How To Start Your Own Valet Trash Business

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How To Start Your Own Valet Trash Business

How To Start Your Own Valet Trash Business

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Valet Trash & Recycling Reporting App Services

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How To Start Your Own Valet Trash Business

Thank you for asking about waste and recycling in your city. Clean & Green Disposal Services is a trusted national company with locations in many states. As you know, we serve the greater Cincinnati area, including Bellevue and many of your neighbors in KY.

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We welcome the opportunity to partner with Bellevue and expand our service area to include the growing community. We believe that our concept is well defined and will meet or exceed all your expectations and requirements. We invite you to the meeting on October 15. Thank you for your attention and trust in Clean & Green Disposal Services.

Clean and Green Removal Services welcomes the opportunity to offer its services to the City of Bellevue, KY. According to information provided by your Mayor and City Council, the proposed site is approximately six square miles and has approximately 6,700 residents and 3,250 families. As most of these households have at least 2,800 contracts for our kerbside collection and recycling services, we would like to add your community to our existing service area. As we currently work in the surrounding communities, there will be a slight delay before we can serve your community after signing the contract with the city.

Clean and Green Removal Services is a recognized quantity in the area, having been in business in Cincinnati for over 30 years. Our record of reliability and quality service is outstanding. We will meet soon to enter into a service agreement and provide our citizens with a greener, greener community in Bellevue, KY.

As rural communities shrink, not every citizen can simply bury or burn waste, and it is impractical to expect everyone to take waste to the local landfill. Like all growing communities, Bellevue, KY now has a need and demand for a curbside landfill. Clean and Green Removal Services is here to help.

Valet Waste: How It Works

We are headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. We are excited to expand our service to our neighbors in Bellevue across the state line. We plan to provide the following waste management services to your community. Residential Trash provides a free heavy-duty 60-gallon lidded trash can to each customer.

Our wheelie bins and handles make it easy for any resident to move to the curb for a lift. These powerless torches are specially designed for efficient lifting and emptying on clean and environmentally friendly disposal trucks using mechanical levers. While they can easily hold up to 100 pounds of household waste, customers can load a small amount of waste into one of their flashlights each week.

Edge plans include weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options. Dumpsters For businesses, we offer weekly or bi-weekly pickup schedules with capacities ranging from 1 yard to 8 yards. If your dumpster is not easily accessible, our drivers can accommodate your custom dumpster for an additional fee. Dumpsters or large landfill items can be removed from your sites.

How To Start Your Own Valet Trash Business

Please call our office for schedule and pricing. Yard and Food Waste Disposal Residential and commercial customers are encouraged to request yard and food waste disposal, which is collected every two weeks and transported to our composting site. Last year, our communities of clean and green waste management services produced over 5,000 tonnes of rich compost for local gardens. Special Event Waste Management When any organization hosts a large event, additional trash cans, trash cans, and recycling containers are needed.

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Clean and Green Removal Services can be scheduled to deliver appropriate containers and remove all containers and trash prior to your event. Please call our office for schedule and pricing. Remove unsightly and unsanitary waste from your community by signing up for cleaning and eco-friendly waste management services.

Check out Recycle to find out what we’re doing to help your community and planet Earth at the same time. We are a full service moving company. If you want it to go away, we can make it happen. We offer the following services.

Residential and Commercial Garbage and Recycling Collection and Drop-off This service can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or monthly, and we can also arrange special trucks outside of scheduled truck trips. Rubbish and Excess Disposal If you have old car tires that you can’t take to the dump, or if you’re cleaning up an abandoned house for construction, give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you. For larger conference trash and recycling events, Clean & Green Disposal Services can provide the appropriate type of trash cans before your event and pick them up after. Large container and dumpster rental for temporary use If you have a large construction project or cleanup going on, we can provide the right size container for your waste and arrange a collection schedule to suit your needs.

Toxic Waste Disposal No community wants prescription drugs, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, and other toxic wastes to end up in the sewer or municipal water system. Our toxic waste disposal centers accept paint, batteries, fluorescent and neon lights and more. Clean and Green Disposal Services operates several hazardous waste disposal centers near Bellevue. You can find exact locations and times on the map on our website.

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Disturbances In this age of identity theft, it is important for everyone to take care of their personal papers. If you need to shred a lot, we can rent you a commercial shredder or do the shredding for you at our processing site. All things can be disposed of carefully and responsibly.

We offer many specialized moving services. A description of the services can be found in the Services Offered section. The cost depends on the type and quantity of items removed.

Bellevue, Ky. At least 2,800 households need to sign a housing contract before we can start providing the service. The above prices are subject to change according to our standard contract. Clean & Green Removal Services operates primarily in the greater Cincinnati and Bellevue areas, but we also extend our services to neighboring communities.

How To Start Your Own Valet Trash Business

We currently serve the following locations. Cincinnati, OH Metropolitan Area Our corporate headquarters is located in Cincinnati. We have been offering municipal waste disposal and recycling services for over ten years. Dayton, OH Metropolitan Area Five years ago, Clean & Green Removal Services opened a new facility in Dayton, OH and has expanded its operations there every year.

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Newport and Covington, KY Clean and Green Removal Services recently launched garbage disposal and recycling in Newport and Covington, Kentucky. Expanding Service to Bellevue and Ludlow, KY Clean&Green Disposal Services currently provides garbage disposal and recycling services in Bellevue and Ludlow, Kentucky. Special Services Outside Areas Clean & Green Removal Services occasionally contracts for special event services or major cleanups outside of our normal service area.

Clean and Green Disposal Services is a successful and growing company. You can count on our company for reliable service now and in the future. Everything can be removed safely and efficiently. Clean and Green Disposal Services are experts in all types of removal and recycling services.

See Recycling for more information on this. Please review the following list of all types of waste we handle. Appliances such as refrigerator, stove, microwave or

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