How To Make A Chastity Cage At Home

How To Make A Chastity Cage At Home – I started wearing a male chastity device out of curiosity after reading other people’s experiences online. I live alone, live alone and work from home, so I thought: why not mail order?

Although they are available in different sizes, colors and materials, all are designed to prevent the wearer from having an erection. They usually have three pieces: the ring that sits behind the testicles; a cage that fits snugly around the genitals; and the lock that holds them together.

How To Make A Chastity Cage At Home

How To Make A Chastity Cage At Home

I started wearing the device every day and found that not being able to get an erection gave me space to focus on other things. It’s not sex, I feel free. I can focus more on work and have more contact with the world. Uleade Male Chastity Device Cock Cage Premium Metal Silver Locked Cage Sex Toy For Men (3 Rings), Lock And 2 Keys Included

I have since met a lover who, to my delight, appreciates the idea of ​​”locking up your man.” Wearing it during sex made me happy for my lover.

So far we have a rather amateurish approach; I stay sober for a few hours at most, while some people stay sober for weeks or months. However, we recently bought a lighter one that I can wear without being visible. This added another layer of happiness to our relationship.

Every week, a reader will tell us about their sex life. Want to share yours? Email sex@. All posts are posted anonymously and adhere to our terms and conditions. Just because almost every device or device is connected to the Internet doesn’t mean it should be. Cracks can render “smart” devices useless, and many use weak security that makes them vulnerable to attack.

And as security researchers recently discovered, the consequences of a security key in a sex toy can be disastrous for many thousands of users.

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UK-based security firm Pen Test Partners said the flaw was in Qiui Cellmate’s Internet-connected chastity lock, which is billed as “the world’s first chastity management app” that can allow anyone to stay out and permanently locked in a user’s seed .

The Cellmate Chastity Lock works by allowing a trusted partner to lock and unlock the chamber via Bluetooth using a mobile phone. The application communicates with the lock using an API. However, this API is open and passwordless, allowing anyone to manage any user’s device.

Because the chamber was designed to be locked by a metal ring under the user’s penis, the researchers said it would require the intervention of a heavy burr or angle to free the user.

How To Make A Chastity Cage At Home

Alex Lomas, a researcher at Pen Test Partners, said in a blog post that an attacker can lock “anyone in or out” very quickly. “There is no emergency response, so if you are trapped, there is no way out,” he wrote.

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The non-secure API also allows access to private messages and the exact location of the user’s app.

A flaw in Qiui’s Cellmate app allows anyone to access all users’ private messages and locations without permission. The lock on the chastity device can also be controlled remotely, researchers said. (Image: Qiui)

They first learned of the error in June. Researchers contacted China-based Qiui about the API vulnerability. Taking the API offline will be disabled for all device users. The developer pushed a new API for new users, but left the API unsecured for existing users.

Qiui director Jake Guo said the development would come in August, but the deadline has come and gone. “We’re a basement band,” he said. In another email explaining the risk to users, Guo said: “Once we fix it, it will cause more problems.”

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The decision to go public came after Pen Test Partners learned about the security issue separately from other researchers, who also found it difficult to get answers from Qiui. Lomas wrote: “This supports our decision to publish: it is clear that others will see these issues independently of us, so the public interest is reflected in our minds,” Lomas wrote.

It is not known if anyone is malicious in this API vulnerability. Many user reviews of the app complain that the app contains bugs that cause the device to freeze.

“The app completely stopped working after three days and I’m stuck!” said the user. Others said they “got stuck wearing it twice because of the unreliable app.”

How To Make A Chastity Cage At Home

“It worked for about a month until I almost got stuck in it. Luckily it opened on its own and I got out of it. The device left a nasty scar that took almost a month to heal,” said another review.

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Qiui joins a long list of sex toys with security issues that don’t exist on devices that don’t have an internet connection. In 2016, researchers reported that a bug in a Bluetooth-enabled “panty ripper” allowed someone to control the sex toy over the Internet. In 2017, a maker of smart sex toys was convicted after being accused of collecting and recording “intimate and sensitive information” of its users. The Qiui Cellmate chastity cage can be closed using the mobile app, there is no manual to go through. Image: Qiui

A security flaw in an Internet male chastity device allows hackers to control the device and permanently lock out the wearer, researchers reported today.

Developed by Chinese company Qiui, the Cellmate Chastity Cage allows users to access their private parts to a partner who can close and open the cage remotely using an app. According to British security firm Pen Test. But Partners says several flaws in the app’s design mean “someone could lock down the entire device and prevent users from signing in.”

However, since the cage does not come with a passbook or physical key, users of the lock have several ways to break it. One is to cut a cage out of hard stone, a job that requires the use of screws or angles, and is complicated by the fact that the bond involved is tightly fastened around the wearer’s testicles. Another, discovered by Pen Test Partners, involves bypassing the circuit board that controls the lock motor with three volts of electricity (about two AA batteries).

Smart Male Chastity Lock Cock Up

News of the security flaw was first reported by TechCrunch and suggests that it pays to do your research before buying multi-user “smart” gadgets.

“It’s not unusual to find this kind of problem in many areas of the Internet of Things, and teledildonics is no exception,” said security researcher Alex Lomas of Pen Test Partners.

Via direct message. “Several of us and other researchers have seen similar problems with various sex toys over the years. Personally, I think the most compatible device should have a higher standard than maybe your light.”

How To Make A Chastity Cage At Home

Earlier security flaws found in Internet-enabled sex toys allowed hackers to hijack live streaming footage from the dildo and control it with Bluetooth-enabled butt plugs. You can watch a video explaining the flaws of pen testing partners below:

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In the case of the Cellmate Chastity Cage, there seems to be no communication from the manufacturer in response to the negatives. Researchers at Pen Test Partners said they first reported the issue to Qiui in April and received a prompt response, but the company has not fully resolved the issue and has since stopped responding to emails. We’ve reached out to Qiui for more information and will update this story if we hear back.

The vulnerability comes from the API used to communicate between the clean cage and its mobile app. This allows hackers to not only control devices remotely, but also gain access to data including location data and passwords. Qiui updated the purity cage in June to remove the vulnerability, but users who haven’t updated their app are still at risk.

, Qiui is a little behind. If it breaks the old API tag, it fixes the security flaw, but risks blocking users who haven’t updated the app. However, if you keep the old API working, the old version of the application will continue to work with weak security. Pen Test Partners said that after several months of conversations with Qiui, it and other independent researchers who discovered the same problems decided to publish and promote the full fix. The company says its documentation of the vulnerability also makes its situation less attractive to hackers looking to profit from the problem.

The bug comes from the API used to communicate between the system and its mobile app. Image: Qiui

The Cub Stainless Steel Chastity Cage

However, this bug seems to be the least of Cellmate’s problems. Reviews of the device’s mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play Store contain many complaints from disappointed customers who say the app often crashes randomly.

“The app completely stopped working after three days and I’m stuck!” write to the user. “This is DANGEROUS software, don’t lock yourself!”

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