How To Remove White Scribbles On A Screenshot Iphone

How To Remove White Scribbles On A Screenshot Iphone – Today, most of the photos we post online or share with others come from our mobile phones. Whenever they have personal information, such as credit cards, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information, it’s easy to jump into your iPhone’s contact tools to obfuscate the text. before sharing. But the digital phone will not hide everything.

When you use it in Frames, from Photos, Files, Mail, or another app, or directly in the screenshot editor, you just hide the information you want to hide. The highlighter is a popular plurring tool for its thick strokes, but it has an opacity problem that is not visible to the naked eye.

How To Remove White Scribbles On A Screenshot Iphone

How To Remove White Scribbles On A Screenshot Iphone

Since it is a key and not an object, swiping will create a transparent layer on the text, making it clear, even at 100 percent opacity. If you move your finger back and forth a few times, it increases the effect, creating an opaque line that seems to hide the material underneath. But in many colors, and most importantly, in black and white, you can adjust the mark in the correction to see the sensitive information it hides.

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To test it, use the Markup marker to hide some text in the image or screenshot. If you already have some obscure photos, skip to the next section to see what’s hidden.

Take a screenshot and tap its thumbnail (or open the image or file in an app like Photos, Files, or Mail), then find the Markup tool. Once you’ve done that, tap the main tool that looks like a thick icon. Click again to set the thickness and opacity (make sure the slider is on the right). Next, click on the color selection and select black, which is the most common color to fade.

Using your finger, mark the file you want to hide, back and forth a few times until you don’t see anything there. You may need to use several layers to hide the text properly. When ready, save the image or file as you want.

Now for the fun. Find the photo with the black text, open it in the Photos app, and tap “Edit” in the upper right corner to open the photo editor. You will use the tool below to remove the key. Depending on how many black virus files are hidden, you can reveal the hidden data with two to six modifications. Try these and see what happens:

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Zoom into the main area if necessary for a better view. Although you may not be able to do everything under the black theme, you should see enough. If it’s a phone number, email, password, or address, you’ll have a good chance of getting most, if not all, of it.

Many other variables can facilitate or complicate this task. If the black color is not too thick, you can remove it a little with two or three different adjustments instead of the ones listed above.

Also, the color of the text and background can make the process difficult. It will be easier to remove the highlights if you are dealing with black or dark text with a background light. But if the text is a light color, like yellow, and the background is also a light color, you’ll have trouble seeing what’s under the black.

How To Remove White Scribbles On A Screenshot Iphone

Depending on the main color, you may need to use a different image editing tool or adjust the same tool up or down. For example, try using Glow (100) on a red face. If that doesn’t work, try Highlights (100) as well. Still not available? Then try other editing tools.

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For white, try Sharpness (100), Brightness (–100), Contrast (–100), and Brightness (100). Below you can see the different colors and see how the image editing tools are related.

If you live in the dark, it doesn’t make much difference. Following the same steps as mentioned before, the black and white colors will disappear with the right tool, as shown below.

You don’t have to leave your phone in the dust to hide sensitive information. It is also possible that what you lost will never come back. And if all else fails, there is a third solution.

Symbols that look good to you can still be used to hide content. You should use multiple layers. Instead of swiping back and forth from what you are trying to hide, lift your finger from the screen before each new one comes to wipe. Doing so will add more layers of weight, making it difficult to see with simple adjustments.

Don’t Use Ios’s ‘highlighter’ Tool To Censor Information In Screenshots

Believe it or not, taking a screenshot of a specific document on your iPhone can help you reference that document when you use the Markup tool. It seems to work best when you mix from an app like Photos, not a screenshot editor, so be careful.

For example, the “About” page in Settings -> General. If you swipe once or twice, it will think you are sharing your phone number or IMEI, for example. But wipe three or four times, and he will believe that you are trying to hide and help you by making him invisible. Sometimes it only takes two fingers.

In Settings, under “Passwords” (14, 15), “Passwords & Accounts” (12, 13), or “Accounts & Passwords” (11), the screenshot will remove the password from the page, a good security. But you can still use three or four swipes to hide your username.

How To Remove White Scribbles On A Screenshot Iphone

The marquee pen tool, the icon in the lower left corner, is a “signature” item. When set to 100% opacity, one layer of a colored pencil is enough to hide what is under the eye and the image editing tool.

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The pen tool is also an option, but it works like a theme because you need more layers to give something good. If the layers are thin, one can reveal the information later. So it’s best to stick with a pen when you want 100% accuracy.

You can use other commercial tools to hide data. Instead of using the drawing tool, click the plus (+) sign at the bottom right and select one of the available images. Hover over the text you want to hide, then tap the icon in the bottom left to see more options.

As for the arrow tool, you can make a thick line. In the box, square and circle, you can write it, so it is solid color. Then you can choose a color if the current one is not what you want. No matter what you do in background editing tools, there’s no way to reveal what’s underneath.

Better yet, you can use professional software to provide personal information and face. Using Image Scrubber from developer Everest Pipkin, you can use a heavy icon to hide information, as well as a nice blur tool to hide faces. You can remove location metadata from a photo to prevent people from taking it back to where you took it. There are other apps out there, but this site is our favorite right now.

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Keep your connection secure with no monthly fees. Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for all your devices with a one-time purchase at the new Gadget Hacks Shop, and watch Hulu or Netflix without region restrictions, increasing security while browsing check public network, and more. If you want to remove drawings from photos, you have come to the right place. Whether the mark is a doodle or a watermark, you will learn how to remove them from your photos.

The following procedure will help you remove the marks without affecting the overall quality of the image.

A few photo editing apps like Snapseed can help you get rid of blur without compromising image quality. These apps work on images with light content and complex data.

How To Remove White Scribbles On A Screenshot Iphone

If you have used Photoshop to edit photos, you can learn how to remove doodles from it. However, the operation to remove a mark depends on where it is in the image.

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Also, the layer selection is often incorrect, meaning your edits are buried or you’ve chosen the wrong pattern to include in your final image.

If you want to know how to remove emojis from emoji photos, you are not alone. The Internet is a rich source of photo editing tools, but the process can often be time-consuming and confusing.

To learn how to remove emojis from photos, you must first understand how Photoshop works. Photoshop has extensive photo editing tools, but they are not free.

Snapseed app is a great option to remove emojis from photos. It has many photo editing tools and lets you choose what you want.

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This software corrects blurry, blurry, blurry images

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