How To Make A Taser Pen

How To Make A Taser Pen – Hello dear friend! In today’s video I will show you how to make a spy blitz pen.

To make this pencil, you will need 1 small nail and 2 lighters. The first is for heating the nail, and the second is for removing the piezoelectric element from the nail. I need a pen. It should be thick enough to accommodate the piezo element. It should also include a metal clip as it will shine. Then you will need a mini hacksaw and of course your favorite group gun.

How To Make A Taser Pen

How To Make A Taser Pen

First, we need to remove the piezoelectric element from the lighter. I got an aluminum igniter which is not a simple cheap igniter so I need a small wrench to remove the piezo. Loosen the screws and remove the core and piezo element. Go to the pen.

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First, you have to take it apart. Last but not least, the pen must include a button. As you may have noticed, there is a piece of plastic on the pen. This is the first, the second is on the pencil. This should also be carefully removed.

Place the piezo element next to the top plastic part and mark the two marks.

Now take a mini saw and cut it. No more middle part of the plastic cylinder. Remove the metal clip, heat the nail with a lighter and drill a small hole.

Now let’s start assembling. Insert the button and intensively glue the insulation of the piezo element wire with hot melt to avoid the side effects of the sparkle. Glue the piezo evenly to the other part of the cylinder. Bend the tip of the piezoelectric element wire slightly and insert this semi-finished product into the pen body.

Shock Tactics: The Science Behind The Revolutionary Taser

Let me explain how it works. Pressing the button to move the shaft ejects the piezoelectric element. The piezo element glows and shines through the wire to the metal clip. If you hold a pencil in your hand, you will get an electric shock. You can also make pencils that are not fake.

Attach the handle to the pen and use it to write. The only downside is that it doesn’t reverse, but if you leave a pen on the table during a break, you can bet the thief will get an electric shock and a stroke. You can also use this pen to amuse your friends or tell a joke to the student who always left his pen at home.

Alaska Military Police cannot put away a Taser before testing it on an officer. No more! Thanks to LightSafer and its battery life indicator!”

How To Make A Taser Pen

Light up dark areas with the included LED light. Illuminate alleys, passageways or other areas where criminals may be lurking.

Security News This Week: Taser Bets Big On The Surveillance State

They are issued to all EP agents. Very “YouTube friendly” if you want quick compliance action.

My experience with the taser pen is really nice and it’s covert. I’m very careful about potty training. I highly recommend friends and family to carry this with them at all times

The Enlight feels like a quality item and I like the battery indicator light that tells me how much battery is left. I also like the fact that it can be charged via any micro-USB rather than a proprietary cable that you can lose. The watchdog team is nice, responsive and provides excellent customer service. you can’t go wrong.

I like the Taser because of its compact size that fits perfectly in your hand and purse. Having a flashlight is an added bonus for finding things in the dark. I didn’t turn anyone on, but I confirmed it was working and what kind of closure I turned on to see if it would generate . my husband was impressed. I love the color and it’s very feminine. And the price was right. It is recommended to be worn by all women.

Paralyzer Beast Defense Pen

The LED light collects light, so it’s useful when you go for a walk. The sound of a stun gun going off loud enough to attract the attention of a dog or criminal.

I bought both of my daughters as protection against Chicago predators roaming the streets with mixed bug juice. I was very impressed with how easy it was to operate, how powerful it was for its size and how easy it was to carry around.

I bought them for a friend, he is going to give them to his granddaughter for Christmas. I don’t use a computer.

How To Make A Taser Pen

We are a couple (mid 70’s). Our safety is important to us. I am very grateful to own these items. You may not need to use these items, but if you do, these products are here for us.

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Small and compact, with nice lights! You can easily hide it if you want. Well, if only I knew where you hid it… I just wish the stun part was a little stronger. Have you ever wanted a small portable device that could deliver 30,000 volts of voltage, that could be virtually detached from household items and deliver a nasty blow to an assailant? Well, I don’t need that. But 30,000 volts in 3 minutes seemed like a great idea for an 11-year-old (crazy) science buff.

Apparently they’re called barbecue lighters. Either way, you need one of the things you press. They “click” and the flame pops out. Tear it up:

Find the part that a kind Reddit user circled for you and delete it. It looks like the tip of a pencil, but when you remove it, two wires come out. Two bare wires.

So you can leave it as is. Pressing the top of the module produces 30,000 V+, and if the wire is about half a centimeter away, the charge will jump and form an arc.

Uzi Pen 500000 Volts Paralyser

Try to touch it. Depending on the thickness of your skin, how dry it is, and how strong the fire is, you’ll feel anything from a nasty jolt to an excruciating electric pain.

If you can’t feel anything, touch your cheek, chest or ear. or don’t. It hurts a lot there.

Next, take some thin plastic tubing (old pieces of pencil work great for this) and find one that the module will fit into. Wrap with tape to ensure a tight fit. The tube should be about 7 cm long and the top of the module can be pressed.

How To Make A Taser Pen

After that experiment, I got a decent Taser. You can draw an arc by holding the device and pressing the button with your thumb. I attached a flat piece of plastic that keeps the wires about 3cm away from the module and protects the user from electric shock.

Tasers Are Less Reliable Than Their Maker Has Claimed. The Results Can Be Deadly

You can hit people with 30kV and it’s fun. Also, placing it close to the LCD screen may cause it to discharge momentarily.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that when the bow goes through the metal, anything else that’s resting against the same metal (ie your forehead) will get hit.

I don’t know why, but I found the bow going through the doorknob leaning against the metal wall. weird.

Thank you for reading. I hope you learned something. If you enjoyed this project, you’ll probably enjoy my other projects as well. Check them out at NitroJon Science. Most of us in our younger years may have come across shock pens, electric lighters and chewing gum pranks.

Pain Pen 25 Million Volt Stun Gun

These Chinese devices work on the same concept and still sell for around 45 to 200 rupees (about $0.5 to $3) in online stores today.

But a question arises. Do you know how a stun pen works, what’s inside and a stun pen circuit diagram? Learn electric shock pen and schematic with construction instructions.

An electric shock pen or joke pen looks like a fancy ballpoint pen. If the victim holds down the button on this pen tip, the victim receives a harmless 220V electric shock and jumps.

How To Make A Taser Pen

It can damage, traumatize and cause pain in the victim’s body with an electric shock, even a small one.

The Three Illegal Weapons Bought Over

The shock can also cause continuous contractions of the body’s muscles, immobilizing the target and preventing them from leaving the shock pen.

The internal components of the Dengeki Pen are compact and arranged to fit easily into the Click Top Pen.

Inside the main body of this gadget are three main components: a flyback transformer, a chip, a button, and a non-rechargeable button battery.

Flyback transformer. A small 3-pin radial core inductor is used, the primary winding is 3 turns of 0.05 mm copper wire, and the secondary winding is 3 turns.

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