How To Target Doctors On Facebook

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It’s a situation marketers in every industry face: You create the perfect social media ad campaign with the right offer, enough budget, and a great message, only to be disappointed with the results if you don’t know how to target students. facebook ads

How To Target Doctors On Facebook

How To Target Doctors On Facebook

This can happen for a number of reasons, but when it comes to Facebook ads, the problem often boils down to targeting. The targeting options on the social media giant’s ad platform are so varied and specific that it can be easy to make a mistake and target your campaign to the wrong audience.

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If your school has been struggling to find the right audience for your Facebook ads, read on to learn how to do it right.

Believe it or not, much of a good Facebook ad targeting strategy is built before you even start looking at your opportunities on the platform. In short, you need to have a clearly defined target audience for your campaigns before you start. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself dealing with a myriad of potential targeting parameters and wondering which ones will produce the best results for your school.

Instead, you should discuss with your team in advance and design the characteristics of your target, so that you just need to match the audience of your school’s Facebook ads to what you intended.

For best results, you should aim for as many details as possible. Consider going beyond simple demographic, geographic, and educational parameters to consider things like your prospect’s outside interests and hobbies, what publications they might read online, and even their digital habits, such as device usage and browsing behavior. Factors like these allow you to take full advantage of Facebook’s laser-focused audience parameters.

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Demographics are clearly defined and demonstrable categories of the population into which a person may fall. Demographic parameters for Facebook ads start with three basic settings.

These should be easy to set up once you’ve clearly defined your target persona. One thing to keep in mind is that if you plan to run ads in a language other than your native language, you may want to create a landing page in that language as well. Potential customers who click on an ad in their native language assume that the page they land on is in the same language and are less likely to convert if it isn’t.

An example. Created by the American English College, this Korean language landing page aims to attract potential people who want to learn English by encouraging them to convert in a language they are familiar with.

How To Target Doctors On Facebook

In addition to these basic categories, there are also several different demographics that can help you identify the audience for your Facebook ads.

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When it comes to targeting students in Facebook ads, education level and field of study would be most relevant, but others can also be useful. Work-related fields such as job title and industry can be useful for schools that target working students, such as business schools or schools that offer career development courses.

In the meantime, K-12 schools want to explore potential parent targeting options that allow you to specifically target parents of children in different age groups.

One area of ​​your targeting that you must get right is placement. Facebook’s location-based targeting ranges from larger catchment areas such as cities, countries, and even continents, to more precise targeting based on a zip code or even a radius of a specific address. Additionally, you can choose to target all people currently in that location, including people who live there, people who are visiting, or people who were there recently.

This abundance of options can be both a blessing and a curse for schools when it comes to creating Facebook ads. Agencies of all kinds often make the mistake of setting their parameters too wide or too narrow, or simply make a small mistake that leads to their ads being served in the wrong market.

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For example, a business school might target its ads to a specific country, but see them in rural areas where users are unlikely to consider this type of education. For this industry, a better approach would be for students to target specific cities with Facebook ads.

Example: An audience built on Facebook ads focused on the top 5 European cities with a potential reach of 11.9-14 million people. Notice how you can set the targeting radius to within a certain number of kilometers from each location.

In general, the more specific you can be about your location, the better. Targeting several specific cities or even country regions that are likely to contain interested leads will give you a much better chance of conversion than targeting a single country or an entire continent. While it may seem like you’re limiting your potential reach, you’re actually increasing your chances of success.

How To Target Doctors On Facebook

Interest-based targeting is where the amount of detail you put into defining your persona really starts to pay off. You can target people who have demonstrated an interest in specific areas covered by your programs or courses, related industries and fields, or other hobbies or preferences that may be typical of your target audience.

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An example. These interest-based beauty targeting options can be very useful for esthetics schools to target potential students who are interested in topics related to the programs they offer.

An important caveat is that these are only things that users have shown interest in while browsing Facebook. The criteria that the platform uses to define interests are based on, among other things, the user’s declared likes and interests, the applications they have used and the pages they have interacted with.

Arguably, this can limit its effectiveness for schools, as a customer who is interested in your course or field of study may not express it on a social network. For example, a potential language school student may not have specifically liked a page related to learning English, or may not have mentioned dropping out as an interest. That said, adding a few interest-based fields to your Facebook ads can definitely come in handy when targeting students.

The parameters for behavioral targeting are much more specific, and the many possible fields may be a bit redundant for your school’s social media ads. Options such as consumer rating, purchase behavior, and anniversary events are more tailored to e-commerce advertisers and may not be relevant to your organization.

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However, there may be some parameters depending on the specific courses and goals of your school. For example, an expat field that allows you to target foreigners who have moved to the country from elsewhere can be very useful for a language school to create a campaign that targets local potential customers.

Device usage can also be especially important to consider when creating a campaign, as it helps you match your audience to where you plan to place your ads on the Facebook network.

Speaking of which, location can be one of the most important targeting parameters in your ad campaigns. For starters, learning about your audience’s digital browsing habits can be very helpful when creating campaigns. You need to consider whether they are likely to use mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops or all of the above.

How To Target Doctors On Facebook

Additionally, Facebook’s ad network has expanded to include other company platforms such as Instagram and Messenger, so it’s important to your ad’s success to ensure you’re choosing platforms your potential customers are likely to be active on. Facebook strategy.

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It’s also important to consider which features and areas of these platforms your potential customers are likely to visit and use. For example, the Reels feature has become increasingly popular across all Facebook platforms, but most users are younger, and older audiences are naturally slower to adopt the new feature. If your school recruits more mature students, this may not be the best place to reach them.

You should also look around the web for more niche areas where your ad could run, such as Facebook Marketplace or even Facebook Watch if you’re considering video ads. Find out if your target audience is likely to use these features.

Example: Below is a Facebook ad from Language Systems International in various formats including Facebook classifieds, Instagram classifieds, Facebook stories and Instagram stories. Using multiple advertising platforms like Stories helps them reach a younger audience.

If you’re looking to create remarketing campaigns to target potential customers who have already shown interest in your school, Custom Audiences in Facebook Ads offers you many options. A good starting point would be to look at users who have interacted with your school online in the past, whether by visiting your page, liking or commenting on a post, sending you a message, or clicking on a link you’ve posted.

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You can also go outside of Facebook and create a custom audience based on that

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