How To Sight In A Colt Python

How To Sight In A Colt Python – At one time, the Colt manufacturing company was a leader in high-quality double-action revolvers, and the Python was considered by many to be the top. Time is back.

The original Python was a revolver with a .357 Magnum chamber that could be fired in dual or single action mode. This rifle is highly regarded for its beautifully polished dark blue finish and smooth trigger pull on factory-made rifles.

How To Sight In A Colt Python

How To Sight In A Colt Python

Then, for various reasons, in 1998 Colt stopped mass production of Python. They are still available through used gun markets and custom shops, but all production ended in 2006.

Colt Python Revolver With Ultra Dot Scope

Due to the popularity and build quality of Python, it has gained cult-like status and prices for second-hand weapons have skyrocketed. Colt didn’t take advantage of Python’s requests until new management took over and started restructuring the company.

In 2017, Colt brought back high-quality double action. 38 Special Cobra, brother of the original Python. Bringing back the Cobra was no small task as the master craftsmen who made, assembled, and made hand revolvers left the company years ago. And the tools needed to make revolvers were either thrown away or sold. However, Colt produced a new Cobra with slight design modifications and the result was a double-action revolver that lived up to its original reputation.

Following the success of the Cobra, Colt reintroduced the King Cobra chamber at 357 Magnum. The new King Cobra was also very successful. Meanwhile, Colt’s new management took notice of the market and quietly worked to bring back Snake’s revolver line leader, Python.

In December 2019, the new Python was introduced to an elite group of gunsmiths at Gunset Academy, the oldest and most prestigious gun fighting school in the world. It is immediately apparent that Colt has accomplished what it set out to do in bringing Python back to the same or even higher quality.

Boxed Colt Python Double Action Revolver…. Handguns Double Action

The main feature expected from a revived Python is the excellent factory trigger. I imagine some new owners will be dissatisfied with factory triggers on the new Python and will send them to a gunsmith for custom work, but for all but the most specialized owners, this won’t be necessary. This is pretty good.

And although the gun is currently only available in stainless steel, the finish is excellent with high polish and metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood compatibility. A blade version is under development, and would be the next logical step. Colt, however, would not confirm. My guess is that this will happen, and the blue ending will meet or exceed the original.

To all but the most careful observer, the new Python looks just like the original, including stock (or handles). The new Python is available with a 6 or 4.25-inch barrel. For this review, the 4.25-inch gun was tested. The length of the barrel looks good, and if the gun is taken for self-defense, the shorter barrel is easier to pull. Although the shorter barrel length reduces the bullet’s speed and power slightly, the .357 Magnum cartridge still retains a lot of energy.

How To Sight In A Colt Python

There must be some great designers, machinists, and engineers at Colt, because the new Python is built using modern machining techniques which result in greater dimensional stability. And the gun has fewer parts than the original Python, which lowers production costs and requires less manual installation.

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While a bit of manual installation is required, the new Python triggers are better than the original. During development and testing, Colt measured the trigger pull in ancient Python and compared the results with scans and trigger pull measurements in newer Pythons. In Gunset, Colt displays a graph illustrating the results, so it’s easy to see the difference. And it’s clear from the graph that the new Python has a bridge that moves smoothly.

For comparison purposes, a friend who has more than one native Python, let me compare some of the older models to the new ones. It’s clear that the trigger on the new Python is smoother and more consistent than on the old rifle. I know, hard to believe, but this is what I see.

The new Python has a trigger with a 4.25-inch barrel with an average double-action pull weight of 9.6 pounds, characterized by a very smooth pull followed by a very small—almost imperceptible—stack count and Cracked Brakes. The single-action trigger has a bit of crunch with sharp breaks and no excessive pick-ups or trips. Resting weight is about 5 pounds, 12 ounces in single action.

The Python’s rear sight is a square notch that can be adjusted for wind and altitude and the front sight is a black ramp with orange inserts. However, in an upgrade from the original Python, the road ahead can be easily converted by the user into brass beads, tritium night vision, or fiber optics. Changing the front sight is as easy as loosening an adjustable screw.

Colt Python .357 Magnum Revolver 4.25

In addition to having fewer parts, the new Python is made of steel that is stronger than the original. It has a strong top strap, better rear visibility, and a guarded crown to protect against bumps and scratches.

Python is not lightweight, but it can be very comfortable for shooters. The 42-ounce weight of the 4.25-inch gun helps reduce the unnecessary feel of the 357 Magnum cartridge. Since special .38 rounds can also be fired in this rifle, training sessions are cheaper and more user-friendly.

The 6-inch barrel python is slightly heavier at 46 ounces. Both rifles feature a uniquely ventilated upper rib and full-length underlug, which helps reduce recoil and muzzle cap. They also just look pretty. The new Python has a walnut grip which is very attractive and provides a good gripping surface for a firm grip.

How To Sight In A Colt Python

The hammer spur is wide and serrated, making this revolver easier to grip. And the gun is equipped with a load that – except in the cocked position, which is not the case unless the hammer is cocked – prevents the firing pin from hitting the primary. So, a sharp tap on the hammer from lowering the gun to the hammer will not cause it to fire.

Colt Python 6 Shot Revolver (.357 Mag) 6

Like the Colt dual-action revolver, the cylinder rotates clockwise when viewed from behind. It is important to know if the gun has free space but the shooter wants to shoot fast. Proper training can help the shooter close the cylinder slightly so that the filled space is under the hammer with the next pull of the trigger.

Vertical serrated trigger face for better grip. Some shooters will like this, but others may not because it prevents the trigger finger from sliding across the trigger surface on long double-action bridges.

The .357 Magnum cartridge is perfectly capable of handling mid-sized games in legal states, and it’s an excellent round of defense. And, as mentioned earlier, .38 Special loads are easier for the shooter and less expensive to buy. So, for evaluation, both are used. The special .38 load is fun to fire and provides significant, but not punishing, recoil.

On the other hand, the .357 Magnum rod gives the shooter a much more powerful recoil pulse. Some shooters won’t mind the heavy recoil and can train with magnum weights all day, but others will do just fine.

Colt’s New Python .357 Revolver: The Top Gun For 2022?

Regardless of the load used, Python testing was carried out without problems. And the accuracy is very good. Average group size ranges from 1.18 inches to 2.83 inches at 25 yards. This is great for hunting at medium range or for self-defense. And the new Python promises to perform admirably in every role.

At this point, it is still speculative whether the new Python will affect the price of the vintage Python. But one thing’s for sure, the new Python can definitely compare to the old. Colt did well.

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How To Sight In A Colt Python

I have several hypotheses as to why revolver iron sights took so long to develop over the years compared to other weapon platforms. In my opinion, this

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