How To Play Cover Your Kingdom

How To Play Cover Your Kingdom – It is a construction game with role-playing game elements. To dominate the scene, you’ll need to construct buildings, place Toppings, form battlegroups, and power-up your cookies.

It has an interesting RPG story mode, a PvP mode, and many ways to export the goods you make in your kingdom.

How To Play Cover Your Kingdom

How To Play Cover Your Kingdom

Getting started can be difficult. I will guide you with some beginner tips to get you on your way to building a great and powerful empire.

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Players in Pure Vanilla tend to stay in the game, which means PvP content will be tough. Hollyberry is newer, so you won’t be competing against very experienced players who have been playing since day one.

While it may be tempting to upgrade all your buildings at once, don’t. While upgrading buildings that give you raw materials like Roll Cake Wood and Sugar is good at first, wait to upgrade buildings that will help you craft items like Robust Axes and Jellybean Jam.

To make a crown, you need a flower, you need a pillow, what you need… you got it. Photo: via Devsisters

As they upgrade these production buildings, they will need increasingly powerful items. The Jelly Bear Train and Wish Tree will only ask for these items if your buildings are unlocked, and they can be expensive and difficult to make if you’re not prepared.

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Let your buildings bake. These will continue to generate items when your app closes, so queue up as many items as possible. It’s better to have more products than to order products, so you just need to upload the products.

, and different sauces increase different stats. Protect your cookies on the front line and freeze or attack them on your website and attack cookies.

There are three promotion levels. Don’t spend too much on upgrading your toppings unless you can get Epic Toppings in size M as you will reach a point where XS and S sizes are useless. (You can check the size and rarity of the Topping by clicking on it.)

How To Play Cover Your Kingdom

In addition to Cookies and Decorations, you get three Treasures in each battle, each with its own effect. Some increase your defense or attack, while others block you, heal your party, revive a party member, or add to the enemy. These are also really important because some bosses have power-ups that you can reject, or you may need an extra layer of protection when fighting through a tough stage.

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You can change your group attribute on the edit screen before starting the level. The three hexagons above your cookie are your Assets. Be sure to equip the treasure and upgrade it when you get a copy of the Treasure Gacha.

If you haven’t had any luck with Gacha Cookies, you can always use Cookie Spirit Stones to unlock new cookies. You can get Cookie Soulstones by completing specially marked Dark Mode levels, converting them to PvP currency, or trading Rainbow Shells in the Rainbow Shell Gallery. It takes 20 Spirit Stones to create a cookie.

Specifically, Rainbow Shells reward Legendary Sea Cookies and Ancient Sea Cookies can be used for PvP currency.

You can also use Soulstones to upgrade your cookies, making them even more powerful. Photo: via Devsisters

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Even after you get your cookies, keep collecting Spirit Stones to upgrade them and raise their stats even more. Thanks to Soulstones, you don’t need to spend money in the game to buy every cookie.

In Kingdom Arena, you can refresh your future roster for free every 30 minutes, so replenish your opponent’s roster and take down people below your power level whenever possible. It’s incredible to reach a high rank just by doing this. There are people at Platinum and above with shocking power levels.

Royal Arena is an optional game item that you don’t really need to participate in to progress, but the rewards are great so it’s worth getting your hands on. I actually wanted to take this somewhere. As a joke, I wasn’t the first to play my copy of Bunny Kingdom; A coworker asked him to try the game at work and I said “check everything I know how to play”. He loved it, so I tried to find a few more games to lend him (at least until the expansion comes out, I hope to try it too). In any case, he’ll be happy to see this, as it means I can finally borrow it (as I don’t need the pictures, which is my first downside). However, let’s actually talk about the game itself called Bunny Kingdom.

How To Play Cover Your Kingdom

In Bunny Kingdom you find a new world waiting to be solved. The Bunny King asks you to build Bunny Nobles fiefs in his honor. The more valuable your land is, the more attention it gets. Impress him enough and he’ll give you the title of “Big Ears”, something rabbits care about? I really have no idea. But will you be able to build a settlement worthy of the mighty Bunny King’s grace?

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You will need to add 1-tower City Buildings to the board areas where the cities are located:

2s and 3s can be saved later. Also, set other building symbols; they are angular.

There are also black ones; Not shown in this photo. Place each player’s bunny at position 0 on the score track. With that… you’re ready to go!

So, Bunny Empire is a typing and resource/zone control game. Each square is a zone, and each successive group of zones your rabbits are in is a Field. Fiefler is a way to earn points; The other is Scrolls, which are cards with certain conditions or point values ​​that you can write.

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Power is the number of Towers in a Field; Some cards allow you to place 1, 2 or 3 Towers in one slot (and already

Open them). Wealth is the amount of specific resources produced by a fief. A Field can generally produce Carrots, Wood or Fish, but there are valuable Resources that can be added to produce new types of resources. In this case, property is of all kinds; No matter how many Carrots you produce in a Field, only one of your wealth counts. To achieve this, there are 4 Treasures in a Field that produces 2 Carrots, 3 Wood, Mushrooms and Gold.

Draw cards and play with each player to start a round. Each player must receive the following number of cards:

How To Play Cover Your Kingdom

The game is played in four rounds, each consisting of three stages: Exploration, Construction and Cutting. Let’s go over each one in turn.

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At this stage, you will prepare the rabbits and place them on the board. Choose and play two cards from your hand each turn. Some cards you play are paper as mentioned; They go face down and can’t look at your competitors. Others have coordination with them; put a rabbit in there. Still others offer buildings; Place a building on that card that you can use in the Construction Phase.

In a two-player game, draw one substitute card from your hand each turn. Now make your choice

Pass cards to the left on rounds 1 and 3. In rounds 2 and 4, pass the cards to the right.

During the Construction Phase, you can optionally construct buildings that you earned in the previous round. you don’t

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Some buildings do different things, from providing basic resources to luxury resources to connecting two Fiefs. Be creative!

During the Harvest Phase, you earn points for each of your Fiefs by following the formula I detailed above:

At the end of the fourth round, the game is over. Open all players’ cards and earn extra points based on their card requirements. The player with the highest score wins!

How To Play Cover Your Kingdom

So, naturally, the game takes a long time with four (although a little less time since you have fewer cards). I think it’s a difficult maneuver to do so you can play two cards at once against the best players; Since you can choose a pair of cards, it reduces the handicap a bit and allows you to make better matches and combinations if you can get the right cards at the right time. I still have four players

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It’s long for me (to be fair, the first game I played was a four-hour two-hour game so it was a bit of a bummer), but I don’t think it’s a fault with people who play four games on a regular basis. players.

Overall, I think Bunny Kingdom is solid! It’s really fun to write / control the tension and I think there are interesting decisions to be made (of course there are always some in a typing game).

Uninteresting decisions or indecision, but rest for them). It’s a beautiful game, but also smart and

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