How To Own A Tequila Brand

How To Own A Tequila Brand – Remember last winter when we were all locked inside and the idea of ​​”summer 2021″ seemed… fake? Yes Yes. But we made it bbs and summer 2K21 is here. Since we all know that a pitcher of frozen margaritas is more of a summer staple than sunscreen (JOKE: daily SPF matters), why not celebrate by grabbing a bottle of one of these A+ or three brands of tequila? For best results, serve with lots of vaccinated and relaxed friends.

True though, tequila can actually do a lot more for you between June and September (or any time of the year, but we just talked about summer and I like to stay on topic).

How To Own A Tequila Brand

How To Own A Tequila Brand

). You have pigeons, tequila sours, tequila sunrise, mojito (!), about a million other cocktails and tequila with ice (only bad ones). She really is so versatile in every way, which is why we love her forever.

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Whether you’re just looking for a pretty bottle to show off or something to make your drinks stand out, check out the following list of the best tequila brands money can buy for your ~vaccinated~ summer.

It’s more than just (seriously) pretty packaging, folks. This reposado is sweeter with hints of caramel and citrus.

Okay, a little more expensive. But if you want to save the bottle for something special, this one has hints of chocolate, pepper and cinnamon and goes great with literally any dessert.

George Clooney’s brand of tequila has honestly gone beyond “celebrity booze” and is a staple on every shelf. Why? It’s smooth as hell.

Corralejo Tequila: Why You Should Rediscover This Historic Brand

A crowd favorite for a reason, Patrón can be taken neat, mixed into a cocktail or over ice. But our recommendation is to use it in mojitos. trust

S/O to LeBron James for giving us this adorable guy who was literally made to be the secret ingredient to all your summer doves.

Lisa? Check Big? Check out Floral and Fruity Notes? Heck, this economical bottle is great for drinking ice when your air conditioner is down.

How To Own A Tequila Brand

To be honest, we love the bottle that tastes best in shots. With notes of vanilla, nuts and spices, it pairs perfectly with salt and lime wedges.

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Did your 2019 bingo card have “Nick Jonas hanging out with a crunchy, smooth toasted nutty tequila”? Me too, but I’m so glad it happened.

If you love $$ bottles of tequila, then this is the perfect gift for someone you love. The flavors range from warm oak, pepper to cinnamon that will make you their favorite.

Come for the agave aged in white oak barrels for 24 months, stay for the perfect buttery, fruity bottle.

Oooh, technically it’s not regular tequila. But this canned cocktail (essentially carbonated tequila) contains tequila from a distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, owned and operated by women.

Patrón’s Latest Release Is Its Oldest Tequila Ever

If you’re looking for an inexpensive bottle of tequila that rivals more expensive competitors, Espolòn is here. stop you A white variety with a fruity and tropical taste, ideal for drinking with ice.

This pink reposado is lightly flavored with hibiscus, giving it an extra level of intrigue when drunk alone or mixed with a margarita.

This unique reposado comes in a beautiful, hand-painted ceramic bottle and gently opens with hints of vanilla. And, if you’re so inclined, you can leave it as a work of art.

How To Own A Tequila Brand

Made from 100% organic agave, this inexpensive option is made from 100% organic agave, and its earthy flavor makes it the perfect base for your next round of spicy cocktails.

Mixing Up Cocktails With Houston’s Own Tequila Brand

Made from 100% agave. Use this as a base for bangs at your next party.

This fruity, inexpensive tequila is perfect for shots and pitchers in the kitchen. Mix it up for a big batch of mango or strawberry smoothies.

Moet Hennessy recently entered the tequila game with this surprisingly sweet drink. Scroll down for special occasions.

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Of The Most Popular Tequila Brands

Mariah Schlossmann Mariah Schlossmann, Associate Business Editor at Cosmoplitan, is a food, lifestyle and entertainment freak. More than meets the eye. Did you know that tequila is technically a type of mezcal? Or what an incredibly versatile spirit? While classic margaritas are objectively delicious, there is a whole world of tequila-based cocktails, from colorful tequila sunrises to effervescent pigeons, plus superb drinks are fantastic served neat or over ice. Good with salt and a lime wedge.

