How To Marry In Mu Online

How To Marry In Mu Online – Global Play Online is a private play online game project. Server Game Time 13 depends on server files.

The project has many sites, different servers, x9999 speed, medium speed and slow configurations and does not bring witch.

How To Marry In Mu Online

How To Marry In Mu Online

Opportunity for players to choose a server according to their preferences and schedule. Global Mu Online is designed to bring fun and excitement to play.

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The server was built in-game market system, so players can sell their items to other players on the website, without worrying about a choice in-game!

Party Duration: Normal Party 1-5 children 100% fast! Party Setup: 3 members: 115% exp, 4 members: 112% exp, 5 members: 125% exp!

Blood Power: 2x EXP, Start: 00:20 (same time, every 2 hours) Reward AA weapons, 10% chance to get EXC and AA2lvl items!

# sites everywhere!! Davias, Dungeon 3, Atlans (1, 2 y 3), Tarkan 1 y 2, Contru 1, 2 y 3, Karutan 1 y 2.

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Welcome to the crazy MU community! Opening a new area, the world’s first crazy x5000 new area has a good balance between all classes! Accommodation: French Language: English, Roman

» Reset Free fields: Resets * 200 (SM, ELF, BK, SUM, MG, RF, DL) Level Level: 15/20

InsanityMU Online PvP, PvM settings are based on max stats and a good set of items – don’t expect all classes to do the same amount of damage.

How To Marry In Mu Online

PvP, PvM settings are also fixed. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, each class has its own settings for defense and damage. Remember, classes need multiple stats to train for defense and damage while other classes can only train agility while taking defense and damage.

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X10 ‘Luna’ – MU exclusive high rate on the online server, a special focus for non-reset lovers. Luna is about… a total lack of gift items! Yes, you don’t understand, any item you earn on this server is achieved only through gameplay. Luna only has a very limited x store – any illusion cards, luck systems or other game properties that can affect the game to win. What does it take for you to become a true miracle of the world that has not been recreated?

The original successful program adds variety to the game and makes it more interesting. These are multi-game tests which give you many benefits along with the game money. A unique feature in the form of buildings and maintenance of the castle will differentiate the main event – castle siege, making it more fun and exciting. After each successful puzzle, the winner gets access to a special interface on the website where they can learn the features and play in the popular Heroes of Might and Magic game. Selling a character allows you to safely sell or buy a high-level or equipped character. Auctions work based on lots and rates and sometimes a real fight starts for a character. Add an unobtrusive system of full character detection so that no one can hide. Almost all data about every character on the web is available by searching or by tracking his nickname in the ranks. The market, where you can sell or buy items from other players, has many good filters, through which the trading process appears as a separate profit element. VIP – a special status, which can be obtained by spending a good amount of time in the game, has many useful functions, from easy removal of PK status to “invisibility”. User friendly website with many other small features. Since a large part of the game is related to – we have created all the conditions for a comfortable stay in the web component of our project.

Server Features PVP System Balance Express Rate X9999 ML Rate x9999 Drop Rate 80% No Webshop Max Level 400 Max Master Level 400 Max Socket Slot 4 MaxDrop Excellent 3Choice Max Stat: 32000

Starting Character 1K LevelPoints Set FO+15+ Blood Wings of Victory (+15+L+Option) 2 Ring +PEN +15+FO+AD28 2 Weapon FO+15 Wing Items ======== = =======

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Chaos Engine Webzez Defaalt Blood Caslte Drop Blood Items 2 Choice Max Devil Square Drop Blood Items 2 Max Choice

Socket Kundun Jump Item with ID Socket Drop Boss Erohim Jump Item Medusa Jump Item with ID Socket Cellupon Jump Item with Socket ID

Auto Event Variation – 1 Coin Bringme – 1 Coin Huntandkill – 1 Coin PvP Lastmanstanding – 5 Coin

How To Marry In Mu Online

To become a non-profit distributor; We provide state-of-the-art long-term services to everyone. Rewards for “eCoins” are used to keep the server running and further develop our products and services. We promise that players will get 10 times what they paid for as a courtesy to their support and loyalty. Part of the game is given back to the Emu community by throwing events, raffles and more. EMU supports a specific charity organization in the future and cooperates in public work.

