How To Plant Grass On A Gravesite

How To Plant Grass On A Gravesite – Serene & Green offers personal care and garden design for graves, as well as delivery of fresh flowers or potted plants. Our treatment plan ensures that your loved ones’ graves remain “calm and green” all year round.

Cemeteries are often large and expansive sections of land, making it difficult for maintenance staff to properly and completely treat each grave. Your priority is to keep the cemeteries, roads and buildings as a whole first. It is impractical for funeral landscaping teams to provide the level of attention that many families desire for the final resting place of their loved ones.

How To Plant Grass On A Gravesite

How To Plant Grass On A Gravesite

Serene & Green will care for your family member’s grave (or family lot of multiple cemeteries) year round, providing the detailed attention and consistent care the site deserves.

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Forget-me-not service ensures that whenever you or your family members visit, the cemetery will be kept clean and tidy. Each month, and according to the season, we will carry out the following tasks:

Annual Fee: $800 for a minimum of 12 maintenance visits, including all necessary maintenance materials; the site will be visited more than once a month at the height of the growing season to keep it well maintained. The family lot may be treated as a single visit depending on the situation.

Some customers prefer a one-time annual cleaning or occasional assistance with watering and care. We can fulfill that request as well. Whatever your needs, we can design a treatment plan just for you. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Fresh flower arrangements, bouquets tied with ribbons or potted plants can be placed on graves to commemorate holidays (Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Thanksgiving to name a few) or on other special occasions such as birthdays. year or birthday. Wreaths, Christmas planters and grave pillows can be placed during the Christmas season.

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Individual shipments start at $65 plus tax. The Blooming Plan ($240 plus tax) includes four interest placements per year on the same grave, on the date you choose. For example, a package might include a Christmas wreath; a jar of Easter lights; delivery of flowers on Mother’s/Father’s Day; and a bouquet in honor of your relative’s birthday. S&G will email photos of each shipment to all designated family members.

No shipping costs within 10 miles of Villanova, PA. Asked about shipping costs outside a 10 mile radius of Villanova.

The blooming flowers and lush ground cover around the graves of loved ones provide color and beauty that lasts through the seasons.

How To Plant Grass On A Gravesite

Working within the guidelines of each cemetery and using the amount of space available for planting, Serene & Green can design a unique small-scale garden for your family’s graves. Plans may include annuals, perennials, bulbs, ground cover and/or small shrubs. We choose low maintenance plants that will remain compact.

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The garden design, installation and maintenance plans are evaluated individually. We will give you a free site visit and develop a proposal for your consideration.

We always check with the cemetery administrator before planning or planting. In some cases, due to funeral regulations, Serene & Green may design the garden and purchase plants, while allowing the funeral staff to manage the facility.

Over time, moss, lichen, and mold can stick to stone markers. Biological non-ionic cleaners can lighten stones and delay future growth. The price depends on the size and condition of the marker. Average cost: $75 per headstone.

Cemeteries provide basic property maintenance, such as cutting grass, removing large branches, and maintaining roads. However, most cemeteries will not perform individual burial tasks such as weeding the site, tending the lawn, cleaning headstones, planting mulch, or trimming and trimming the grass. It is impractical for your landscaping team to provide the level of attention that many families desire for their loved ones’ final resting place.

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The endowment fund (also known as perpetual or perpetual care) is used for the general maintenance and improvement of cemeteries. The family is responsible for looking after the headstones and keeping the graves tidy and clean.

Our Forget-Me-Not service offers tours throughout the year, ensuring the venue is kept clean and tidy. Some individuals simply request annual site cleaning or watering during the growing season. You can determine which frequency suits your needs.

Do you offer discounts for treating multiple graves nearby or within the same cemetery?

How To Plant Grass On A Gravesite

Water is usually all that is needed to clean a well-maintained headstone. That said, over time, moss, lichen, and mold can stick to stone markers. Biological non-ionic cleaners can lighten stones and delay future growth. The average cost for this additional service is $75 per headstone. The price depends on the size and condition of the marker. This level of cleaning is only needed every few years.

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We deliver fresh flower arrangements, ribbon-tied garlands, potted plants, wreaths, quilts, cards, photos or any other item you request. We do not give artificial flowers.

We check your funeral rules and regulations before placing flowers or other items at the site. You will be notified of any restrictions that interfere with your request.

Yup. When we visit a cemetery as part of a care plan or flower delivery, we may read a verbal message, poem, or funeral prayer. We also deliver written messages. Your written message will be kept confidential, in a sealed envelope.

Yup. We understand that your loved ones need to be remembered on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. If you would like us to visit on a holiday, an additional fee will apply.

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We provide photos taken on the website, by email or text. We can also provide printed photos by mail for a small fee.

We will make every effort to locate the graves of your loved ones with the information at your disposal. Most graves keep records which are very useful. Giving us the grave and the parcel number is ideal. At least we need the name of the grave and the name on the headstone or headstone. There will be an additional fee for finding unspecified grave sites.

I haven’t been able to visit the tombs for a long time. I don’t know if the tombstone/monument is damaged or needs cleaning.

How To Plant Grass On A Gravesite

We will let you know if there is a condition issue. You can also see the tombstone or monument in the photos we took at the site after the maintenance visit and flower delivery.

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Pets are part of the family and are immortalized in many ways. Contact us to see how we can customize a treatment plan for your beloved pet’s grave.

Annual care plans can be paid in full upfront or billed quarterly. Interest payments must be paid in full before delivery. The garden design, installation and maintenance costs will be determined individually. Payment can be made by personal check, cash or credit card via PayPal.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss and/or damage that occurs after we finish our work and leave the cemetery.

If necessary, due to flower and/or plant availability issues, we reserve the right to substitute a higher quality alternative of equal or greater value.

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Upon receipt of your order, we will confirm the details and send you an invoice for payment which will form the basis and commencement of the contract. Cemeteries are peaceful places for contemplation and reflection. A grieving person may wonder, “Can I plant flowers on a grave?” Yes, you can, although some cemeteries may have restrictions that you must follow. You can use flowers and plants to make the area interesting and celebrate someone’s life and our relationship with them.

You should consider the size of the plant and respect other people visiting the area. Plants in graves should be small enough and can be managed for a long time as natural guards close to the ground. Choose carefully when selecting plants for graves to provide a quiet, non-invasive setting for sensitive locations.

Most cemeteries have guidelines on what sizes and types of plants are allowed. Maintenance crews must be able to get around them without damaging the plants or causing more work. Trees or shrubs that grow large or difficult to manage over time are not a good choice.

How To Plant Grass On A Gravesite

When choosing plants for the grave, consider what your loved ones like best. Is there a particular plant or flower that they really like? Cemetery plots can be used to reflect these preferences and help bring back good memories and provide solace. In addition, the choice must take into account the level of light and the availability of moisture.

Overgrown Grass And Weeds Covering Graves And Headstones

Flowers are a natural choice for a garden next to a grave. Perennial flowers will give visitors annual colors, but they need care to avoid spreading and messy habits. Annual flowers are the perfect choice, but require additional frequent watering. You should also plant a new look every year. Another way to provide plants for graves is to use containers. Again, you need to check with the guards, but

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