How To Remove Electronic Alarm From Liquor Bottle

How To Remove Electronic Alarm From Liquor Bottle – BottleLox has been established as the most effective and versatile bottle security label on the market with over 30 million units sold since 2008. We supply this alcohol security label to some of the world’s largest retailers – giving them a way to effectively prevent theft to reduce. .

A struggle for every retailer. Avoid thieves without stopping customers from buying your products. Alcohol is one of the most targeted retail products for theft, causing millions of pounds in lost revenue to the industry every year. However, some retailers are still hesitant about bottle labels – they are difficult to use and not very presentable.

How To Remove Electronic Alarm From Liquor Bottle

How To Remove Electronic Alarm From Liquor Bottle

On the plus side, BottleLox won’t spoil the look of your products, is quick and easy to apply (and remove), and works with or without an EAS system.

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The standard BottleLox size is 90mm long x 30mm wide x 68mm deep and the standard color is light grey. However, additional dimensions and custom colors are available upon request.

BottleLox has 11 patents, which means it is rightly described as highly innovative. Learn about patent, trademark and design rights.

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Some alcohol bottles, especially Mexican tequila, have an internal stopper in the neck. The idea is to slow down the game and prevent it from playing. However, some people find these caps annoying because the alcohol doesn’t come out if you pour it a certain way. The cap also makes it impossible to refill the bottle. You can solve the problem by removing the hood. These caps are not designed to be removed, so you must carefully remove it from the bottle. Once removed, you can reseal the bottle and enjoy non-stop pouring in the future.

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How To Remove Electronic Alarm From Liquor Bottle

In recent years, the percentage of fake wines on the market has increased significantly. Fake wine contains water, alcohol, flavorings, sugar, sweeteners, dyes and chemicals that can seriously harm a person’s health. The end consumer rarely interferes with the authentication of the bottle he has just bought.

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(O.N.V.P.V.) is the Romanian authority that oversees vineyard and winemaking management, protection of designations of origin and geographical indications. To preserve the identity, they have introduced the mandatory use of security holograms, which must be applied to selected bottles by wine producers who meet the conditions set in technical documents and laws. According to an official marketing certificate, issued by the O.N.V.P.V., producers must mark wine bottles with a personal security hologram that confirms the origin and authenticity of the wines.

It contains several security features that make it impossible to reproduce. It can be applied to various surfaces (e.g. cardboard, glass, plastic, etc.) and has high thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. Thanks to the basic material from which it is produced, the sticker cannot be removed without damaging it (irreversible and easily visible), so it becomes impossible to reuse it by using it on other products.

Supplier of O.N.V.P.V. With security holograms to authenticate legally produced wines, which are applied to wine bottles for domestic and international distribution.

The 2017 version of Hologram has been redesigned to have additional security features. The new label has a unique QR (2D) barcode that can be easily scanned with a smartphone, complementing the previous alphanumeric serial number. This code is intended to provide consumers with relevant information about the wine purchased. Scanning the consumer’s barcode leads to pages containing business information provided by wine producers. The information provided includes: details of the winery and producer involved in making the wine, details of the soil, winery, brand name or location identification via Google Maps, etc. The responsible authorities are alerted if it is invalid or invalid. Duplicate code is corrupted.

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The purpose of introducing these new security holograms is to encourage the consumption of quality wines, to better recognize wine producers, to effectively identify the listed producers on the market and to create a level of protection for legitimate producers and consumers. Useful information regarding the authenticity of purchased products is provided. It is an ideal program for the manufacturer, distributor and end customer, as it provides an easy way for the entire supply chain to authenticate the product. This mark guarantees the authenticity of the product, which is controlled by an authority and has a known origin, which is an important advantage for consumers and wine producers. The new security hologram project for wine certification and authentication is underway.

Wine fraud is a serious threat that has serious consequences on several levels, causing not only millions of people to lose their income, but most importantly it is a potential threat to public health. The first person who can stop this is you! Check what you buy, especially if it’s your first time. Additionally, if you have the opportunity and resources to review a product, do it! Last but not least, consider the authentication elements in your local wine products.

If you are interested in a similar security labeling solution, please contact us. A complete list of our products is available on our website.

How To Remove Electronic Alarm From Liquor Bottle

– 14 years of hologram security and specialized labeling solutions – What are they and how are they made?

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How To Remove Electronic Alarm From Liquor Bottle

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