How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf – In this post I will show you how to make Nigerian egusi soup. Nigerian egusi soup is one of the most popular soups among all Nigerians.

It is very popular among Igbos but today all the tribes in Nigeria can relate to the delicious egusi soup.

How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

Unfortunately, you can not go anywhere in Nigeria, even at home and abroad, and are not served some egusi soup. It is very easy to prepare and has a mixed flavor with bitter or eucalyptus leaves.

How To Cook Homemade Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

As egusi is easy to make, it supports different cooking methods and is acceptable for almost any palate, it can still go wrong quickly and easily, so I advise you to follow these recipes closely and by Be careful to make sure your soup comes out perfect. . . I will also include some options for you to choose from or not.

Watermelon seeds called “egusi” in the local language are rich in protein and fat. Healthy and rich fruit juices are suitable for everyone.

B. Season with a pinch of salt and spices, add a little water and put on medium heat for about 20 minutes.

Rinse the dried fish in cold water once or twice to be sure to remove sand particles from the fish.

Nigerian Okra Soup

F. Once the shark starts to brown in the pan and the beef is tender, add the fish fillet and dried fish to the pan and cook for another 10 minutes, then remove from the heat.

2. Put the bitter gourd leaves in a clean pot, add about two cups of water and put on medium heat.

3. Do not cover the pot, because when the leaves are cooked, it will bubble, so leave the pot open so that it does not get dusty and dirty.

How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

8. Season with salt and another spice cube, add a little water and put on medium heat for 20 minutes.

How To Make Egusi Soup

10. Rinse the dried fish in cold water once or twice to be sure to remove sand particles from the fish.

11. When the shark starts to shrink in the pot and the beef is tender, add the dried fish and dried fish into the pot and boil for another 10 minutes.

13. Leave it to boil for about 10 minutes until the oil mixes with the meat.

16. Cover the pot and let it boil for 10 minutes until the eggs, water and oil are well mixed to make orange juice.

Okongobong(ugu) And Egusi Goodness

17. After adding egusi already, make sure there is enough water for egusi to cook so as not to overheat it. Add a little water if stock is not enough.

Note that you may want a consistency like condensed milk, but egg yolks may not be as smooth as milk, but may be thicker.


How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

20. Make sure there is a little bitter leaf in the soup and this is why it is advisable to add bitter leaves gradually to check the quantity. However, the amounts listed in this formula should give excellent results.

How To Prepare Super Quick Homemade Egusi Soup

21. Cook the sauce for another 5 minutes, remove from the heat and serve hot with a spoon.

There are also other recipes for cooking egusi, which include making egusi into small balls that are chewed on their own while drinking water.

This is an unpopular method, although it is still popular. Another egusi recipe involves using ‘achara’ or fresh bamboo shoots (not cane) to make the sauce, although I have never tried it.

It is usually served with ugu or okazi leaves, but is also a less popular recipe. I always choose any of the above and traditional egusi soups and I hope you enjoy your make and eat.

Egusi And Okro Soup

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How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

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Nigerian Egusi Soup Recipe

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How To Cook Egusi Soup Without Frying

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Egusi soup is a popular Nigerian vegetable soup. Popular vegetable choices for Egusi soup are Ugu (pumpkin leaves), Spinach and Bitterleaf, Soko and Okazi. I usually use Ugu or Bitterleaf in my Egusi soup, but I enjoy taking fresh Okazi leaves on the weekends and decided to try Egusi soup without regret…?

How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

Before proceeding with this recipe, I must apologize for the long break. I am very busy and busy with work and personal belongings. I get a lot of questions from people asking if everything is okay with me and thank you dear. Now we are back in business!

Ogbono And Egusi Soup

Excited! Egusi soup can be made with lumps or without it, depending on your preference, lumps are obtained by pre-cooking. Egusi or by mixing raw eggs with Egusi soil and frying in coconut oil or broth. I am not a fan of Egusi soup, I like to drink less water like Egusi Ijebu. I will make a recipe for Egusi soup that smells good so stay tuned .. 🙂

If you can not get okazi leaves, you can use cabbage leaves or kale leaves, both of which are delicious. I have a Yoruba Egusi soup recipe, click here to see the recipe….

Soak the sliced ​​Okazi leaves in hot water for 5 minutes. Clean all dust …

Transfer your Egusi to a frying pan and place over medium heat. Bake for 3-5 minutes; Shake the pan vigorously as it begins to fry, then mix in the Egusi and onions and set aside.

Okro Soup Cooked With Ugu (pumpkin) Leaves

Put the pot on low heat, add coconut oil when hot, cook half the onion and put it in. Cook the onions until fragrant, then add the green beans, fry for 2 minutes, then add the sausage and continue to heat for 1 minute.

Now add the pepper and Maggi Crayfish mix. If you are going to use stock later, do not add salt.

Fry the peppers for 10 minutes, at this time the size should be reduced by half and the oil should sit on top.

How To Make Egusi Soup With Ugu Leaf

You do not need to use as much oil as I did, although Egusi needs more oil because melon seeds absorb more oil.

Video)learn How To Make Party Perfect Egusi Soup With 3 Vegetables By Yemmie

Now add 1 cup cornstarch or water and continue cooking, being careful not to add more leaves or water.

Let it boil for another 5 minutes, then add the beaten egg, add the cooked meat and smoked fish …

Now add the soaked Okazi leaves, stir well, season with salt and season if necessary. Cook for 8 minutes or until leaves are soft. Okazi is a dried vegetable and so you need it.

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