How To Take Apart Elf Bar Bc5000

How To Take Apart Elf Bar Bc5000 – Geek Bar and Elf Bar are two great brands of exhaust vapes. Products built with high quality by leading manufacturers have become the most popular and sought after products. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, manufacturers and sellers have started to release fake products. While this is a big concern for us as consumers, you, the consumers, are the most vulnerable group. In short, counterfeit devices can be used due to issues such as weak or unsafe devices, leaky water bottles, and e-liquids that are not approved by the MHRA. In the long run, the amount of bad press could see the market for illegal drugs shrink, thus reducing consumer choice. However, this blog will not include marketing content. Instead, it gives you a simple but detailed guide; How to determine if the product you are holding is the genuine article. We will walk you through the design and analysis of original Geek Bar and Elf Bar packaging, including barcode and holographic seal stickers. This way you can quickly and confidently check the legitimacy of your product.

One of the first ways to determine if your Geek Bar or Elf Bar is single-use is to simply look at the packaging. While counterfeits often appear in the box as the real thing, there are some tell-tale signs that can help separate the wheat from the chaff. It should be noted that due to the prevalence of fakes, there is no “perfect” fraud strategy. This means that after showing you how to spot a scam, we’ll show you how it actually works.

How To Take Apart Elf Bar Bc5000

How To Take Apart Elf Bar Bc5000

The first sign of a Geek Bar product is the original laminated box, although fakes are rare. It should be easy to see, but it can be detected by a simple touch test; that is, you can feel the lamination with your finger. It is important to note that Geek Bar has updated its packaging to avoid counterfeit products. However, some of their old bags still remain; therefore, if you have a box that does not meet the new design standards, it may be illegal. Below is what both sides of the Geek Bar box look like.

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Like Geek Bar, Elf Bar also plans to introduce new packaging. However, even though it is not yet released, we have provided the relevant details for the current package. As mentioned, since the Geek Bar and Elf Bar cheats can differ in style and design, we have provided you with full details on the appropriate boxes. So you can compare your box with the details above for quick confirmation. Knowing what the real thing looks like makes it easier to spot the differences in counterfeits, such as altered or misplaced labels.

A sign that you know something is fake can be the barcode on the box. With Elf Bar products, it’s easy; they have one EAN barcode that you can find on the side of the box next to the holographic sticker. There are many barcodes for the Geek Bar. For new packages, the EAN barcode can be seen at the bottom. On the side of the box where the hologram is placed, there is a double section with the expiration date and the barcode number. Older packages have three layers on one side of the box. Fake Geek Barboxes have the EAN barcode on the side, but they lack the expiration and serial numbers. Often, there is a sticker that looks like a serial number, but no barcode.

Both Geek Bar and Elf Bar have holographic stickers, a convenient way to ensure that the products are authentic. The holograph for the Elf Bar is very detailed and you can find a full overview of this on their official website. The main feature to note is the QR code; Checking will take you directly to their “Verify” page and automatically enter your unique verification code for verification. At Geek Bar, there are fewer fakes. Geek Bar products also use a holographic sticker, but some fake versions try to copy it as well. One side of the Geek Barstick is the trash section; below that, you’ll find the product security code, which you can check on the Geek Bar product verification page. However, you don’t have to use a pinning tool for Geek Bar. Although fraudsters have tried to copy the sticker and piece of junk, they lacked the original hologram, which should have a clearly visible capital G.

Finally, you can verify the legitimacy of Geek Bar and Elf Bar disposable vape products using the unique security code of a device. For the Geek Bar, tap the “Scratch and Check” section below the hologram to reveal the code. Install using this tool. For the Elf Bar, scan the QR code on the holographic sticker. Go to the Elf Bar verification page and enter the code below the QR code; or simply scan the QR code and it will automatically take you there. In addition to these security codes, all vaporizer products sold in the UK and EU have what is known as an ECID (European Community Identification). An ECID is a unique identifier assigned to products for regulatory purposes. For the Geek Bar, you can find the ECID on the back of the package near the advice labels and the ingredients list. The Elf Bar box has an ECID on the side of the box with manufacturer and importer information. In the UK, the regulator for vaping products is the MHRA, which has an online tool for checking ECIDs. Just enter your phone’s ECID on this page and you’re good to go. If the ECID gives a different result or no result, it means that the product you bought has not been regulated and is therefore not a legal product for the UK or EU market.

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As a company, we work to make the UK smoke-free and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We want everyone to have the safest and most enjoyable vaping experience; That’s why we only sell genuine premium products that we buy directly from UK manufacturers and authorized dealers. We take the problem of counterfeit goods very seriously and our only goal is to make sure that every customer knows all the facts. With that in mind, we have a blog that explores more about the safety and legality of exhaust vapes. Are Geek Bars Safe? Elf Bars but you need a little guidance, check out our handy roundup of the top 5 flavors of Geek Bar and Elf Bars and our Elf Bar & Geek Bar Review.

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