How To Open A Lululemon Franchise

How To Open A Lululemon Franchise – In beginner’s orders, traders sleep on the bit but need guidance to unlock

Jogger runs past Lululemon Athletica. store in Santa Monica, California, USA, … [+] March 25, 2019. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

How To Open A Lululemon Franchise

How To Open A Lululemon Franchise

Lululemon had an amazing 2018, with revenue up 24% over 2017 to $3.3 billion and direct-to-consumer sales up a whopping 45%. “Lululemon delivered one of its strongest years to date, driven by broad-based strength across the business,” CEO Calvin McDonald praised in a statement.

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Lululemon’s immediate consumer growth surprised everyone. At 26.1 percent of total sales, McDonald said the company “sees a way for this segment to represent 50 percent of our business in the coming years,” during the company’s latest earnings call. And he added: “When we look at our digital ecosystem, we’re still in the early stages of our development.”

At the end of the call, McDonald believes the 2018 results will bring new energy to his nearly 16,000-strong team. “We entered 2019 with great momentum and an energized team, ready to begin this exciting new chapter in Lululemon’s growth story.”

For employees and shareholders, McDonald’s place at the top of the company increases confidence. He joined the company only at the end of last August after serving as CEO of Sephora USA. His leadership will be highlighted in 2019 and beyond.

Amid the excitement, Wedbush analyst Jen Redding was more cautious, admitting that the tailwinds of 2018 could turn into worrisome tailwinds in 2019.

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“We see LULU in a better position than most, but also with less upside as the retailer faces difficult comparisons in a dynamic business environment,” he wrote as his firm downgraded LULU to “neutral” from “outperform.”

Looking at the results, three areas give me pause: weak same-store sales growth relative to total (7%); international expansion, mostly China, as the engine for 2019; and the need for men to convert.

To get a behind-the-scenes look at Lululemon, I reached out to an executive friend who confided in some of the pitfalls ahead. Lululemon also shared the comments, according to the original post.

How To Open A Lululemon Franchise

As for 2019, my source sees the company’s top product, depth and innovation as the company’s core strength and its US retail business as its biggest weakness.

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In contrast, the company is pinning its future on its unique way of combining digital and in-store experiences. “We continue to develop and integrate digital and physical channels to enrich interactions with our guests and provide an enhanced omnichannel experience,” a Lululemon spokesperson said.

With 285 of the 440 stores in the U.S. stock, a significant portion of the U.S. stores are skewed, and in many stores the shopping experience doesn’t match the company’s premium prices.

“The products are best-in-class, the price points are best-in-class, but the shopping experience is not best-in-class and some of its stores are getting old,” said my confidential source.

A Lululemon store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. (Photo by Michael Brochstein/SOPA… [+] Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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“With $128 pants, it’s imperative that no one gets helped in the dressing room. That’s where they start to see the change. Online has to pick up a lot of slack as in-store sales level off,” said Min. source

New stores (15 added in North America in 2018) attract more shoppers, but are a huge investment. In 2019, the plan is to open around 40–50 stores, but most of them, 25–30, are intended for the international market.

Lululemon is looking at expanding its footprint in both stores and squares as an opportunity. “We continue to strategically expand our store base and square footage as we open more stores in new and existing markets,” said a company spokesperson, hinting that it is “testing some exciting new store formats that will create unique experiences for our guests.”

How To Open A Lululemon Franchise

It currently has three models: larger parallel stores with a full men’s department (see below); local stores of 1,000 to 2,000 square meters, which make up the majority of its stores; and seasonal pop-up shops.

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The company’s community marketing strategy continues to attract visitors. “This is where we build a relationship with our guests and understand their passions, including how they like to sweat,” said a Lululemon spokesperson. The company launches local community events and brand activations from these locations.

But without the customer service of Lululemon’s luxury retailers like Nordstrom, Saks or Ralph Lauren, it will lose customers to lower-priced competitors like Athleta or more service-oriented retailers. For example, Nordstrom carries the Alo Yoga brand and its own Zella Haus brand.

“They don’t pay their store employees, who are called trainers, very well,” the source said. “They pay store managers, regional and regional managers well, but store trainers only get a fixed salary and bonuses, but no commissions. They could do better to encourage trainers to get more top talent at the trainer level.

In North America, international sales were only $360 million, so international expansion is a priority in 2019.

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The company recognizes that it has a “brand awareness hurdle to overcome in our international markets,” COO Stuart Haselden said at the conference and is responsible for international business. The company also announced that it is looking for a brand manager, whose role will no doubt be to handle its international brand awareness.

So far, it has 21 stores in Europe and 34 in Asia, and although the first signs of growth are strong in international markets, Europe still has a year and a half of break-even. It was also hinted that China is set to take the lion’s share of the 25-30 new international stores planned for 2019.

The hiring call talked a lot about international e-commerce, as new websites for France, Germany, China, Japan and Korea were launched in the first half of the year. But the company dodged many questions about its international plans, teasing that more details will be revealed at its analyst day in April.

How To Open A Lululemon Franchise

But placing big bets on international expansion now can be risky with so many unknowns. Brexit remains a major uncertainty, not just in how it might affect Lululemon’s 12 stores in the UK, but across Europe, not to mention the rest of the world.

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As for China, all signs point to a slowdown in luxury consumption there. While Lululemon doesn’t operate at high-end levels, there is luxury in its athletic apparel category. And with our mercurial president who knows how the wind is blowing in the looming trade war with China.

Lululemon has correctly identified men as its next big market opportunity. “We have many ways to continue to grow our men’s business,” Haselden said on the earnings call. “With just over 20 percent penetration, we truly believe that Lululemon can be a gender-neutral brand and that men’s business can eventually be just as big as women’s.”

Men’s sportswear is available at Lululemon Athletica Inc. store in Santa Monica, California, … [+] in the United States on Monday, March 25, 2019. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

That’s a big hope, as it faces stiff competition in men’s pivoting from Nike and Under Armour, which are frankly more man-friendly.

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“The stores still read incredibly feminine,” the source said. “From a man’s point of view, this is a bad shopping experience. If men are going to continue to be a growth area, men’s shopping needs to be concentrated. Fortunately, today about 40% of men’s sales come from women who buy for men.

Co-located stores, with a full men’s department on one side and a women’s department on the other, was the company’s solution. But currently, only 20 stores have side-by-side models, and no new ones are planned for 2019.

With a name like Lululemon and its long association with women, it may be difficult for the company to attract men, but the company doesn’t necessarily agree. “Our business is growing as more and more men appreciate the technical precision and first-class quality of our products and are interested in our distinctive brand,” said a company spokesperson.

How To Open A Lululemon Franchise

My confidential source said that growth in 2018 was quite easy due to the weakness of 2017, especially in the first quarter of 2017.

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Abuse of the store, lack of color, variety and depth, insufficient online product images and low newness compared to 2016 caused price reductions that took away revenue. In 2018, we saw a shift to full-price sales and much better products. But that was merchandising 101. These were simple things and they did the simple things very well.

According to my sources, Sun Choe and his merchandising team were the biggest driver of the company’s growth in 2019. But as shoppers expect to become more experimental, newer product may not cut it in 2019. “Lululemon keeps things simple

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