How To Stop Sucking Tongue

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People with a round tongue have a tongue that is edged, carved, or tongue. Scalloping is most visible on the outside of the tongue.

How To Stop Sucking Tongue

How To Stop Sucking Tongue

The condition is rarely painful or a sign of more serious complications, but knowing the cause of a scalloped tongue can help prevent or treat the underlying condition.

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A scalloped tongue can be the result of macroglossia, which is inflammation or abnormal enlargement of the tongue. It can be a symptom of another condition that does not enlarge the tongue.

If the condition causes compression of the tongue against the teeth, the tilt of the tongue will result. Scalloping can be caused by a variety of things, including:

Better known as bad habits, parafunctional activities are considered the main cause of tongue festoons. Bad habits include teeth grinding, cheek sucking, and tooth extraction.

Many things can cause people to engage in parafunctional activities, such as stress, sleep disturbances, systemic diseases, poor alignment of teeth or tooth loss, and trauma.

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The immune system causes inflammation in response to infection, injury, and allergens. Certain reactions will cause swelling of the tongue.

A bald tongue can occur when the body does not get enough of certain vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins, which can cause tongue enlargement.

Dehydration can cause swelling, which can cause the tongue to protrude into the mouth and dents in the teeth.

How To Stop Sucking Tongue

Smoking also increases the risk of dehydration, a factor that can affect the likelihood of developing tongue folds.

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Injuries or chronic conditions involving the temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw to the skull can cause tongue twisters.

People with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) may develop tongue indentation due to dehydration, grinding of teeth, or because the tongue pushes against lower teeth to accommodate misaligned joints.

A loose tongue can be a sign of sleep apnea. Some studies suggest this may occur because the body retains more water when oxygen is lacking, which in turn causes fluid swelling in the head, neck, and tongue.

An examination of more than 1,000 Japanese adults found a higher prevalence of moderate and severe intermittent hypoxia (NIH), the main sign of sleep apnea, in those with a scalloped tongue.

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Some infiltrative conditions (conditions that cause an accumulation of abnormal cells or tissue) are also known to cause a scalloped tongue.

Many medical conditions that are considered risk factors for tongue ulcers are hereditary or hereditary. Many congenital malformations are also thought to cause tongue twisters directly or indirectly.

A peeled tongue generally does not cause any major symptoms. However, it may be related to an underlying condition, which may be causing the symptoms.

How To Stop Sucking Tongue

Recommended treatment for scalloped tongue depends on the cause. For severe cases caused by genetics, inflammation, or infiltrative conditions, surgery may be necessary to restore the shape of the tongue.

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Scalloped tongue caused by serious conditions, such as tuberculosis and cancer, requires treatment of the underlying condition.

Depending on the cause, there may be more natural ways to treat or reduce tongue symptoms.

In general, it is best for anyone with tongue pain to seek medical attention, especially if they have experienced long-term or painful symptoms.

It is very important to see a doctor if symptoms do not improve if habits, such as grinding teeth, stop, or if symptoms do not respond to hydration and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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The presence of a scalloped tongue can help doctors identify and diagnose other medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels).

Doctors can also help identify or evaluate habits that may be causing the condition, such as grinding teeth, or refer them to a specialist.

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How To Stop Sucking Tongue

As with everything about sex and kissing, French kissing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – some people find closed-mouth kisses more pleasurable. You do you. And if you love French kissing — or you want to try it for the first time — you might want to make sure you do.

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In the end, it’s all about what you and your partner like, French kissing is an art, and you’ll want to avoid common pitfalls like the dreaded “lizard tongue” (quickly fletting your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth) or accidentally. your teeth together.

If done well, French kissing is “a real part of the mouth that can increase foreplay and excitement,” Andréa Demirjian, kissing expert and author

, said Whether you are French kissing your partner at the end of the date, spend time in the long make out sesh, or add French kissing to meet sexually, here are some techniques to try.

You don’t want to hit your partner with the “tonsil tongue,” especially at the beginning of a French kiss. Open your mouth and gently touch your tongue to your partner’s tongue, moving gently. “The tongue is a very strong muscle – it just needs to be used well,” Demirjian said. “Stay flexible and gentle.”

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Imagine your tongue as a sexy cartographer and your partner’s mouth as uncharted territory. Move your tongue slowly around your partner’s mouth, touching the entire tongue, as well as the inside of the cheek and the roof of the mouth. Do this “to look for something that can bring you more pleasure and happiness (and then focus on it for a while),” says Demirjian.

Imagine French kissing as a type of dance. “Tongues can flow in tandem, dancing the ‘tongue tango’ with equal passion and kindness,” Demirjian said. “It can be a great experience of mutual passion, where you feel lost in a great ocean of pleasure.”

Move your tongue against each other to really lift yourself up personally. That way, “you really get the 411 taste, smell, and smell,” Demirjian says.

How To Stop Sucking Tongue

Start the French Kiss slowly, to see how your partner reacts. As the kiss becomes more powerful, you can become more powerful.

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Another way to increase the intensity of a French kiss is by gently sucking on your partner’s tongue before releasing it. Sucking should be gentle and quick, at least to begin with. See how your partner reacts, and go from there.

Let your partner take control and follow the lead. If French kissing is part of a reunion or sex, you and your partner can also lead.

During the make out sesh, alternate between french kisses and closed mouth kisses, and throw in some neck kisses as well. If your partner likes it, use your teeth to bite their neck or lower lip. And don’t forget about your hands. “Hold your partner’s face or caress their hair, neck, or body, like when kissing without tongue,” says Demirjian.

The options here are endless. If you are French kissing as part of a larger sexual encounter, you can return to French kissing after nipple play or oral sex. And whether you’re having penetrative or non-penetrative sex, any face-to-face position can also involve French kissing. The beauty of French kissing is that it can add to any sexual encounter – but it’s hot on its own, too.

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How To Stop Sucking Tongue

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