How To Pray To Kumantong

How To Pray To Kumantong – Located in a nondescript suburb of Bangkok, the Sawan Alam temple is already well-known for its Kuman collection. A kuman is a plastic baby doll in historical clothing, usually encased in a bag of gold, believed to be inhabited by the ghost of an unborn child. .

People visit this temple throughout the day to pray to Kuman for good luck, light incense sticks and kneel before brightly colored idols.

How To Pray To Kumantong

How To Pray To Kumantong

Some buy lottery tickets, some run their hands along fallen ironwood tree trunks, adorned with colorful scarves and smoothed over the years. They believe you can see the winning numbers in the faded wood grain.

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Like many people in Southeast Asia, Thais are superstitious. However, the monks of the temple recently noticed a growing collection of dolls. This is because people have quietly left behind child-sized dolls known as rukteps or ‘child angels’. The monks took them to a small room in the tower, where, like the Koeman, they offered them a red fizzy drink they believed they liked.

“Everyone has their own beliefs,” said Phra Prasit Warayan, a monk. I put them here because they are afraid of what might happen. Because they know we accept them.

The doll is in a temple, dressed in traditional children’s clothing, and the wide eyes seem at odds with the Western features. But how did the Rook tape craze begin, and was it just an extension of Coman’s belief that inanimate objects could be inhabited by ghosts and spirits?

Just a reminder, the owner of this doll wears a talisman and prayer beads that are believed to bring good luck.

Thailand’s Love Of The Supernatural

I expected to find the answer in a bright pink house in another suburban gated community.

A fat, blond doll’s head is placed on the altar, next to the food and water offerings. Various other hands and feet are dried outside after receiving a special cream massage. In one room, two young female dolls are surrounded by various anatomical parts, carefully manicured, with nose studs and real human hair braided into a soft plastic doll. The dolls are often decorated with yantras (Buddhist tattoos) and filled with rice, which symbolizes prosperity.

In the next room, Mananya Bunmi is lovingly combing the hair of her beloved doll, her pet. She has been collecting these dolls for 14 years, but has not always seen them as they do now, as creatures that bring good luck to their owners, as long as they are cared for like human children. He believes he was the first to believe Luke Thep.

How To Pray To Kumantong

She says that about four years ago, when she was selling small souvenirs, she felt one of her dolls, Ploy, trying to help. He started treating the dolls like real kids and his business took off. She said she overcame the difficulty of raising her children.

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“We can rely on looktapes mentally,” she says I love to dress them up and talk to them and if you take care of them properly they will come out of your dreams

The looktape craze really took off last year when several Thai celebrities were spotted carrying the doll everywhere. Even in expensive restaurants and planes. They considered dolls to be close to humans and felt that they needed to be treated with care to ensure good luck, so they refused to put them in check-in luggage or overhead compartments. Wanted to buy a seat for us.

Last month, the airline Thai Smile made headlines when it gave permission. However, after consultation with aviation safety officials, he soon had a change of heart. Ultimately it turns out that inert lookalikes are baggage and should be kept as such. So Manya says he won’t fly anymore.

Mannyah now sells dolls to customers for more than $1,000. He performs a ceremony to bestow a “soul” on a doll, but doesn’t think it’s the same spirit that inhabits Kuman. Some people hold a doll to a Buddhist monk to ask for blessings.

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The belief in giving their full names in Cuman songs dates back hundreds of years. In the old days, practitioners would try to get a real dead fetus, dry-bake it, varnish it, and gild it. It was believed to have very strong magical powers, but had to be carefully fed and clothed.

Some rucktapes have interesting parallels with pampering, with their wealthy owners injecting their dolls with Botox and buying them jewelry.

Chiang Mai University professor Attachak Sattyanurak believes there are strong similarities between the two types of puppets. He said the demand for things that could bring good luck in Thailand increased in the turmoil that followed the end of World War II. But interest in Koman heritage is growing.

How To Pray To Kumantong

“More than 65% of Thais work in the informal sector,” he says. “Their lives are always uncertain, and the whole country is going through turbulent times today. People are looking for comfort and security.”

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Nine years ago, when Thailand was also under military rule, I saw another sudden epidemic here. It was for a talisman called Jatukam and at first a police chief claimed it helped him solve a difficult case.

At one point, the amulet’s image was projected onto Thailand’s tallest building. People have given them all kinds of powers. Photo: From left to right: Luang Phor Parm Temple, Luang Phor Phun Temple, Kumantong (Golden Child) built by Luang Phor Yam.

Kumantong’s Chinese name (金子) is often mistaken for a ghost child due to its resemblance to childhood. People have always believed that Kumanthan was created to rest the souls of unborn children – the souls of miscarriages and aborted fetuses. All this tarnished the original cause created by Kumantong, a famous monk.

Do not confuse the original Kumantong created by a pious monk with Kung Paeng, a legendary character in movies and novels. Yes. Khun Pan created Kumantong from his wife’s womb and there are only 48 people to do it. Since we are reborn in 48 hours, we must be reborn in 48 hours. It’s called a ghost child.

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However, the Kumanthong created by the famous Luang Po is actually called the Golden Child. In Buddhist terminology it is called Padma. They are the only givers who offer lotuses to the Buddha when he preaches sutras in the Western Heavens. Golden child brings good luck to its owner. Of course, Kumantan has limits. They cannot avoid black magic. However, it can provide notifications or alerts when problems occur.

People usually pray to Kumanthong for good luck. Having a kumantong made by a famous monk (Luang Phor) has no side effects because what they make is not a ghost child.

Kumantong collectors prefer to collect Kumantong made in three famous temples: Wat Brang Phra – Temple of Luang Phor Perm, Wat Pylom – Temple of Luang Phor Phun, Wat Samgaram – Temple of Luang Phor Yam. These three temple kamanthangs are believed to bring extreme bad luck.

How To Pray To Kumantong

The most famous temple in Kamanthong is Wat Sam Ngam Luang Pho Thai. Luang Phor Te is the master of Luang Phor Yam. Luang Phor Tay’s Kumantong is famous for good luck and bad luck. Luang Phor Te died and taught Luang Phor Yam what he knew. The Kumantong created by Tai Luang Phor Yem became as famous as the Kumantong created by Luang Phor Tai.

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If you wear Kumanthong, you don’t need to chant. Many people think that keeping a Kumantong requires special chanting or special care Having a Kumantong is still normal life No need to make any changes

Created by a famous monk (Luang Phor), the Kumantong can be worn above the waist. However, those made by others (not of the monk lineage) must be below the waist.

A person who has Shakyanta in his body cannot wear Kumantang. But can serve Kumantong Bucha. Kumantong’s spiritual level is that of an earth god. Since they are close to you, it is good to answer your prayers and gain wealth.

Today, young people find themselves unaware of what they have accumulated. they are

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