But depending on your drinking plans, you can buy another bottle from the liquor store. Don’t be intimidated by the sheer number of options! We’ve rounded up some of the best and most popular tequila brands, including some of our editor’s favorites.

An experienced farmer who grows and harvests agave plants plucks the core of the agave, the pineapple, from each and roasts it in an industrial oven. It is then purified, fermented and distilled in copper stills. Depending on the brand, flavoring may be added to the finished product. It can also be placed in giant oak barrels to age up to 10-3 years, resulting in a milder and less bitter taste.

How To Own A Tequila Brand

A word to the wise: Agave plants have only one bud, and the plants take about seven years to mature. Therefore, making tequila can be a very difficult and time-consuming undertaking.

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The difference lies in the aging process. Blanco (sometimes called “silver”) is an unaged tequila that is usually bottled shortly after distillation. As the name suggests, white tequila has a lighter color and goes well in cocktails or as an accompaniment to traditional Mexican recipes. Most white tequilas have a recognizable citrus flavor that can spice up any cocktail or dish.

Reposados ​​tequila is aged for two months to a year before bottling and is usually aged in oak barrels. As a result, they have a golden hue.

Añejo (Spanish for “age”) is aged for at least one year, but less than three years. It has a golden or light brown color compared to white tequila or reposado tequila. This longer aging process gives it a more complex flavor that is best appreciated when drunk on its own rather than mixed into a cocktail. It tends to have the sweetest flavor of all and a distinctly oaky flavor.

Tequila recipes aren’t just for the cocktail bar. Alcohol is useful in the kitchen. Unaged white tequila often imparts a light, fresh citrus flavor, so it works best with dishes that are equally light and citrusy, like this simple shrimp ceviche or these chicken tacos with tequila and lime. This special silver Jose Cuervo is one of the

Best Tequila Brands

With its classic notes of vanilla, coconut and honey, Reposado Tequila is best suited for neutral dishes that need an extra kick. It’s great for spicy fruit or vegetable dishes, like a fiery borax salsa, or in a simple citrus vinaigrette to top off this watermelon Caprese salad. You can also try it in these tequila and mustard glazed chicken skewers.

Finally, aged or extra aged tequila (that’s right! aged!) has bold oak flavors due to the long stay in oak barrels. Its strong, sweet vanilla tones pair well with heavy sauces and marinades that are slightly sweet. Pour it into dishes like barbecue honey wings or penne alla vodka (yes, you can use tequila too!). You can even use Don Julio Añejo in this bold tequila-infused caramelized corn.

We’ve scoured the web, read reviews, and talked to experts (yes, our editors) to come up with a comprehensive list of the best tequilas for every budget and occasion. We also take into account the price (alcohol can be

How To Own A Tequila Brand

Let’s dive into 19 of our all-time favorite tequilas and see what our editors had to say about some of them. (Psst: Want something other than tequila? It’s the best vodka and whiskey you can buy.)

Of The Best Tequilas To Try Right Now

With notes of vanilla and citrus blending with the characteristic aroma of sweet agave, this tequila packs a punch without a lingering aftertaste. According to reviewers, the longer it sits outside, the tastier it gets.

“This can be very helpful! My father drinks Herradura Blanco directly,” said Sara Ceniceros Gomez, chief designer. “We are Mexicans and this is their favorite dish.”

Don Julio 70 Cristalino offers incredibly smooth and flavorful sips with minimal burn or aftertaste. Ideal to drink neat, its fresh citrus aroma is complemented by fresh agave and caramel flavors and a slightly spicy aftertaste. Just uncomfortable? It’s a bit pricey.

“My roommate is from Guadalajara, also the state where Tequila is from, and she loves Don Julio 70,” added Ceniceros Gomez.

Tequila, Mezcal Mexican Owned Brands To Get Instead Of Kendall Jenner’s

Isabela Campos, assistant social media editor, agrees that this liqueur is a winner. “Don Julio 70 is too mild to drink alone.”

Created by George Clooney and Randy Gerber,

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