How To Start A Slush Business

How To Start A Slush Business – Simply Refrigeration makes sense in all areas of the Ice Slushee business and can integrate a complete slushee solution to make your business more efficient. We are a refrigeration business and our core business is Slush Machines and we know everything about Slush Machines. No other company is trying to replicate what Just Refrigeration has done over the years in business.

It is important to note that the owner of Just Refrigeration has over 30 years of experience in the refrigeration industry so you will be purchasing a Bunn Slush Machine or Elmeco Slush Machine from a company that knows Slushie and the refrigeration industry.

How To Start A Slush Business

How To Start A Slush Business

Bunn Ultra Slushy Machines and Elmeco Machines provide quality drinks that are served quickly so your customers don’t have to wait. With a powerful motor, seal, stainless steel construction and advanced electronics, the Bunn Ultra Slushy Machine and the Elmeco machine are built for everyday performance.

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Each Twin Slushy machine can make 96,250ml cups per twpper container before filling. Patented screw design speeds up time and reduces air mixing. Our simple machines are easy to program and operate with a touch pad and LCD display, which also controls cleaning and protection.

The Bunn Ultra 1-in-1 machine allows brewers to make delicious cold drinks in just 8 inches of counter space.

The main purpose of having an Ice Slushee Slush Machine is to make money. There is a sale on 250ml cups for $3.00 each. You can easily earn $20,000,000 per year in extra profits.

So you can be sure there is money to be made with Ice Slushee. If you are ready to start your own Slushee Business or have any questions contact Mike Hyde, owner of Just Refrigeration on 0409 871 671. Although Slush machines may seem complicated in terms of what they do, they are actually quite simple to use. Using a light machine not only contributes to the life of the machine, but also saves on repairs and maintenance. So using a slush machine carefully becomes an important task. If you follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned, you will never have any problem making Slushy machines.

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This seems simple and it is, only caution must be taken that the plug/switch must be flexible and not have an extension cord (If using an extension cord, use at least 12 gauge 15 amp, 25′ maximum length). This is because Slush machines draw heavy air and therefore need to be stored safely.

The amount of flavored syrups and liquid juices can affect convenience store performance. At a 1:1 ratio of syrup to water, the cost of making a slushy is high. Similarly, at ratio 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, this price decreases.

Mixing the syrup properly (whatever syrup you use) is the most important part of using it properly. Mix the syrup and water to the consistency shown in the picture above. Shake well, mixing the water and syrup in the outer container.

How To Start A Slush Business

After mixing the water and the syrup is another easy and obvious step in using the slush machine, only that one has to be careful, that the level of the poured mixture (syrup and water) must always be above the minimum limit specified for the slush tank machine.

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It is important that the product is not oversaturated (water) as this will damage the machine. Otherwise, it may clump, because the liquid part cannot be sorted by the screw or rotor, and the mixture will always stay on the ground for a long time, stopping the good process of making slush. The machine should therefore not be used in slush mode with products below the minimum level.

As you can see in the picture, most syrup companies put a mark on the container or tank or cup to help you know how much you can fill the mixture (of syrup and water).

After pouring the water into the bowl or tank, this is the next step. Take a look behind the scenes at the Slush Machine. (See image above). Turn it on/off as described in the following table

As seen above, in the picture, the center position “0” is off. Use this space to change and clean or wash the machine.

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The “I” mode is to set the refrigerator in Slush mode. It is a Freeze or Slush mode.

Position “II” is used to freeze the product overnight. It is a cooling system. Also note, if you only want to serve cold water, and don’t want a Slushy, use this method before the Slush method mentioned above.

4: Turn the screw (rotate to change the pitch) or turn the motor to the “1” position. The switch can be 1, 2 or more depending on the number of tanks.

How To Start A Slush Business

5: Open the fridge/freezer switch to position “1”. The switch can be 1, 2 or more depending on the number of tanks.

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Some slushy machines come with “temperature adjustment”. This is to change the line of Slushies. Because the consistency can vary depending on the temperature of the environment or less depending on the season. So changing the expression can give you the consistency you want (thick or runny).

As we have learned, using a silent machine is an easy task. Make sure to wash/wash the machine regularly. Regular maintenance extends the life of your machine and increases productivity, saving you lots of money on repairs and maintenance

Experienced CEO with a documented track record in the food and beverage industry. Professionals in catering, food and beverage, restaurant management, events and customer service. A strong business development professional with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts/Chef Training from the California Culinary Academy.

Experienced CEO with a documented track record in the food and beverage industry. Professionals in catering, food and beverage, restaurant management, events and customer service. A strong business development professional with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts/Chef Training from the California Culinary Academy. On this page we have tried to answer some frequently asked questions about the Slushy Machine. We tried to answer them based on our experience and research on this matter. So let’s dive in.

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Although there are many brands of slushy machines available with different capacities, power ratings, cooling methods etc. overall there are 2 types of slushy machines.

A home ice maker is basically an ice grinder that is used to crush or grind ice to make ice cubes. It is available as a manual machine or with an electric motor (snow breaker). Usually the capacity of these machines is small. It is suitable for housing. It requires snow to be put out. The ice creams made by grinding the Slushy Factory are not consistent and the ice is also granular.

It will freeze without adding ice. This type of “slush machine” stirs or circulates the mixture at a constant rate so that the sugar and water molecules are mixed together before the water has a chance to cool. Perfect for restaurants, shops and businesses. The images produced with this type of slush machine generally have very fine and consistent ice.

How To Start A Slush Business

For canned drinks, it is better to have a regular machine. But if you’re just going to make margaritas or coffee slushies or strawberry daiquiris, you need a different kind of machine.

Commercial Slushie Machines

Calculate your required volume to determine the volume the machine needs to produce each day. The size of the bell determines the capacity of the Slush machine to be purchased.

This is also an important detail, as the slush machine must fit the available space. This is such an important point that it can be considered even before determining the capacity of the machine

Based on the three ideas above, we can narrow it down to a few Slush Machine models. Also, if we want to show what kind of slush machine to buy, we can refer to the following article

Slush Machines or Slushy Machines can be purchased in a variety of ways from home to commercial. Slush machine prices start as low as $49.99 to commercial ones costing over $3000 and more depending on capacity, number of tanks, brands, etc.

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Basically Slush makers or Slushy machines in this category are ice grinders, so you have to add ice and the slush machine grinds the ice to make slushies. This list of slush machines is suitable for individuals or small families or single drinkers.

There is a mid-range of Slush machines ranging from $300 to $800 that are suitable for other home purposes in large families or house parties. Electric Slush Makers or Slush Machines in this category are also grinding machines, with powerful grinding motors and large capacity. The slush made with these machines has a finer grind than the previously mentioned economy

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