How To Screen Record Discord Calls On Iphone

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How To Screen Record Discord Calls On Iphone

How To Screen Record Discord Calls On Iphone

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How To Record My Game And Record A Discord Call At The Same Time

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Playing video games, drawing, even watching YouTube — these don’t have to be solitary experiences. Sharing your screen on Discord lets you show all your friends what’s happening on your screen and chat with them at the same time.

1. Open Discord on your Mac or PC – this can be a web client or a downloaded app – and go to the server where you want to stream.

2. Go to Voice Channel and click on Screen option at the bottom left If this option is grayed out, it means you are not allowed to stream on the channel, and you should ask a server moderator to change your role.

How To Share Your Smartphone Screen In The Discord App

3. Select what you want to share You can share your entire screen at once, meaning people can see your screen exactly as you do, or you can share specific apps. Sharing just one app will make people see only that program, even if you’re not focused on it.

4. Choose your streaming quality and frame rate If you have Discord Nitro, you can stream 1080p or higher at 60FPS — otherwise you’re limited to 720p at 30FPS. You can use the drop-down menu to select preset options such as Smoother Video.

5. Click Go. You will start streaming your screen to the sound channel. To view your stream, double-click the red live icon next to your name. Only a maximum of 50 people (including yourself) can view your stream at any one time.

How To Screen Record Discord Calls On Iphone

6. To end streaming, disconnect from the voice channel or click the screen option again at the bottom left

How To Screen Record Your Iphone Or Ipad

You can also share your screen in a private call. Open your direct message and start a call there, then click the icon that looks like a computer screen with an arrow Just like above, you will be asked what you want to share and its quality.

Important: If you stream to a PC, you’ll stream audio from your computer by default (for example, sound from a YouTube video).

On a Mac, you’ll need to go to the Sound and Video Settings menu and scroll down to Screen Sharing, then install the software that offers it. You may need to allow Discord to bring your audio into the System Preferences app. That said, however, if you’re sharing your entire screen, just one app, you can’t stream audio.

Both iPhone and Android users can stream their phone screen through Discord. However, you can’t share your screen while using some apps like Netflix.

Apple Releases Ios 15.1.1 To Fix Dropped Call Issues On Iphone 12 And Iphone 13

1. Open Discord on your iPhone or Android and open the server and sound channel you want to stream.

2. Once on Voice Line, tap the icon that looks like a phone at the bottom of the screen If the icon is grayed out, you are not allowed to stream on the channel, and you should ask a server moderator to change your role.

3. You will be asked to give Discord permission to record your screen. To do this press Start Now or Start Broadcasting.

How To Screen Record Discord Calls On Iphone

4. You can now swipe up from Discord to open another app. Everything you do — and every sound you play from your app — will be shared through Discord

Discord Picking Up Game Audio? Here’s Why

To share the screen in a private conversation, start a video call, then tap the icon that looks like a phone at the bottom of the screen.

William Antonelli (he/she) is a writer, editor, and organizer based in New York City. As a founding member of the referral team, he helped Tech Referral (now part of Insider Review) grow from a large startup to attracting more than 20 million visits per month. Outside of Insider, her writing has appeared in publications such as Polygon, The Outline, Kotaku, and more. He also sources technical analysis on channels like Newsy, Cheddar, and NewsNation. You can find him on Twitter @DubsRewatcher, or reach him by email at Discord has been a favorite virtual meeting platform for many communities for several years. Mainly used exclusively by gamers, this place has many facilities that make it perfect for chatting and exchanging ideas with people who like the same things as you.

One feature that Discord users love is the ability to record your voice chats, which you can’t do on many platforms out there. If you’ve never tried it, you might not be sure how to record audio. To know more about it, read our guide below.

If you use an iPhone or iPad to access Discord, your built-in recording features may not work with these platforms. But don’t worry, there is a way to record audio using a Discord recording bot called Craig.

Discord Voice And Video Troubleshooting Guide

One of the best features Craig offers is that it allows you to record multiple speakers at once and save the files separately. That way, you don’t have to waste time manually trimming and editing files, but you still have editing options if you need to.

This makes Craig one of the best choices for podcasts and other purposes as well. However, before you start recording, make sure all parties involved know they are being recorded. In some states, it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge.

The Craig bot described in the previous section also works on Android phones. The steps to follow are the same as for iOS devices.

How To Screen Record Discord Calls On Iphone

So can you record audio on a server where you are the only member? Fortunately, yes. There are several apps available for download from the Google Play Store that allow you to record audio, such as the popular Camtasia. It’s also great for recording tutorials. If you only need sound, you’ll still need to separate the audio from the video after you’ve finished recording.

Phone Calls Need To Stop Taking Over The Screen

You can use Craigbot to record on your computer. In this case, you can save the file (or files) in .wmv format.

There is another method to record audio in Discord on a PC with a Windows or Mac computer; If you don’t own a server, you can’t use Craig.

One of the most comprehensive tools for recording audio from Discord on the computer is OBS Recorder. It’s free, but you can make a donation to the website so they can allow free downloads. Discord also has a server dedicated to this tool, so you can join and ask anything you want to know about the tool.

OBS lets you record screens, so you can customize the tool depending on what you want to create.

Screen Recording Not Working

Audacity is another free tool for recording Discord audio. You can use it with various operating systems including macOS, Windows and Linux. It is quite versatile in terms of file formats and the ability to record from multiple outputs.

However, note that only one person can be recorded at a time. It is not suitable for recording multiple speakers. However, if you want a simple tool for recording podcasts where you’re the only speaker, you can’t go wrong with Audacity. Here’s how to record using Audacity.

Did you know that you can record Discord audio using your Windows Game Bar? And it’s very easy. Here are the instructions.

How To Screen Record Discord Calls On Iphone

Elgato Sound Capture is also an excellent choice for those who want to record their Discord audio. It’s user-friendly and ideal for recording games, but you’ll need to set up the hardware and software before you can proceed to record audio.

How To Record Discord Calls Video & Audio

After connecting the hardware to the device you want to record sound on, download the Elgato Game Capture HD software. Once you install it, follow the steps below.

Depending on what tools you use to record Discord audio, you can create great podcasts with this platform. It’s no wonder this podcast is so popular with podcast writers because you have so many possibilities to create and save time in the process.

How? Well, different tools offer different editing features and options. For example, you can download different speakers in separate files, so you don’t have to edit the entire recording multiple times. On the other hand, you can record the entire event and then edit it as you wish while saving it to a file.

You can easily select the format in which you want to save the recording. It helps you ensure all the platforms and tools you use

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