How To Make Whop

How To Make Whop – If you made it here, congratulations on your recent NFT purchase! It’s time to enter the premium channel. The following steps tell you how to connect via Whop:

You can find this by going to the ring channel or by going to the container access channel in your project discord server.

How To Make Whop

How To Make Whop

You will be asked to authorize your wallet with Whop where we will perform a legible transaction to verify your ownership of your NFT.

Downloadable Application Tutorial

Once you’ve connected your wallet, if you own NFTs for the project you’re trying to authorize, your page will look like this. Just click on the Claim Discord Roles button, which will automatically add your account to the relevant project’s Discord and give you the correct ownership role.

If you’ve connected everything correctly, your Whop page should look like this. It’s time to go to Discord and meet the other holders.

*PS: If you’re concerned about the “Initiate Transaction” permission, you can learn more about it here. This is a recent update to Metamask and it doesn’t mean we can do anything without your approval. This is the only permission that allows transactions to appear on your screen. Whop auth uses read-only transactions to verify ownership of NFTs.

*PS: Make sure you don’t have a pop-up blocker enabled! Doing so will block opening the Discord authentication screen. This guide covers how to whitelist raffles on Whop if you don’t use Whop to process payments and you don’t have NFT. All raffles are created with product ownership, so this demo will show you how to create a free product that members can claim to participate in whitelist raffles.

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The reason this is required is because the whole whitelist lottery system is run from the user hub on Hope, but if the user doesn’t own a product then you don’t need to own the product when creating the lottery so the lotteries don’t are displayed upwards. users

Now you need to create a place on your raffle where users can enter their preferred wallet address for their raffle.

The wallet address entered by the user in the custom field on the raffle page will be available for export if they are winners.

How To Make Whop

Go to the Miscellaneous Settings page and select the channel of your choice for the raffle webhook post. Then click on the green “Save” button.

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Finally, navigate back to your Raffles page and click the “Send Webhook” button to post the announcement to your Discord.

Once your users navigate to the lottery URL, they will be prompted to sign in with their Discord account. Once the correct lottery is selected, they will be asked to paste their preferred wallet address. Butter bottom and sides of a 9-inch pie plate. Whisk 2-1/2 cups of malted milk ball pieces and melted butter in a medium bowl until well combined. Press the crumb mixture onto the bottom and top of the prepared pie plate. Refrigerate while preparing the pie filling.

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* The % Daily Value indicates how much of the nutrients in a serving of food contribute to the daily intake of 2,000 calories used for general nutritional advice. In January, we embarked on a months-long journey to redesign the Whop Biz dashboard. Starting today, we’re excited to share our latest updates with you!

One of the things we always strive for at Whop is to build tools that are easy enough for anyone to use, but flexible enough to work with the growing landscape of digital monetization products and models. Over the past year, we’ve seen thousands of new companies join Whop looking for new ways to build, manage and grow their digital businesses. Discord tools, web apps, NFT features, good allies, promo codes, ETH renewal, you name it!

How To Make Whop

So we took your ideas and worked on the drawing board, working with hundreds of companies – and customers – to better understand their needs and where the industry is headed. With Whop Dash 2.0, we’re introducing a new set of tools that make it even easier for you to manage and sell your digital stuff…so you can focus on what matters most: making great products.

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Whop Dash 2.0 is packed with great new features that you can use right out of the box to take your digital business to the next level. Here are some highlights:

You can think of it as a country club membership. Passes are like memberships, and experiences are things you gain access to, such as gyms, swimming pools, golf courses, restaurants, and movie theaters. In your case, the unlocked digital experience(s) could be software, websites, Discord roles, content, NFTs, merchandise, or anything else. Let your imagination run wild!

Customers pay (or claim, if it’s free) for your pass. Instead of creating a separate pass for each of these different options (as you may have done with the old dashboard), Plans lets you easily

Pass with multiple subscriptions to gain access. Subscriptions offer plenty of new customizations in terms of how you charge customers and monetize – you can even use crypto payments for subscriptions!

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You unlock access with your pass. The most popular experiences on Whop are Discord roles, software, and content. Now all you have to do is create an experience

Understanding numbers is critical to the success of any business, especially yours. Statistics and Insights give you an overview of the most important figures and statistics of your company. We designed this page in the hope that you will too

. So you can take action at all key stages of your customer journey, from new member signups to upcoming cancellations.

How To Make Whop

Share your passes with other companies on Vop so they can reward their members with your passes and vice versa.

Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate

As of today, you can start using your new dashboard here. We hope you enjoy using Wop Dash 2.0 as much as we had creating it!

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