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Provide the best gaming experience to our community as long as possible, to achieve that we provide gaming support to our players, ease of service: we strive to provide you with the best services plug and play team our development server and player team, the teams are pro- in finding the best new features to take advantage of the Active community support: We provide customer support such as hack issues, scam issues or simple game issues, we also support the game environment to make it a good environment for all age groups. We also have an active forum staff to provide answers to questions and make our forum community a great place to post and share your thoughts.

This doesn’t mean you have a complete improvement over the average player, but it does help you a little faster. Remember that being a gold subscriber does not make you more or less for anyone, it just helps the community and yourself!

Feel free to visit and join our helpful, professional and fun community for MuOnline private server! We are a new distributor with a team that really talks and listens to players for better gaming results. There are many features to explore with server files that are uniquely set up; High levels of customization for events and management, unique PvP and PvM management features and much more! Our servers are built to support this gaming experience, with fast performance. what can you think Join now and try, suggestions and feedback are always welcome!

Our server has new bosses like Nix, with instant recovery so no waiting time! Balance sheets and master guides are available on the website

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To help you maximize your time each hour, our MiniMap (press TAB to open the game inside) has full details of each location including monster name and level. This includes bosses! So you can easily find bosses!

Lorencia House mode is for high and low level players. The PvP battle ring area is in the middle of it and all the shops you need to launch are nearby! This includes a department store!

Core Magriffi, Bass, Nix, Lord Feria, Lord Sylvester and Kundan also have a quick recovery time of 7! This means you can hunt solo for your gear and bring friends too!

How To Marry In Mu Online

There is new gear on this server! Yes, that means Holyangel, Bloodangel and Darkangel! This can be done through an update. The rude shop will give all characters new skills! Roode scores from Bloodbath, Castle Chaos, Devil’s Square and more events!

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Cherry Branch: Excellent with Exchange 255 Golden Cherry Branch 1 Old Item + Max 1 Option

Note: Silver Seal Box and Gold Seal Box only drop from monsters around the Archangel Crystal Arena!

» Death Beam Knight: Tarkan, 15 min respawn (drops 3 quest items only when the third quest is activated and the character is not in the party)

» Dark Phoenix: Icarus, 15 minute respawn (drops 3 quest items only when the 3rd quest is active and the character is not in the party)

Forum Quest:

» Hell Maine: Aida, respawn 15 minutes, 3 Hell Maine total on Aida (only drop 3 quest items when the 3rd quest is running and the character is not in the party)

Weapons: Chris, Rapier, Small Ax, Double Ax, Flail, Morning Star, Spear, Short Bow, Elven Bow, Crossbow, Skull Staff, Serpent Staff, Mystery Staff

Weapons: Katana, Legendary Sword, Gladius, Snake Sword, Crescent, War Staff, Scepter, Crystal Morning Star, Fire Spear, Snake Spear, Great Scythe, War Bow, Tiger Bow, Fire Cross, Serpent Cross, Staff, Violent air force

How To Marry In Mu Online

Weapons: Lightning Sword, Helical Sword, Rune Blade, Chaos Dragon Axe, Lord’s Scepter, Great Scepter, Balrog Bill, Silver Bow, Chaos Nature Bow, Aquagold Crossbow, Saint Crossbow, Legendary Staff, Chaos Staff, Wing Neal, Book of Sahamat , Holy reverence

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Weapons: Sword of Destruction, Wind of Thunder, Sword Dancer, Shining Staff, Dragon Spear, Skyscraper, Great Empire Sky, Staff of Destruction, Dragon Soul Staff, Ancient Staff, Book of Spirits, Holy Storm Gloves

Intercasa Mu S13Ep1 introduces Mu Online Server with a completely different gaming experience compared to any other

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