How To Stage With A Transbrake

How To Stage With A Transbrake – This article was originally written to explain how to adjust the brake controls for the Sniper EFI system. However, most of the information is directly applicable to Terminal X, so we encourage those owners to use it as well.

We recently had a surprisingly positive response to our article about tuning and wiring EFI sniper systems for nitrous. But many readers want to know how to set up the Sniper EFI system, Nitrous and brake control. That’s it! I won’t go into detail about how to adjust the transmission itself to release over-brake – that’s beyond the scope of this article. But I will try to cover everything you need to be successful with this. I won’t repeat the information from the original nitrogen configuration article, if you haven’t read it yet, please take a moment to read it.

How To Stage With A Transbrake

How To Stage With A Transbrake

The system we describe in this article adds control to the brake bypass solenoid by eliminating the secondary (temporary) activation of the switch used in the nitro configuration example. This secondary boost is a bit overkill and is only done to show off more of the nitrous control range in the Sniper EFI system.

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In fact you can effectively control the nitrogen with the position of the TPS and have done so. So in our original example we have three levels of activation control (Nitrous Master Activate Switch, Nitrous Secondary Activate (Temporary) Switch) and TPS setting above 90%. brake lever.

As always, follow good wiring technique when performing the wiring diagram below. Do not use a grounding point like a solid one for a switch. I had a half that can show a single combo to solo drivers, but they each have to have their own. Also pay attention to the current limit of the driver (40 amps) and do not overload them. More detailed instructions on nitro component wiring are included in the nitro wiring article, check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Steps 1 and 2 These steps are similar to steps 1 and 2 in the Nitro Wire article and will not be repeated here.

Step 3: Start single stage nitrous, set nitrous type, assign input and output. Step 1 Click the blue NOS nitro bottle icon to start the setup. Then click “Enable” and the screen will expand to what you see below. Do this:

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If there is no input/output listed in the drawer, it means it is used elsewhere. Need to find and define it there before using it here.

By setting this up as shown, the momentary switch we connected to the brake bar is now used to disable the nitro, making sure we don’t spray nitro when braking.

Steps 4 and 5 are where you set the details for nitro boost, pedaling and throttle control. As with previous steps 1 and 2, this is the same as detailed in the Nitro Wire article and will not be repeated here.

How To Stage With A Transbrake

Step 6: Determine the cross brake repair limit. Part of effective brake activation includes setting additional shift limits during brake activation. Click the Spark plug icon in the top navigation bar, then click Rev Limiters in the left navigation panel. Turn on Rev Limiter #1 and set desired RPM. Set the input to position 2. As you can see, this same step is used in step 3 to block the nitrous. So by pressing the momentary switch, we do three things: connect the trigger for the brake bypass solenoid (which activates the steering brake function) and input 2 to the Sniper ECU, simultaneously turning off the nitrous. Sets the modification limit at a specified RPM. In step 7 below, we use the same input for another purpose.

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Step 7: Disable closed loop operation during brake bypass operation. I don’t think so. No one can – until they sort everything out and try this on the track, a shooter tried to burn himself at the starting line. What is this?

Actually, it’s very simple. The shift limiter operates by cutting the spark to the cylinder. The air/fuel mixture valve doesn’t burn past the O2 sensor, which reads them as too lean. If you are in a closed loop, the shooter will respond by adding fuel. a lot.

This step requires the Boost Control feature of the Sniper software to be enabled. Why improve control ask? Well, the ECU will not disable the closed loop unless you enable the brake override input. Holly decided to put this under Boost control, which is as good as anywhere, and I think it can be used as part of a boost control strategy.

Click the small down arrow on the right side of “Toolbox” in the navigation bar, you will see “Enable Enable” – click. If you don’t have a super shooter, you’ll get a warning that you don’t have the input you need to control dome pressure. If you don’t have a turbocharger program and want to use the shooter to improve control, you can ignore this. In that case, this means you have purchased the wrong Sniper EFI system for your application. It will then ask if you want to choose to advance the import. Choose “No” and it will open the default boot configuration, which is perfect. You have succeeded and the Turbo icon appears as shown. Check the box “Enable brake input trigger” and select “Input 2”.

Transmission Specialties Powerglide Trans Brake Solenoid P/n 2515

Options: empty nitrous, time limit. If so – done! But the Sniper EFI system has a lot more to offer in terms of nitro controls. Holley Sniper EFI Setup and Log View Software User Guide, accessed by clicking “Help.” button on the navigation bar of the sniper software, which provides definitions and guidance for all configuration settings here. After adding brake control, you’ve added another notch to the Gunslinger’s EFI belt!

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The team at EFI Programs is the best I have dealt with when it comes to ordering parts or having the knowledge to answer any questions you may have. They always respond to my questions with guidance to help me choose the right system. They worked with me on a sale I missed, and the price matched the parts. I am A

How To Stage With A Transbrake

Like everything else, EFI System Pro allows me to call the new Holley Sniper. Although I unfortunately did not purchase a Holley Sniper from EFI System Pro, if my shop did it elsewhere before installing it, I could still learn and use EFI System Pro’s adjustable advanced linkage, fuel gauge, and throttle body. Most of them are imported

Double O” Button

They have the only website that can get fast cable internet. Everyone has been back for a few months. Transmission brakes allow automatic transmissions to compete with stick-shift vehicles. Note the separate scroll control switch on the steering wheel along with the large Biondo brake button on the steering wheel. More in photos later…

This is a complete aluminum alloy valve body from ATI. This valve body is brake equipped and designed for GM’s venerable Powerglide.

This rebuilt production line is a more typical valve body based brake setup. As you can see, solo is an external screw job. Summit offers a variety of different exchange locations.

This is an ATI replacement solenoid. Summit offers over 20 different solenoids from eight different manufacturers!

Terminator Transbrake Valvebody For Mustangs

This is the valve body of the Performance Automatic. Summit Racing shares and includes AOD submissions for FoMoCo applications.

Before the advent of brakes, drivers using automatic transmissions were at the mercy of foot brakes installed on their cars. The stick shift guys have a big advantage because they only have to deal with the car key (steering control) and the car has to be continuously disengaged at the engine rpm where it works best.

Revolutionary at the time, this automatic transmission allowed the car to consistently leave the line at high rpm and thus be “in revs”. It solves the problem we all have with the brakes not holding up when we’re on stage. In short, the brake ring has leveled the playing field

How To Stage With A Transbrake

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