How To Seal Wine Glasses

How To Seal Wine Glasses – Accommodation

These unique DIY wine glasses make great gift ideas and are super easy to make and personalize! Learn how to make amazing champagne glasses indoors!

How To Seal Wine Glasses

How To Seal Wine Glasses

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Factory Direct Sale Half Kilogram Plum Wine Glass Seal Red Bayberry Flower Type Gift Box Custom Empty Bottle

My favorite gifts are those that can be easily customized to the recipient’s taste and style. Last year I made these rainbow-loving glasses for my friend and they were so well received that this year I decided to make “Glitter-Dipped” wine glasses for another friend!

DIY sparkling wine glasses are a wonderful gift idea because the design and color combination options are endless, so each one can be as unique as the recipient. This is a great way to make a quality, personalized DIY gift for just a few dollars!

(Psssst… if you happen to own a large pile of vinyl scraps, that too

I used the Cricut Maker for this project, but you can also use the Cricut Explore Air 2 or the Cricut Joy!

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The first step is to mark and cover the area of ​​the wine glass that you want to glaze. I used a soft tape measure to measure 3 inches from the rim of the glass and marked the glass around the perimeter with a Flair pen (washable felt).

Using the markings, place the tape on the container. Press down and smooth the tape with your fingers to make sure the tape is firmly attached to the glass.

Cricut has a variety of fun permanent vinyl types to make your projects extra special, so I decided to try out a couple that I don’t often use for wine glasses – specifically, Shimmer Vinyl and Pearl Metallic Vinyl . They are both very cute! The Pearl Metallic Vinyl has a pearly sheen that looks like when the light hits it, and the Shimmer Vinyl is a stunning look that I can only describe as a combination of metallic shimmer and ultra-fine, ultra-sparkly glitter (but). and the glitter doesn’t spill out!).

How To Seal Wine Glasses

The pictures still don’t do the Shimmer Vinyl justice, so I have to show you how amazing it really is!

Presidential Seal Wine Glass

However, oddly enough, they are the same color (the Shimmer Vinyl has a silver backing and the Pearl Metallic has a white backing). This means it won’t work on the “peep” decals you see on the inside of the wine glass, as you’re actually looking at the underside of the vinyl as it’s applied to the outside of the glass.

Because these panels are coated and protected over time with a gloss finish, you can use any permanent or removable two-tone vinyl (all basic Premium Permanent Vinyl and Premium Removable Vinyl colors). can also be double-sided!). I chose to use the removable vinyl as the Vibrant Value Pack colors were what I was looking for.

Open the file “Lady of Plants” Wine Glass Space. If necessary, resize the material to fit the wine glass. Click the green “Create” button at the top of the screen.

Cut the vinyl sheet if necessary and use the cutting tool to remove the excess vinyl. If you haven’t used the Hooked Weeding Tool yet, you’re missing out! This is my favorite!

Wine Glass Icon Recursion Mosaic And Textured Margaritas Stamp Seal Stock Vector

Cut a small piece of transfer tape slightly larger than planned. Remove the backing and place the transfer tape on top of the Plant Lady vinyl. Carefully burn with the scraper and remove the backing paper.

Use a scraper to apply the vinyl to the wine glass, then peel off the transfer tape. Repeat the process with potted plant stickers.

Choose one of the largest letters that will be the center of your peekaboo design and transfer it to a piece of transfer tape.

How To Seal Wine Glasses

Isn’t it fun? This is the peeking surprise that will be waiting at the bottom of the wine glass!

Wine Opener Not Coravin The Latest Technology To Seal The Wine For Original Preservation

Next, gather your glitter supplies: Dishwasher safe Mod Podge, a foam brush, and your favorite glitter. For this project, we recommend using fine or fine glitter.

Turn the bottle upside down and paint a coat of Mod Podge from the bottom up to the tape line.

Sprinkle the glaze liberally on the bottom of the glass, carefully tap off the excess. Allow to dry and repeat the glaze process if necessary (some glasses require 2 coats of glaze for full coverage).

After the final coat of glitter has dried, paint on a final coat of Mod Podge glitter to seal everything off. Carefully peel off the washi tape while the coating is still wet for clean lines!

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By Little Mugli Magic and it’s even more amazing in person! It looks like purple, but it actually has different shades of fuchsia, teal, turquoise and purple super sparkly holographic glitter in it. This is SO amazing! 😍😍😍

SO much fun, right?! I love the sparkling wine glass and know it would make a fantastic gift!

Side note: So this time with crafting I noticed that although the Shimmer Vinyl Gold looked like

How To Seal Wine Glasses

Amazing in person (which you can see in the animated GIF above!), its awesomeness is lost in photos

Wine Glass Topper Red Wine Glass Stopper Glass To Insert Into Wine Bottle Champagne Glass Cup With Silicone Seal For Party Bar|other Glass|

So I quickly switched to Black Shimmer Vinyl. Permanent vinyl is really nice and durable, but if you try to remove it quickly, it can be done. I used my True Control Knife and lemon oil to remove the sticky residue from the glue residue and it worked like a charm!

I actually like black even more than gold, so I’m glad I made the switch!

A single wine glass “Lady of Plants” seemed lonely, so I decided to make a second wine glass and give it to a friend who has a glass. Sticking with the plant theme, I chose the “Planting is Better than Medicine” design – you can find the project on Cricut Designs here.

Remember the Hooked Weeding Device I mentioned earlier? It is wonderful to cut such beautiful little pieces from these flower petals!

Learn How To Make Glitter Wine Glasses!

For the main design I again chose Shimmer Vinyl (fuchsia, green and purple) and for the peekaboo mirrors I chose different colored removable vinyl from the Active Value Pack.

The peek-a-boo interior of the garden wine glass is filled with a cheerful bouquet of watering cans, surrounded by colorful flowers, bees and butterflies. Super cute!

You can see here that the light colored glaze requires two layers of glaze to cover the glass. I started with a coat for this wine glass

How To Seal Wine Glasses

The potted plant design made of Pearl Metallic Vinyl (in dew green and party pink) perfectly matches the different colors of the glitter! It’s all about the details, right?

Set Of 4 Etched Seal Stemless Wine Glass

Although I used Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge and Permanent Vinyl, both of which are dishwasher safe, I still recommend hand washing the sparkling wine glasses for best results.

Who would you make these for? Leave a comment and tell us what design and coloring page you will make first!

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If you are adding a glass monogram, I find it easier to cut each letter individually than to weld them together for this reason. Small patterns can be placed easily without creases, bubbles or vibrations.

I made glasses for my friends on the girls weekend. In the beginning, he asked for many lines: “Hold it

How To Seal Wine Glasses

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