How To Paint Champagne Bottle

How To Paint Champagne Bottle – There is no better gift than a one-of-a-kind, creative and emotional gift. Olivia Hughes of Avoir Le Chic knows this well; He spends more than six hours painting customized bottles for his clients. Avoir Le Chic was created to celebrate life’s moments through personalization, and it does not disappoint. Olivia creates hundreds of unique designs on all types of bottles – champagne (her personal favourite), liquor and non-alcoholic – to celebrate her clients.

“[It] started when I posted a boomerang of Dom Perignon bottles that I painted for fun on Instagram,” says Olivia. “My DMs blew up! People kept asking if I could draw them a picture, and that’s how Avoir Le Chic was born.

How To Paint Champagne Bottle

How To Paint Champagne Bottle

For the name? Olivia wanted to keep it classy while paying homage to Champagne, France. Translated from French, it means “to be (or be) corrected.” Olivia’s love for champagne is evident as her signature bottle is Veuve Clicquot.

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“I look up to Madame Clicquot Ponsardin, she is a magical and brilliant businesswoman,” Olivia said. “She is literally the Grande Dame of Champagne.”

“I’ve been drawn to the art world since I was a child,” Olivia said. I really like to create. ” All of Olivia’s designs are unique to her clients. The time it takes to make the bottles is well spent because every detail is meaningful to his customer. When a customer asks for a painted bottle, he asks them to send a list of the most important things, and the things they don’t see on the bottle. Thus each bottle is truly tailored to each individual. Olivia also copyrights each of her designs to protect her art.

“Beauty and inspiration can truly be found everywhere,” says Olivia. “Sometimes you have to look at it differently.” From sunsets, to broken glass on concrete to frosting cakes, Olivia finds artistic innovation everywhere. Check out this post on Instagram ᗷᗩᖇᗷIE Come on, let’s party!💖 👙🛍 Barbie themed rose to ask my bridesmaids to stand by me 💖 A little fact about me, I have a mild obsession with all the Barbie thing. This is the most “Olivia” way to ask Tag your Barbie squad 💖🛍🌸 #BarbieBottles #TheOGpaintedBottle #oftenimitateddneverduplicated A post shared by #paintedveuve #pouringneverboring

Olivia paints bottles for all kinds of occasions – engagements, weddings, graduations, graduations, birthdays and more. Avoir Le Chic makes the perfect personalized gift for anyone looking to celebrate in a memorable way. Since each bottle is custom, the price will vary depending on which bottle you want to paint and what you want to paint on it. But to inquire, can contact or visit their Instagram.

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12 Creative Ways to Ask Your Bridal Party, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” When asking your friends, it’s best to be creative. The painted champagne bottle is a great tip that you can easily do at home with a few simple tools! Finished champagne (or whatever drink or glass jar you and your loved ones love!) makes a beautiful craft gift you’ll regret throwing away! Plus, if you’re not too confident when it comes to painting, there are other easy techniques you can try!

How To Paint Champagne Bottle

There are many ways to decorate a champagne bottle. It took me a while to decide but I finally got a good paint brush. Inspired by Portuguese tiles, chinoiserie and botanicals, I decided to create a simple blue floral line art on a white background. Painting a specific design directly on the bottle is one way to decorate the bottle. But, if painting isn’t something you feel confident in, what are your options?

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Metallic spray paint is the second option I’m considering. Silver, gold or copper metallic spray paints look great on wooden frames, tins and even glass. Old… This is a great way to dispose of waste properly and reduce the amount of waste. And I’m definitely a fan of upcycling clothes and other things to decorate our home!

Spray paint can be used on all bottles. It can also be used with stickers of different sizes! When the paint is dry, just peel off the stickers. This is a wonderful way to make small bottles with simple lines, starts or polka dots. What a great way to make a vase, candle holder or hydrophonic planter!

Patterned tissue paper is another clever way to create patterns on bottles, both recycled and full champagne bottles. There are various tissue papers available with vintage patterns, animals, basic shapes, coffee and tea or flowers! I’ve also seen opulent tweeds or horse-riding inspired prints that are more suited to gentlemen. Just choose the person you are gifting to the person you love, and choose the print accordingly!

First, apply glass paint to all glass surfaces (around the labels if the bottle is full) and let dry. Take the tissue paper of your choice and paint small circles around the motif you want to use with a clean wet paint brush. This will allow you to place the motif more easily. Peel off the back layer only when ready to use the motifs. Place it in the bottle and paint with Mod Podge.

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Did you enjoy this project? Save it for later on your Valentine’s Day or DIY craft Pinterest boards!

I started by wiping the bottle with a cloth soaked in water and squeezing a little fresh lemon. This is to help remove any dirt or oil from the surface that would prevent the paint from sticking. Using cloth helps me protect the labels that can be damaged by direct washing.

Once the bottle was dry, I used a simple sponge brush to apply the first layer of white paint to all parts of the glass. A sponge brush is easier to use than a normal paint brush. I only use a paint brush when painting near the label. After the first layer dried, I applied the second coat to make sure there were no transparent spots and the paint was nice and even.

How To Paint Champagne Bottle

Then I prepared colored acrylic paints to paint the design with a small size brush. I find that acrylic paint works well, it works really well. However, if you prefer you can also try glass specific paint or chalk paint available at any home DIY store. I slowly painted the design, placing layers according to the color palette. The motif is easy to paint so I didn’t use any guide lines. For a more difficult design I would definitely use a regular soft pencil to lightly sketch the pattern first.

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Once the design is dry, you can apply a layer of varnish for a nice, glossy finish. Personally, I prefer the ‘matte’ look so I skip it and leave the bottle as is. If I use the bottle as a long-term home decoration item I use varnish. As a gift this bottle looks good enough to leave in the picture.

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