How To Make Homemade Sex Doll

How To Make Homemade Sex Doll – Tired of your usual masturbation habits? Or do you want a new feeling and pleasure? Consider making a homemade sex doll to simulate real sex!

Realistic sex dolls take solo sessions to a new level and give you a lot of pleasure at the same time. And there is no shame in creating a sex doll at home. It will save you a lot of money and it is a pleasant process that you can use whenever you want.

How To Make Homemade Sex Doll

How To Make Homemade Sex Doll

This article contains five different dolls that you can make at home without spending a fortune. You can read my instructions and decide which one is most interesting for you. After all, it depends on how much time, money and skill you have to make your own sex doll.

How To Make Homemade Little Doll Sex Price

Tim has been professionally researching sex dolls since 2016 and knows the pros and cons of these pleasure products. In addition, it is one of the most popular articles about sex toys for men on the Internet, receiving thousands of visitors every day. His DIY sex toy videos attract hundreds of thousands of viewers and are his most popular.

This article took over a hundred hours to put together. In addition to his extensive knowledge, Tim has interviewed industry experts as well as everyday users of sites like Reddit and Quora.

You might be wondering why you should make a homemade sex doll. The most obvious answer is to save money. Most sex dolls sell for between $2,000 and $10,000, which is beyond the reach of many people. However, you can make real dolls at home for cheap. For $100-$200 you can make a great bedroom companion.

This is a great money saving option and can be better than buying from a sex doll company. You can choose your sex doll as you like. We’re talking hair color, body shape, breast size, butt size, doll male penis size and more. In addition, you are 100% sure that all materials are safe for the body and you will not expect any surprises.

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Finally, remember that this is a fun process! If you’re the DIY type, you’ll love every moment of it. And using them is more enjoyable when you know it’s your creation. Don’t worry if you’re not a very fit person, it’s not that hard and you’ll learn a useful and practical thing or two along the way.

Note: You should be very careful when making and using your DIY sex doll. Any action taken in relation to the information on this website is at your own risk and we shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage. Explore more. How to make a homemade sex doll

Life-size sex dolls are the most realistic version of sex simulation. The body size is similar to a real woman, with attractive features and good playability.

How To Make Homemade Sex Doll

In addition, you can change features such as height, profile, hair color, etc. When you’re done, you’ll want to have sex with her again and again.

Homemade Sex Doll

Take a small pillow and poke a small hole through the bottom end. Pack the stuffing tighter and create a little cave inside the pillow to fit inside your container.

Then take the roller and sponge. Stack the sponges, carefully cut a 1-inch hole in the center of each sponge, and insert the container. Note that you don’t need to make the opening as wide as the container, as the sponge will expand as you insert it.

Finally, insert the masturbator into the container and then insert the entire cotton container into the hole in the pillow. Make sure it’s tight and doesn’t move. For greater stability, tape the cylinder inside the pillow.

To move to the back of the suitcase, you will need two pillows, a needle and thread (

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Superglue, for short) to create the donkey area. Fluff up the pillows, tie them both together and place them next to each other.

Now take the phone and insert it with a needle. Sew two pillows to make the cheeks on the butt more realistic. You will want to sew the bottom of your doll from the back to make it neat.

Then attach all the pads (butt and vagina) to the torso. The female body shown in this article can be worn. So you simply sew them onto the body with a needle and thread. Measure 1-2 inches from the top of your round pillow and glue it to the doll’s torso so the doll has a plump bottom.

How To Make Homemade Sex Doll

If you want to have bigger breasts, you can add fake breasts. The fake breasts above have straps and hooks so you can easily attach them to the mannequin body.

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Tip: Make sure the pans fit the body of the suit before gluing. If not, you will need a smaller bottle.

Once everything is taped, wrap a kitchen towel (or t-shirt) around the plastic bottle as if you were packing it in luggage. Wrap as much as necessary until the plastic container is completely covered but still fits the clothing. You can use a rubber band to tie the towel.

Enter the underwear. Once it’s all rolled up nice and tight, you tuck it into the sleeves of your doll’s clothes for some much-needed padding.

Tip: To make your hands look more realistic, look at your forearm and follow how to place the rubber band next to the towel or t-shirt. Doing so will give them a more realistic feel.

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Then take the beautician by the hand and attach it to the plastic container with adhesive tape. Wrap the tape two or three times until it is tight. Finally, roll up the sleeves for a sleek look.

After choosing the prosthetic leg, you can start fitting the leg. For this step you will need a 1.5 liter plastic bottle, a towel,

Just like the arm, place two 1.5 liter plastic bottles on top of each other and glue them together until they are nice and secure. Then tape two plastic bottles to the butt or torso pad, whichever is more comfortable. Slowly but surely we bring your doll to life!

How To Make Homemade Sex Doll

After sticking, take a large towel for the upper part of the leg and a medium towel for the lower part of the leg and wrap them tightly in a plastic container.

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Just like a beautician’s hand, reveal the tip of your plastic bottle. Take the cosmetic leg (left or right first) and attach it to the temporary leg/ankle with adhesive tape.

Pro tip: For a more realistic look, match the skin tones of your legs and hands. 5. Fix the head

Before using your own sex doll, let’s move on to the cherry on top.

First, remove the assembled torso, mannequin head, and adhesive tape. Then place the head directly on the body. Make sure the head is facing forward. You don’t want a half-faced head facing the wrong way, after all.

Robot Sex Realistic Sex Doll Head With Household Items

Finally, glue the head to the body so it doesn’t move. After attaching the garment tape, pin and voila! Your customized sex doll is ready for you.

Who says sex dolls are only made with female features? You too can make life size sex dolls with male parts and very similar techniques. Of course, the main difference is the shape of the doll’s body, genitalia and general characteristics.

You can choose the size of your doll’s genitals and have fun changing the hair. Whether you are a man or a woman, male sex dolls are a great addition to the bedroom. Use it for exercise and enjoy it whenever you want a sweet release.

How To Make Homemade Sex Doll

This step is only for those who have not purchased a full body male masturbator. Skip this step and go to step 2 if you have a full body.

New Hot Oral Sex Doll Head Lifelike Open Mouth Head

First, you’ll want to assemble the doll’s male genitalia, which is the main feature of your doll. For this you will need your penis, a small rectangular pad, a strap holder and a strap.

Place the pillow horizontally. On top of the pillow, you will need to attach fasteners as if the pillow was attached. Then take the penis and insert the burning base to extend the O-ring. This will keep your penis in place and give it enough support for use.

Move to the butt and torso area of ​​your DIY sex doll. For this step you will need 2 round pillows, a custom made penis pillow, sex doll belt, men’s pants, needle thread and ribbon.

Take two round pillows and inflate them. Sew the inside of the pants with a needle and thread to the cheek on the butt. It acts like your doll’s butt, so keep them tight and close together.

How To Build A Super Cheap Life Size Doll

We do not recommend using sharp objects such as safety pins to attach anything to the sex doll. With intensive use, they can separate and damage the most valuable part of the body!

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