How To Start Tequila Brand

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Oh, tequila. Drinks that make you think “Is this shot number 7 or shot number 17?” Except you don’t care. It’s our trusted margarita best friend, but not necessarily our stomach’s best friend. As Jimmy Buffett said, “either there’s too much tequila, or there isn’t enough.”

How To Start Tequila Brand

How To Start Tequila Brand

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tequila brands. Because you know what they say—you don’t dance at the bar, it’s tequila.

Best Tequila Brands 2021—what Are The Best Tequila Brands?

We asked Staci Wells, Huse Culinary Bartender and Certified Tequila Expert, to share her knowledge of the world of tequila. Enter his top picks for the best tequila brands. But first, a quick recap of what makes tequila tequila.

I think there are people who say, “If it’s not made in Champagne, it can’t be called Champagne!” You know I hate those? So the same goes for tequila.

Otherwise, according to NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) and Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), it is mezcal.

Silver tequila is tequila that has been aged for less than two months. It is not aged in oak, but it can be aged in rust.

Why You Should Rediscover Gran Centenario Tequila

Joven is a blend of blanco and aged tequila. Some Joben, known as “Gold” or “Oro,” have a caramel flavor or other additives, so unless you like it, look for 100% agave on the label.

According to NOM, Reposado tequila must be aged for at least two months in oak or Encino oak barrels. It is sometimes aged in bourbon barrels, and recently, tequila can also be found in whiskey.

These cocktail bars have a strong tendency to share minion memes, but they can give a reposado the taste of dried fruit and chocolate flavor.

How To Start Tequila Brand

Anejo tequila is also aged in oak barrels, but it must be aged for at least one year in a vessel with a maximum capacity of 600 liters. This corresponds to four hamster holes in the Imperial Wine System.

The Best Bottles Of Tequila For Cinco De Mayo

If Anejo Tequila is George Clooney, another Anejo is Jeff Goldblum. Zadi of the world of tequila. To be classified as Extra Anejo, tequila must be aged for at least three years in containers with a maximum capacity of 600 liters. Don’t bite your hamster.

Blanco or Silver tequila is perfect for margaritas. Not only is it usually cheaper, it also has the best flavor and is combined with the flavors of orange and lime.

If you want to add a splash of reposado for more flavor, try it.

Don Julio’s Master Distiller won the award in 1942 and Wells says it is a tequila that will never be forgotten.

Best Guide To Tequila! What Tequila You Should Buy

This Anejo tequila is aged for at least 24 months, or two years for those who don’t like math. Vanilla, butterscotch and cinnamon in every sip.

The Reposado is aged for 7 months and has hints of vanilla, caramel and oak with a rich finish. It’s enough tequila to make you think you’re married to a real barrister. We love you, Amal!

Want to add some spicy flavor to your margarita? Wells said he wanted to try Hiatus Tequila Blanco.

How To Start Tequila Brand

This silver tequila is clean and unadulterated, and is often compared to the aroma of freshly cut grass. Finally, this is something that works well with your neighbor’s 7 a.m. job.

The 8 Best Cheap Tequilas Of 2022

Consumers say they’ve finished their tequila. However, they did another 10-year-old Anejo with caramel, vanilla, and dried fruit, which ended up being about $350, or the same price as the Blanco I bought the last time I had a bottling job.

Comos Reposado Rosa like Rosé and Reposado made party. To make this bad tequila, they put the spirit in red wine barrels for two months. The hints of honey, lime, and orange peel make this a great choice for tequila newbies or those who like sweet flavors.

Classe Azur Reposado is as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eye. All the bottles are made and painted by hand, but for some reason the lines of the wood are not drawn.

Nevertheless, this tequila has notes of butter, vanilla and caramel and should be considered as a tequila drink… and our doodles should be considered a work of art.

Pandemic Shift To Premium Brands Leaves Drinks Makers In High Spirits

The Sauza family has managed the Fortaleza brand for five generations. Their Fortaleza Blanco is unadulterated, smooth, and unlike most Blancos, it’s a strong, light tequila with notes of olive and lime.

Casa Noble Crystal is a triple blanco with a silky finish and a hint of pepper and lemon. It’s not just because you feel emotional, but it helps you feel connected to the world with every breath. For many reasons.

El Tesoro Reposado is aged in bourbon barrels for 9-11 months, giving it an aromatic taste. There are also notes of vanilla, caramel, black pepper and oak. Maybe our class ring? We are looking for it everywhere!

How To Start Tequila Brand

You can smell Rock Because it’s a nice little tequila. Created by Dwayne Johnson, the brand is considered a luxury with notes of vanilla, pepper, oak and honey. However, it will be better than Doom.

Cardboard Tequila Bottle Hopes To Inspire Industry Shift In Sustainability

Avion Reserva 44 is Extra Anejo aged for 44 months in temperature-controlled cellars. I’m not saying that I want to participate in the last 44 years, but I’m not saying that.

Avion takes it a step further by aging the last month of Reserva 44 in small oak barrels that are rotated daily. Inside there are notes of caramel, vanilla and oak. Yes, of course where do I register for this?

When you’re tired of margaritas, the redistilled Epolon Blanco is perfect for Paloma. This silver tequila has sweet notes of citrus and vanilla.

Casa Dragones Joven is 100% Agave from Joven made in small batches. Another part of the anejo is aged in new oak barrels for 5 years, giving the final product floral notes combined with vanilla and lemon.

Best Tequilas To Make Every Day Cinco De Mayo [2022 Guide]

Milagro Reposado brings vanilla, almond and caramel flavors with hints of cinnamon to every dish. If you’re trying to get your best friend to stop drinking Fireball, pour him a shot of this.

Are you a whiskey lover who wants to drink tequila? Then you can love Tequila Ocho Reposado, which is aged in whiskey for only eight weeks and eight days. With every bite, you will experience the sweet flavors of vanilla and caramel, as well as the freshness of orange peel. But no real whiskey.

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How To Start Tequila Brand

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Best Tequila Brands 2022

There are thousands of types of tequila. And for good reason. The market for spirits continues to grow every year, and according to IWSR, agave spirits (which includes mezcal, although it is a small percentage of this brand) is the second largest in the United States after vodka and whiskey. The third largest spirit category. Beverage market analysis.

So if you’re attending (or ordering) Cinco de Mayo this year, tequila will be on the menu. We’ve researched and tested all of these over the past few months to find the best brands and bottles on the market. An old standby that never gets old. This list was created in 2021. This year, we have added a few new ones and changed a few options if the models we like come out with something new (and better).

For the most part, I’ve tried to narrow down my selection of tequilas that I have the opportunity to try at my local bar, liquor store, or online store, even if the brand is new or trending. unusual.

No doubt we skipped the ones you liked (like I liked the Casamigos Reposado, but you have to try it yourself). If you want more options, check out our other great lists (best tequilas for margaritas, best tequilas under $30, etc.).

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Farm-grown organic tequila, born by Maestro Tequillero

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