game has become very, very high, and the variety has increased. Now there are not only women’s resource management games, but a wide variety of games for every taste. Facebook has also expanded its reach and now has over 1 billion users.”

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Zacconi realized that Facebook’s improvement in the quality of its games meant that had to spend more time developing its games to reach this level of quality. “Yes, it takes a long time,” Zacconi admits. “We don’t care when the game is released, we only care if it meets’s quality standards. We want to create a brand that represents a high quality game. The only way to build a brand is to be “We know what King’s next game will be. The game will be of high quality, and if you liked the last game, there is a good chance that you will like the next one as well. “

After all, Zacconi believes that the key to’s success is its focus on top-notch casual games. “If you want to fight all the fights, you won’t fight in the end,” Zacconi said.’s most popular Facebook game, Candy Crush Saga, has almost 5 million daily active players and will launch on all iOS devices this November and on Android before Christmas. The game will offer full sync with Facebook, allowing players with leaderboards, scores, progress and virtual goods to work seamlessly across both platforms. After seeing the launch trailer, you’ve finally got the new smartphone you’ve been dreaming about. But there is a question: how to transfer content from an old phone to a new one?

How To Transfer Candy Crush To New Phone

Read on to learn how to successfully transfer your favorite games.

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