How To Ship A Wakeboard

How To Ship A Wakeboard – When Keith Lyman reported to basic training at the end of April, he walked away from a dream he’d had since he was 13, but realized a dream he’d had for as long as he could remember. You see, Lyman has been fascinated by the military since he was old enough to understand things like serving and protecting his country. And even though he fell in love with wakeboarding as a teenager and remained a professional rider for nearly a decade, Lyman never gave up on his dream job. We caught up with Lyman just a few weeks before he left for boot camp to look back on his wakeboarding career and better understand his reasons for retiring from professional wakeboarding. Words: Luke Woodling Photos: Jason Lee

First, do you want to tell everyone about your plans in your own language? I decided to retire from wakeboarding and join the army. He actually called me today and my delivery date was moved from the end of June to the end of April. So in four weeks, I’m going to the foundation.

How To Ship A Wakeboard

How To Ship A Wakeboard

He has talked about joining the army in the past. How long have you been thinking about it? Joining the military has been on my mind for as long as I can remember. I fell in love with wakeboarding when I was 13 or 14 years old. I loved wakeboarding and my inspiration was there at that time. But my love for the military never went away and I reached a point in my life where I realized, “Hey, I only live once and I’m going to do whatever I want in this life.” I’m lucky in the sense that I now realize that, and I certainly don’t take for granted the fact that I’ve lived a lucky life. Wakeboarding became a career for me in 2002 and I did something I wanted to do for a long time. Now is the time to fulfill another dream.

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Have you been back and forth between wakeboarding and the military since turning pro? kind of Like I said, I’ve been very interested in the military for as long as I can remember and I’ve always wanted to join. I moved to Florida in early 2000 and a year later 9/11 happened. New York is not my home, but I’m from the Northeast and this hits home. I really wanted to do something with it, but I was still focused on building it as a professional wakeboard. I was torn, but I knew going pro was what I wanted to do at that point. I still respected and loved the army very much. About a year ago, I decided that I’m 27 now, and I can keep wakeboarding at the level I’m at for a few more years, and maybe keep getting better. But because I want to do it in the army, I want young people, so I decided that now was the right time.

How much do you want to tell about your military goals? My goals are very simple. I always wanted to serve this country. I really have a lot of passion and love for this country and it will be an honor to serve. What I signed up to do is a bad thing. This is a quick job and just what I was looking for. The agreement I was able to make with the department I chose was very difficult. I look forward to starting and following this dream.

During your professional career, do you have many opportunities to interact with the military or service forces? Not as much as I would have liked, but I was very lucky to meet some really bad people in the military and was able to do free wakeboarding clinics for them. I was able to connect with these guys and take them to the lake. It was a blessing to meet such people and thank them for what they do for our country. Luckily, I became friends with some of them, and it was great to get to know these guys and share wakeboarding with guys who are heroes in my mind. I have so much respect for the people who have sacrificed so much to become a professional wakeboarder while running our country’s business. I have great respect for such people and want to join them. I want to do my part.

What does your family think about changing jobs? My mom and dad met through water sports, so they were always happy that I chose wakeboarding as a career. They knew that I was fascinated by the military since childhood, so it was no surprise to them. I think they always thought it would happen at some point. I think my dad is very excited because this is what he wishes he had been doing when he was my age. I think they are definitely concerned because there are two wars going on and times are very crazy, but they definitely know how I am and how motivated I am and how focused I am. I certainly don’t do anything without calculating the risks first. They know exactly where my mind is at and they definitely have my back.

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Joining the military will end your professional career, right? I wish there was a way I could have my cake and eat it too, but being an active duty soldier is a 100 percent commitment and so is being a professional wakeboarder. I wish there was a way to keep both true, but there isn’t. It can’t be good for my clients or the military. So I have to focus 100% of my effort on what I’m going to do. I have no problem with that. Like I said, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and finally decided to pull the trigger on it. Will I ever stop wakeboarding? Probably not, I like it. But at the rate I’m riding, unfortunately I have to stop.

Do you see yourself pursuing a full career in the military? Right now, sitting in my nice warm home, I say yes, absolutely. I like to serve as much as I can. It could definitely change when I’m there. If you had asked me 10 or 15 years ago if I would be a lifelong wakeboarder, I would have said yes. I can’t really say that I will stay for the 20 years you want to be in the service of work, but, yes, I would like to serve as long as I can and do as much good as I can.

Many students see you leave what they thought was your dream job and think, “Are you crazy?” This is a dream job. The best way I can describe it is this: I have met people who have other ways. A good friend of mine is in the military and had other options. He was in his senior year of college and was a world-class soccer player. He could have done anything he wanted in life, but he wanted to serve and joined the army and he is one of the worst people. People like this really inspire me. It’s really hard to explain why I want to quit my dream job, and wakeboarding really is my dream job. Wakeboarding stole my heart when I was 13, and it was all I wanted to do and could see myself doing, but that desire to be in the military never went away. In any case, it gets stronger over time. People may never get it, and that’s fine with me because I’m doing exactly what I want to do.

How To Ship A Wakeboard

Let’s take a look at your work. When and how did you start riding? I come from a family that is always involved in water sports, so I grew up around lakes and water. I didn’t get into it until I saw wakeboarding at the X Games. For some reason, this really piqued my interest. Soon after, I got a skateboard and learned to ride. Fortunately, my father looked into the awakening camp and sent me there. I learned a lot in a short time and just loved it. I moved away from competing in almost every sport and focused on wakeboarding. From there, it only increased. I was convinced

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