How To Spell Grabed

How To Spell Grabed – Grab these free spring-themed flower CVC word building lines, so your students can practice spelling CVC words with letter manipulatives.

These CVC vocabulary words are fun to use and have many benefits for your kindergarten and first grade students. Reading CVC words is one of the first reading skills students develop. CVC words are simple words that follow the consonant vowel consonant word pattern. They all have short vowels, which makes them perfect for writing words. Students can focus on each letter, not just trying to identify the middle sound.

How To Spell Grabed

How To Spell Grabed

Students will recognize the image inside the flower. They will then use letter manipulatives to spell that word. They could use magnetic letters or alphabets to make words or use a hard eraser to write words.

Spelling Ei Words Worksheet

I love this vocabulary building activity because it gives students another opportunity to practice spelling CVC words in a new format. These letter words to build vowel consonants could easily be printed in black and white to save ink.

15 lines of words are included and color tiles can also be printed. Students will love building CVC vocabulary with this free resource!

Students will use their knowledge of letters and sounds to pronounce the CVC picture name, build the word, and read the word. In this flower CVC word activity, you will use your knowledge of the word family and your spelling skills.

These CVC vocabulary builders are quick and easy to prepare for your students. All you have to do is print and laminate! Instead of overloading, you can also slide the dull to write and clean pocket to make it more durable.

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For easy storage, place CVC word building mats in a large bag, file folder, or storage tray for easy on-the-go access.

Students will look at the pictures in the word and use this activity. Then, they will say the name of the image. They will then put the sounds into the word, blending them together to understand the word.

They will then use the colored tiles to build the word CVC next to the picture on the mat. They will repeat this process for each image, checking to see if the word matches the image.

How To Spell Grabed

To learn more, students can say each word out loud, playing and blending the sounds to read the CVC word. Doing this out loud helps students learn aurally. You can even challenge students to say a sentence using that word or say a word that goes with that word.

Grab Your Free Printable Logic Word Puzzles

These flower-themed word builders are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use this to suit the needs of your schedule and lesson plans and the needs of your students and their learning styles.

If they are still working on blending and decoding sounds, you can give them some mats to complete until they are more confident in their abilities. Students who improve their reading skills can complete additional tablecloths, up to five! They will love learning to read!

Since there are 5 tips, you can easily have students complete 1 per day for the week. Once they know how to do this activity, they are ready for a week! This would be a great place to read or for a small group activity, making lesson planning and preparation a breeze!

These word building mats are a great activity, but can also be used as a starter activity that can be expanded in many ways. Here are a few different ways you can use these mats!

Words Ending In Eir Air And Err

I can’t wait for you to use these CVC vocabulary words for your students to practice their spelling and writing skills. They will really benefit from this activity and improve their reading skills in no time!

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