How To Take Off Bite Turbos At Home

How To Take Off Bite Turbos At Home - Many people may know that braces can correct a deep bite - but many have no idea how it works.

In this article, we will show you in detail how to fix a deep overbite with staples. We will do this by discussing 3 specific ways that deep bites are corrected with braces. We show you before and after photos of real patients who have had their deep bite corrected. That way, theres no more mystery surrounding braces and their function to correct your bite and give you a happy, healthy smile.

How To Take Off Bite Turbos At Home

How To Take Off Bite Turbos At Home

Before we talk about how to correct a deep bite, lets first define what a deep bite is.

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An underbite (sometimes called a deep bite) means that the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth too much. The picture below is a good example.

You may be wondering what excessive overlap means - generally speaking, perfect overlap means that the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth by 2 mm.

So any time a bite overlaps more than 2 mm, orthodontists consider it a deep bite or deep bite.

You might be wondering why orthodontists consider a deep bite such a problem - after all, people cant clearly see that teeth overlap.

Braces Open Mouth Smile Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

The appearance of a deep bite does not bother us. The real issue is the long-term damage a deep bite can do to your oral health. Over time, if you have a deep bite, you will cause excessive wear on the front teeth. This can lead to damage, breakage and the need for expensive restorative dental treatment.

There are many ways to correct a deep bite or underbite, but in this article we will discuss three of the most common methods used at Premier Orthodontics in correcting our patients deep bite.

The first type of overbite we will discuss is the soft underbite. The patient shown in this picture is a good example of a soft deep bite - you can see that his upper teeth overlap the lower teeth quite a bit, but overall they look very good.

How To Take Off Bite Turbos At Home

If we put braces on his upper and lower teeth, you can imagine that he would have a tendency to bite down on the lower braces due to the deep bite.

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Correcting this type of deep bite during the braces process requires a combination of braces and bite pads.

Bite pads (or sometimes called bite turbos) are small dental composite pads placed over the teeth that allow the bite to open and the brackets to be placed securely and firmly.

These bite pads are often blue in color to make them easier to remove once the braces are done. You can notice from the photo above that by placing the bite pad, the patient does not have to worry about biting the lower brackets. The back teeth are also separated by a small amount; Over time, these teeth gradually grind together.

By placing bite pads on the front teeth and letting the back teeth move together, this is usually all you need to correct a soft deep bite.

Clinical Stages Of Applying The Bite Turbos.

These bite pads are usually placed at the same time as the braces and are removed for later treatment once the bite has been corrected.

With the patient we showed earlier, you can see that the braces with bite pads helped bring his teeth together and correct his overlapping front teeth and deep bite.

This patient shown in this photo is a good example of a moderately deep bite. You can notice that the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth to a great extent (much more than in our last example).

How To Take Off Bite Turbos At Home

To correct a moderately deep bite, we use a splint to separate the back teeth in the same way as it is used to correct a mild deep bite. In this case, we also use elastics to help pull the back teeth.

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As you can see in the picture above, the back teeth do not touch when the bite is in place. To help these back teeth come together quickly, we ask the patient to put a rubber band from the upper teeth to the lower back teeth. This helps pull those teeth down and correct the deep bite.

Also, if the patient has a more severe deep bite, the Bite Turbo can be used instead of the Bite Pad. Bite Turbo are similar to bite pads, but are attached to the front teeth instead.

An example of a Bite Turbo can be seen in the animation below (Please note that the Bite Turbo used in our office is usually made of clear dental composite, not metal as shown in the animation. We find that clear dental composite is less visible. )

Like Bite Pads, Bite Turbo can be used in conjunction with rubber bands to correct more moderate or severe underbites.

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In the patient example we showed earlier, he was treated with bite pads, elastics, and braces. This treatment resulted in a huge improvement in his deep bite.

As you can see from the photos, the upper teeth completely overlap the lower teeth. The upper teeth actually bite into the lower gums, while the lower teeth bite into the roof of the mouth.

Aesthetically this does not look good, but functionally it can cause serious damage to the gingival and palatal tissues as well as damage to the teeth after enough time.

How To Take Off Bite Turbos At Home

To correct severe underbites, we usually start with braces, bite pads or Bite Turbo and rubber bands (same as correcting moderately deep bites). This protocol will take us a long way in the deep bite correction process.

What Is A Bite Turbo?

But after this treatment, if it is decided that we need more bite correction, we can add a Forsus Spring appliance to correct the deep bite.

Forsus springs help correct a deep bite by pushing the lower teeth forward and down and the upper teeth back and up.

The patient shown earlier was treated with brackets, bite pads, and force springs, and you can see the extent of deep bite correction achieved by the treatment.

If you think you or your child may need braces to correct a deep bite, the best place to start is with a free consultation with your local orthodontist.

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Premier Orthodontics has 6 locations in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Maricopa, Casa Grande and Glendale and offers braces and Invisalign in the surrounding areas.

Schedule your free braces or Invisalign consultation or read our comprehensive braces cost guide. (Were very transparent about our process and our pricing, as youll see in this guide.)

You can schedule a 100% free consultation and find out if clear braces are the best choice for you. At first, your braces may feel like theyre sticking out or your mouth is full. This is normal. As you get used to your braces, this feeling will go away. Even if the braces are round, you may find it helpful to use wax around the braces that cause irritation until your cheeks harden. If your supply of wax runs out, you can stop by our office to pick up more.

How To Take Off Bite Turbos At Home

You will feel some discomfort 4-6 hours after the braces are placed. Some teeth may be tender and sensitive to pressure, making chewing difficult. This pain subsides within the first week. You may need to take ibuprofen or Tylenol

Overbite Before And After Braces

(or whatever you usually take for a headache). Additionally, rinsing with warm salt water can help relieve tooth and gum pain.

It is important to understand that you need to take great care of your teeth during treatment. We appreciate your brushing every visit. Our ratings are scaled

If 4 points are consecutive, we reserve the right to discontinue treatment until reason is controlled.

Visit the family dentist every 6 months for regular cleanings and checkups. If you would like us to remove the wires before your dental visit, please call us a few weeks in advance to schedule an appointment.

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You can place the Bite Turbo on the biting surface of the back teeth or behind the upper front teeth. These turbines are placed to prevent your upper teeth from biting into the brackets of your lower teeth, or to keep your upper and lower teeth separated so that your teeth move faster. Byte Turbo takes some getting used to. If the turbo comes loose, please contact our office.

Often, braces become dislodged due to chewing forces. Thats why its important to stick to a gentle diet and let us know if the Bite Turbo comes off and you bite a bracket. Braces also loosen when teeth become wet with saliva during braces. It is difficult to maintain complete dryness during the fitting process of some oral braces. Email

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